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Kevin McCarthy finally wins US Speaker vote after tensions boil over in ...

My knowledge of Art and Politics have totally merged with McCarthy’s speech, that will be the lever I will employ to divide the Fake Republicans – in twain! John and Jessie Benton Fremont were patrons of Gutzon Borglum, who rendered Mount Rushmore. He did a painting of the co-founder of the Republican Party, and a bust of his wife, who is kin to Henry Clay, a Speaker of the House that was nominated many times.

On April 11, 1799, Clay married Lucretia Hart (1781–1864) at the Hart home in Lexington, Kentucky. Her father, Colonel Thomas Hart, was an early settler of Kentucky and a prominent businessman.[18] Hart proved to be an important business connection for Clay, as he helped Clay gain new clients and grow in professional stature.[19] Hart was the namesake and grand-uncle of Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton and was also related to James Brown, a prominent Louisiana politician, and Isaac Shelby, the first governor of Kentucky.[20] Henry and Lucretia would remain married until his death in 1852; she lived until 1864, dying at the age of 83. Both are buried at Lexington Cemetery.[21]

Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum

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A must-listen! Kevin McCarthy takes a closer look at the famous portrait of Washington crossing the Delaware. His insight is powerful and inspirational on a historical message relevant to our continued commitment to our incredible country

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy:

And you’ve been to my office in my office. I have that portrait of Washington crossing the Delaware. Everybody remembers it and sees it. And they know of that painting the famous painting and the thing people don’t quite realize that wasn’t painted by somebody who watched that the event on Christmas in 1776. It was painted by a man named Emmanuel Leutze, who was an immigrant who had lived in America and went back to Germany. He wasn’t there. He painted it in 1850, 1851. And he painted it because he wanted to inspired Germany to have a revolution based upon the values of America, believing in the individual. So he gets it historically incorrect. But he puts Washington in a rowboat with 13 people, but he only shows you 12 faces. Well, Washington and historians will tell us he crossed into Durham boat. He has Washington standing up wearing a ceremonial uniform with his hand on his chest. You look at George Washington. This man has probably never lost the battle, but history tells us had never won one yet. That was our first victory when we surprised the Hessians. But go online and look at who’s in that boat. When you look at the second row where he’s wearing a beret, he’s Scottish. But look at the person directly across from him in the green jacket. He’s African American. Come down to the middle of the boat in that red rowing, very feverously is a woman. And in the very back is a native American. I can’t tell you from a historical fact if they were in the boat. But just young, this young immigrant who lived here 10 years, that’s who he believed would be in the boat. Now, the second to last person is this farmer and he has his hand across his face. And it’s the hand of the 13th person that nobody sees. You see what Emmanuel was saying is here we are not even a nation, but an idea, an idea about Liberty and individual rights and freedom. And we’ve never won before a battle, but we’re willing to risk everything on our holiest of night. Here’s a hand would you get in and join us? That’s as true today as it was, then we need you in the boat together. We need to all row in the same direction. We’re going to have choppy waters. We’re going to be in fights that people are going to give the odds against, but come November. We’re going to shock the world and we’re going to have a commitment of what we’re going to do. And we’re going to have a plan and we’re going to carry it out because we will keep our commitment to this nation. And once again, we’ll make sure the next century is ours.

The German Rose of California

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I want the name of the person who suggested the New Speaker of the House give an art lesson in his acceptance speech. Did that person think – art was safe – and would be a perfect smokescreen to hide the subversive juggernaut that is going to take away foreign aid, and cause the Ukraine to lose to Russia?

GIANT Grapes of Wrath and Fraud

“We know when we are not wanted, Mr. Buck. We got enough oil, water, tree, and agriculture trouble. We are cashing in our chips. You tell Miss Pierrot – we want nothing to do with that damn gallery. What do we know about art, anyways? When the bank took our land, we knew we were licked!

It Could Have Been Chinatown | Rosamond Press

The artist, Thomas Hart Benton, did illustrations for John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of wrath’. Had my niece, Drew Benton, seen them? Drew needs to do a painting of how she escaped death, when she ended up in the ocean next to my sister. Did she feel afraid down in that cove, in the ‘Jaws of Death’? How much does she know about Dunken The Frog? She can end the Fraud!

Drew and I are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor – and thus all members of the Getty Family – who The Buck Boys tried to hurt – especially the Governor of California, who I am going to send a message after this post. In theory, Drew and I own the Rich California Literary Deposit. This Benton is old enough to understand. Liz starred in the movie ‘GIANT’ which is the companion book and movie to ‘THE BIG TREES’………with – WELLS FARGO STAGECOACH!

THE NINE MUSES sent me my BIG STAR as I stood on the Venice Pier. Time to cash in my chips. I’m going to try to sellf my Books and Movies directly to Amazon, who have a line of wine.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Battle For Buck’s Beverly Hills | Rosamond Press

Non-Disclosure Mad Man | Rosamond Press

Europe After 8:15

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Rosamond Press

The Jessie Scouts





For years I have been begging women to step forth and reform the Jessie Scouts who conducted clandestine operations against the Hapsburgs in Mexico. Jessie Benton’s relative – were the South! They all turned their back on her when she favored the Abolitionists. Her husband was the first Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party he co-founded. I say this to the Nazis and Neo-Confederates………….

GET OUT! Get out of my family’s traditional party. Form you own party, and take that hysterical orange monster – with you!

As Von Trump said, he likes heroes that win, and, don’t get taken prisoner.

Jon Presco

Jessie Scouts were irregular soldiers during the American Civil War on the side of the Union who operated in territory of the Confederate States of America in the southern United States in insurgency missions.[1][2]…

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