Taking A Road Trip With Mafia Max

Watching the Trump caravan drive along the east river in New York, took me home, my first home, at the Saint George Hotel on 13th. Street in the Village. Trump threatening the Judge and DA is the news this morning. he won’t keep his mouth shut. We are the same age. I took the Boston Mafia to court, and there was an attempt to take my life.


Rosamond Press

Jake Fienberg is talking like he is King of The Hill. I challenged him to take some LSD and go on a trip. Now that Oregon passed a law that allows psilocybin to be used to treat people with mental problems, and those who suffer from depression, there is a need for someone to UPGRADE to a Healing Stage, and get out of the bedroom Mommy provided you, full of electrical gadgets to amuse yourself, and keep you out of Mommy’s Hair. I suspect Jake Fienberg was a Gizmo Kid. If he has never DROPPED, I can hook him up with Ginger Kuth who would be his…….Guide! When you make drugs and alcohol legal you take organized terrorists out of the picture. I escaped being murdered by a head of The Purple Gang – that was alive and well in 1964.

Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize hard drugs…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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