The Veil of Blue Eyes

Osama Bin Laden said he struck the Twin Towers in order to wound Madison Avenue who had launched an army of hot American Women in bikinis in order to corrupt the purity of young Islamic men. When I read about Paul’s persecution of the first Christian church, I wondered why, and how he went after women. How did he identify Christians who would hide their women from Saul’s deadly witch hunt? It had to be a witch hunt.

I long wondered if Paul’s victim’s had blonde hair and blue eyes, and red hair with green eyes, thus, he had no problem picking them out of the crowd. I then wondered if Jesus was a Aryan, who was spreading the Word of God to many Gentiles – and thus there was no need for Paul to do this! Paul is a born liar! As a devout Jew he was threatened by these blue-eyed women – who had to be a temptress! The story of Mary Magdalene screams the idea that she was different from other Jewish women, and thus her popularity amongst Aryan women. There exist a divine intuition that Mary was – white!

The Guti are associated with the Kurds, many whom have blue eyes. The Jewish Rebels would want to form an alliance against with Rome with these famous Mountain gorillas that had caused the ruin of their ancient enemy, the Assyrians. To turn Jesus into an indifferent pro-Roman peacenik, was to make the first Hippie, and get rid of a Bin Laden type – that many right-wing Christian nuts emulate!

My Rosamond kindred fought gorilla warfare against the British in South Carolina, along with Francis Marion the father of the Army Rangers. Rangers come from the name Rangars, or, Rovers, viking raiders.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

The Gutians (also Guteans or Guti) were a tribe that overran southern Mesopotamia when the Akkadian empire collapsed in approximately 2154 BC.
Sumerian sources portray the Gutians as a barbarous, ravenous people from Gutium or Qutium (Sumerian: Gu-tu-umki[1] or Gu-ti-umki[2]) in the mountains, presumably the central Zagros in the Kurdish area of Iraq. The Sumerian king list represents them as ruling over Sumer for a short time after the fall of the Akkadian Empire, and paints a picture of chaos within the Gutian administration.[3]
Next to nothing is known about their origins, as no “Gutian” artifacts have surfaced from that time; little information is gleaned from the contemporary sources.[4] Nothing is known of their language either, apart from those Sumerian king names, and that it was distinct from other known languages of the region (such as Sumerian, Akkadian, Hurrian, Hittite and Elamite).

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