“The Alameda County Mafia”

Most Christian-Republicans love a Strong Man Fake Christians Gangster!

Rosamond Press



When Big Bones Remmer and his wife came to our home on San Sebastian, that was in the Glenview district of Oakland, he got ‘The Look’ from Rosemary’s two sons that you see in the photo above. No one fucked with the Presco Brothers. Mark and I had famous fist-fights. My brother played tackle on the Oakland High football team – that won the championship. I believe Remmer was going to make us an offer – we couldn’t refuse!

I am a newspaperman – who has been tagged to author the most Bad Ass Story – off all time! I suspect when Trump was elected President, he was introduced to The Meesites. He and Cohen thought they were the Baddest Asses in the Big Apple, and they would move their gang into the White House! But, this was Ed Messes’ turf, the home of The Meesites who had whooped the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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