Marilyn Godfrey Reed

Last night, I met with Marilyn Godfrey Reed at the Jazz Station in downtown Eugene. Her husband, Kenny Reed, was performing with his band ‘Stone Cold Jazz’. Marilyn was scheduled to sing.

Sitting at the bar, Marilyn put a book before us. It was the biography of a world famous artist written by his sister. After talking on the phone earlier, we had agreed that my childhood sweetheart would author the preface, give a testimony as to her real life experiences with the Presco family, especially its creative members, who on March 24, 1994 were eliminated from the family, and replaced with a hand-picked family, carefully chosen by Stacey Pierrot after she legally captured the beautiful Rosamond images. Six days ago, Vicki suggested Pierrot got the money to purchase our families Creative Legacy from her father who owns two Nip and Tuck hospitals, he making a fortune saving women’s vanity as they grow older.

Marilyn is a Reader. She had read this biography, twice. Most of the books she has read are about the struggle creative people endure in pursuit of their Muse. Marilyn was not my Muse, she was my first Lover, my Soul Mate, my Great Soul who came into my life just after I turned sixteen, and changed it forever. We have been inseparable ever since. We teach each other, and open yet more doors of awareness. Marilyn is a Philosopher, and a woman. She may know more about Art then I. We talked for two hours last night, and produced two extremely interesting shows for the Television series I have in mind that will be titled ‘Capturing Beauty’. In our thoughtful, soulful, and loving words we captured the beauty we made between us, that my sister Christine Rosamond was witness to. And if it is true, what Rosemary said I prepared her way – in many ways – then Marilyn also prepared Christine’s way. Indeed, if you did some dishonest nip&tuck, some cut&paste, one could substitute Marilyn’s creative history, for Christine’s, mysterious history that keeps vanishing into this air! The uncreative people are to blame, and thus, it is time to repalce them – all!

I was Christine’s role model. If I had not been eliminated from Pierots New Prescos, then it stands to reason any biographer or ghost writer only need talk to me to get to really know my famous sister. However, one need only talk to Marilyn to produce a worthy book, for she knows how these biographies are structured. And as Kenny Reed’s Jazz Band played cool notes that filled the Station, Marilyn took me through this book, showing me pictures of this famous artist and his family, his mother and father, his siblings, and his lovers.

Marilyn now put the biography aside, and opened a large manilla envelope and pulled out some of her family photos. Tears welled in my eyes, for alas I beheld the photo she had ltd me about a year ago, that I longed to see, and scan, for it was the way to bring all members of my family born of the union of Vic and Rosemary Presco.

Marilyn was born in a ethnically diverse family, and married a black man . Her half brother and sister are the children of a Filipino man, I know as Daddy Pete. When my nephew married a Filipino woman, my brother Mark disowned his son, and refuses to accept his grandsons as his offspring. When you include in this group the six year old Castaway that Julie Lynch nips and tucks from the Rosamond Family Photos, in a castration of any male members, then, here we are, THE PRESCO MALES. – even though Cean Presco changed his name to O’Brien in order to honor his mother’s second husband who nurtured Mark’s son in a way my brother did not.

When I went to visit Cean, just after my grandson was born, I explained to him his father and I grew up in a CLOSED, abusive family system where racism was practiced. I told Cean about Marilyn, who almost became my wife, and thus Christine’s sister-in-law, as well as Rosemary’s daguther-in-law. Our union would have spliced thousands of Filipinos onto our Family Tree. However, there is another way to bond – a Bond of Angels! To hear Marilyn and I speak of this bond, as we have spoken since we met, will cast a beam of bright light on us all, and not just our Star, who captured beauty for just a little while, and she had to let beauty go, enter the Gate of the Muses, and leave the key of gold on this side of the threshold for other to follow.

Yesterday Marilyn told me she did a clay carving of my dramatic face, before we ever spoke to one another. On our second date I brought my sketch pad, and drew her in a coffee house on Westwood Boulevard. I remember walking home in the raid, elated that I had found her, the Creative Soul to go with my Creative Soul.

Marilyn molded when she was twelve. She went to fashion school and began designing clothes. When she was fifteen she admired Christine’s sewing, how she could work from patterns. Priscilla Presley owned a boutique and ripped some of Marilyn’s designs. She make clothes for movie stars, such as Maggie Thret, who became her friend. Above is a photo of Marilyn with Baby Jane,the daughter of the actress Jane Mansfield.

Marilyn molded for the famous fashion photographer, Steven Silverstiens she friendly with his family. Les McCann and his family was friends with Marilyn’s family, because her sister married Les’s drummer, Ron Jeffers, a black man.

Marilyn fell in love with me from afar, she telling me recently I was the most beautiful male she had ever seen. She opened up my heart to a whole new world that was diverse. Marilyn is one of those most unique people I have ever met. She is an Artist’s Dream. After we broke up, the son of the famous director, Joe Pasternak, took our schoolmate to France where she lived with her sister in Paris. Marilyn attended the University of Paris, it her dream to become a pianist and composer.

Then there is Marilyn’s spiritual knowledge that will be revealed. Many times I have encouraged Marilyn to conduct lectures, for she truly inspired, she one of those rare women that have deeply explored the divine nature of women, and mapped the trecherous course they often encounter that men know nothing about. I have asked her to take notes as she takes a close look at Rosamond the Artist, and takes another look at me, the way we were, and the way we forever will be, because we realize we are looking at very important history that needs to be treated with great respect.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co. and Rosamond Publications

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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