The Grail Filing

Below is a cryptic letter I sent the executor of the Rosamond estate. I did not want to show the parasites what I was up to. I and other writers were studying the Plantagenets, who the War of the Roses, and ‘The Game of Thrones’,  is based upon. I told my daughter, and her mother, I was rushed to get my Grail book out. With the appearance of Rosamond Clifford Dew, I am redeemed! Indeed you could say I have won! I have an Heir, born of Two Rosamonds! I fought for Lily-Rose.

I and other authors were studying the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ years before Dan Brown came on the scene.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Theon’s historical counterpart, George Plantagenet, was brother to Edward IV of York and, like Theon, began the War of the Roses as a staunch York defender. Much like Theon, George Plantagenet turned on his brother during the War of the Roses and defected to the Lancastrians. Although the brothers reconciled, George was drowned in a butt of wine for treason, which some might say is a kinder punishment than the many atrocities that Theon endured at the hands of Ramsay Bolton.

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I am finding pages of the letter I sent Judge Richard M. Silver. Since they were not returned, I assume they are filed in the Superior Court of Monterey.  Here is proof I was working on a novel about the Holy Grail four years before Dan Brown came out with The Da Vinci Code. Not wanting to give away my book, I am being cryptic. Here is mention of The Rose Line – my Rose Line! It is a genealogy.

I had been studying The White Goddess and the Bible. Like J.R.Tolkien, I am into names. Amazon and others are looking at the tedious notes Tolkien made.

It’s 6:42 A.M. Ten minutes ago I discovered Gandalf died, and came back to life. How did I miss this? I looking at site on Revelations, I read about a connection between Tolkien’s work…

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