Marilyn Godfrey Reed

Marilyn is a very tribal being because she grew up with Filipinos. She did her damnedest to turn The Loner Artist into a tribal person – if it kills both of us. I became her Project when I was sixteen. Her mother forced me to go to three Billy Graham crusades at the LA coliseum, and when I didn’t go down and surrender to Jesus, this mother threatened to have me arrested if I tried to see my First Flame!

Rosamond Press

Last night, I met with Marilyn Godfrey Reed at the Jazz Station in downtown Eugene. Her husband, Kenny Reed, was performing with his band ‘Stone Cold Jazz’. Marilyn was scheduled to sing.

Sitting at the bar, Marilyn put a book before us. It was the biography of a world famous artist written by his sister. After talking on the phone earlier, we had agreed that my childhood sweetheart would author the preface, give a testimony as to her real life experiences with the Presco family, especially its creative members, who on March 24, 1994 were eliminated from the family, and replaced with a hand-picked family, carefully chosen by Stacey Pierrot after she legally captured the beautiful Rosamond images. Six days ago, Vicki suggested Pierrot got the money to purchase our families Creative Legacy from her father who owns two Nip and Tuck hospitals, he making a fortune saving women’s vanity…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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