Battle For Buck’s Beverly Hills

Last night I google Black Lives Matter, and Beverly Hills that was co-founded by Frank Buck the Big Oil Spill and Timber Guy! This is Mr. Big Bucks…Daddy Warbucks…the model for Mr. Monopoly, and he was a Master Politician who exploited Mexican Labor. Robert Buck owns MILLION AIR that caters to rich white men who own Lear Jets! These are the kind of guys Trump backers – adore! That’s a 3 Percenter with a altered American flag. The battle for Beverly Hills – just got hotter! Look out! Here comes The Beverely Hillbillies….and The Orange Lodge! Yeehaw! Im’ with the real Good Ol Boys!

The law firm of Buck, Rose, Heisinger, and Morris sold our family story to outsiders who demonized my sister and mother – insulted and humiliated my kin – FOR BIG BUCKS! Tom Snyder and Vicki Presco said in their evil book we looted Rosamond’s estate after the funeral. Time to – LAWYER UP! Cue the Hill Billy Boys!

I am calling upon the Orange Lodge of Canada to unite with all poor people of America who had to take the same insults dished out by Mad King David. Did Robert Brevoort Buck vote for Donald Trump? I would like to see all-black marchers in the New Orange Lodge that will include all peoples of the North American Continent!

Never again – will we be divided! Forever more – will we be united!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

(2) Beverly Hills Fight: Trump VS Black Lives Matter Supporters • Violent Protest – YouTube

Bennett Rosamond Grand Master of Orange Order

Posted on April 1, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

Above is a photograph of Bennett Rosamond the Grand Master of the Orange Order in Canada. Bennett is with members of Lodge 389 in Lanark, or, Almonte. The image on the banner is that of William of Orange who is carried in Orange Parades. That is Bennett on the far right, looking like Gandalf, or, a Levite Prophet.

According to the History of the Rosemond Family by Leland Rosemond, the Rosamond family were members of the Orange Order in Leitrim Ireland, and fled to Canada after a Rosamond son killed a Catholic lad who was invading the Rosamond home with a gang bent on doing my kindred harm.

“Buck insiders said the faculty balked when Kennedy floated the idea of naming a school of geroscience at the institute after King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in hopes of securing a $5 million donation. That idea was eventually abandoned.

Insiders also said that Sandi and Jostein Eikeland, a Norwegian-born entrepreneur, each pledged $5 million to the institute, but Sandi reneged on his pledge and Eikeland ultimately limited his contribution to $1 million.”

“Based upon a friend’s report of an oil seep on the west side of San Joaquin Valley, Whittier investigated and decided the area looked promising. Max Whittier, Thomas O’Donnell, Charles Canfield, Burton Green and Frank Buck formed the Belridge Oil Company in 1911 after purchasing 33,000 acres. The promising oil seep was the forerunner of one of the United States’ fourteen “billion barrel” fields. The obscure oilfield in Kern County, California was the largest independent oil producer in the state. Leland K. Whittier later sold the company to Shell Oil Company. The purchase price was nearly $3.7 billion, the largest corporate acquisition in United States history at the time”.

The Appalachian Mountains were settled in the 18th century by settlers primarily from England, lowland Scotland, and the province of Ulster in Ireland. The settlers from Ulster were mainly Protestants who migrated to Ireland from Scotland and Northern England during the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century. Many further migrated to the American colonies beginning in the 1730s, and in America became known as the Scots-Irish.[6]

Whittier Family | (

The Moonshiner Murders | Rosamond Press

Beverly Hills Skirmishes Continue, As Trump Supporters And BLM Clash – Deadline

The Redneck Menace Makes a Move | Rosamond Press

The Rosamond Hodges All American Redneck Family | Rosamond Press

Billy Boys – Wikipedia

Hillbilly – Wikipedia

Trump Supporters, Black Lives Matter Fight During Protest – Canyon News (

(2) Scotland the Brave by the Massed Bands on the march after the 2019 Dufftown Highland Games in Moray – YouTube

Battle of the Bridge 2014 – YouTube

Frank H. Buck’s Big Oil Spill

Posted on August 1, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Who paid for the clean-up? Did Robert Buck hide the history of his ancestor? How many seabirds were shot dead in Marin County? Who paid for the shotgun shells?

Jon Presco

San Francisco Bay, 1937

Not much is known about the immediate environmental effects of San Francisco Bay’s worst oil spill. That’s mainly because it took place in the late 1930s, when we just weren’t paying much attention to ecological issues.

But what we do know about the incident is that the passenger ship President Coolidge rammed the oil tanker Frank H. Buck at Lands End just outside the Golden Gate Bridge on March 6, 1937, and that the Buck then spilled about 2.73 million gallons of crude oil into the water — either immediately, or after storms thwarted halting efforts to pump remaining oil out of the ruined ship’s cargo tanks.

According to witnesses of the day, more than 20,000 birds died of oil contamination in the days after the collision. Rehabilitation efforts were nonexistent, and members of the SPCA patrolled local beaches with shotguns to put ailing birds out of their misery.

Frank H. Buck, who is president of the Frank H. Buck Company, a prominent fruit growing and shipping concern of San Francisco, is descended from ancestors who have been outstanding figures in the history of California in the days gone past. He was born on a ranch near Vacaville, Solano county, California, September 23, 1887, and is a son of Frank H. and Annie E. (Stevenson) Buck.

The Buck family is of English origin. Leonard W. Buck, the grandfather of Frank H., was a first lieutenant in the Union Army during the Civil war, and served as state senator from Solano county in 1891-93. Frank H. Buck, the father of the immediate subject of this biography, was his son, and was born June 8, 1859. He was the founder of the fruit growing and shipping business, in 1886, which is now under the management of his son. On the maternal side of Mr. Buck’s family, the Stevenson family is Scotch. Andrew M. Stevenson, his grandfather, was a lieutenant colonel in a Kentucky regiment during the Mexican war, and after the close of hostilities he settled in Vacaville, California, where he engaged in cattle raising. With his brother, George Bushrod Stevenson, he constructed the Vaca Valley & Clear Lake Railroad, which is now a part of the Southern Pacific railway system. He was state senator from Solano county about 1855. He was a first cousin of Adlai Stevenson, vice president of the United States from 1893 to 1897. Annie E. (Stevenson) Buck, mother of Frank H. Buck, was born January 20, 1861.

With the class of 1903, Mr. Buck graduated from the high school in Vacaville, and then took up his advanced studies at the University of California, from which he received the Bachelor of Letters degree in 1908. He then entered upon the study of law at Harvard, and in 1911 this famed institution conferred upon him the Bachelor of Laws degree. He was admitted to the California state bar in November, 1911, and from 1912 to 1917 he maintained a law office in the city of San Francisco. He actually resided in this city during his first year in the practice, but since has made his home in Piedmont, although he retains his old legal residence in Vacaville. In 1916, he became manager in charge of the interests of the Buck estate, his father having passed away in that year. The latter started the business of this organization in 1886, and it was incorporated in 1902. The purpose of the concern is the growing and shipping of decidnous fruit. Frank H. Buck was elected president at his father’s death. In 1919, he became a director in the Associated Oil Company and was made a member of its executive committee in 1922. In 1916 he became a director in the Belridge Oil Company; in 1916 a director in the Booth Kelly Lumber Company; and in 1918 a director in the West Coast Oil Company. He is also interested in the Tidewater Associated Oil Company, and in various banking and kindred associations. He is president of the California Growers and Shippers Protective League, and is vice president of the American Fruit and Vegetable Shippers Association. He has attained an influential position among the growers and shippers of fruit in California, and he is known as a business man who follows a careful and intelligent course in any activity which he may undertake.

Mr. Buck was married first in 1911, and by this union became the father of four children, namely: Frank H., Jr., Margaret Anne, C. Brevoort, and Elias Z., now (1931) being nineteen, eighteen, sixteen, and fourteen years of age, respectively. All of the children reside with their father at 17 Sotelo avenue in Piedmont, Mr. Buck was married secondly in Alameda, California, to Eva Benson, a daughter of Martin Benson and born May 18, 1899. Her mother is deceased. Mrs. Buck has a fine interest in various affairs of public nature. She is a director of the Women’s Athletic Club of Oakland, California, and also a director of the Baby Hospital Association in the same city.

The democratic party has been Mr. Buck’s choice of political affiliation. He is a member of the executive committee of the state central committee, and was a delegate to the 1928 democratic convention. He was a write in candidate for congressman from the third district in 1930, with democratic endorsement, as there were no party nominees at this election. He worships in the Presbyterian Church. He belongs to the Theta Delta Chi collegiate fraternity, and from 1919 to 1923 he was president of the grand lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. His name is also on the membership rolls of the Sutter Club of Sacramento; the Bohemian, Pacific Union, and Commonwealth Clubs of San Francisco; the Claremont Country and Athens Athletic Clubs of Oakland; and the Mount Diablo Country Club, He has given generously of his time and means to many enterprises of public nature in the bay district, and throughout his career has followed a thoroughly public spirited course of action. When the United States was engaged in war with Germany, he gave notable service locally. He was a member of the San Francisco legal advisory board; of the Vacaville council of defense; and of the prune advisory board under the food administration.

The History of San Francisco, California
Lewis Francis Byington, Supervising Editor
Oscar Lewis, Associate Editor
The S. J. Clark Publishing Company
Chicago-San Francisco 1931

“Mr. Buck is a prominent Mason, a Knight Templar and Odd Fellow, and a member of various clubs, including the Bohemian, of San Francisco; the Pacific-Union of the same city, the San Francisco Gold and Country Club, the Claremont Country Club, of Oakland, California, and the Sutter Club, of Sacramento, California.”

From Frank would come the largest family trust on earth that is worth a billion dollars. Because there was alcoholism in the family, it was founded to combat this disease, and help the poor people of Marin. Maybe we can get Springfield in on this action, because Buck bucks, built this town – and Beverly Hills!

(2) Massed Pipes & Drums parade through Deeside town to start the Ballater Highland Games 2018 – YouTube

After my friend, Mark Gall, paid for my membership in the Emerald Art Association, I talked with Dan in his office at the old Springfield train station. He gave me his last copy of the history of Springfield which I donated to a merchants organization on Main street, that is now defunct. Then, came the rejection of the history I was compiling on the Fremont-Benton family by the founders of Emerald Arts, who I was told by the director were the widows of the men who owned logging companies. Were any of them kin to Frank Buck, the President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company that built a huge lumber mill in Springfield, and, was based in Eugene. Frank was the major stock holder. Why haven’t we heard of him. Where is his monument and plaque. He is the real Mr. Burns!

According to institute insiders who requested anonymity, some faculty members expressed unease about a few of the associations made during this period.

Two men added to the institute’s board of trustees in particular raised concerns: Fouad Makhzoumi, a Lebanese native and CEO of Future Group, who joined the board in 2014; and Rubar Sandi, chairman of the Sandi Group, who joined the board in 2015. Sandi is an Iraqi from a wealthy Kurdish family who immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s.

The Sandi Group’s work with Texas-based DynCorp has been investigated by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, according to David Phinney, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance reporter whose work includes a series on contractors and private military companies working in Iraq.

Phinney said the Sandi Group teamed with DynCorp on a massive multi-year U.S. State Department contract to train more than 100,000 Iraqi police officers, as well as dozens of other projects.

CNN reported in 2007 that the “State Department had been unable to account for most of $1.2 billion in funding that it gave to DynCorp International to train Iraqi police.”

Phinney said the matter has never been fully resolved.

“There is a DynCorp fraud case that has been reintroduced after a five-year hiatus that involves Sandi,” Phinney said in an interview.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Makhzoumi “was involved in the scandal which brought down the disgraced Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken.”

Aitken served as Minister of State for Defense Procurement under former Conservative British Prime Minister John Major.

The Guardian reported that Makhzoumi “recruited Aitken to the board of one of his companies in the 1980s. But Aitken failed to declare the directorship and, as the arms sales minister, promoted a military equipment deal for his friend in the 1990s.”

But McEachron, who spoke to the Independent Journal soon after her resignation, said, “I don’t know anything like that about him. He runs the largest charity in Lebanon. To my knowledge, there was never any controversy about any members of the board.”

In May 2014, the Buck Advisory Council awarded Makhzoumi’s wife, May, its Global Humanitarian Award. The council was created in 2010 in an effort to cultivate international donors. The award came a year after May Makhzoumi made headlines when it became known that she had contributed over 1 million British pounds to Britain’s Conservative Party since 2010.

Saudi honor scuttled

Buck insiders said the faculty balked when Kennedy floated the idea of naming a school of geroscience at the institute after King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in hopes of securing a $5 million donation. That idea was eventually abandoned.

Insiders also said that Sandi and Jostein Eikeland, a Norwegian-born entrepreneur, each pledged $5 million to the institute, but Sandi reneged on his pledge and Eikeland ultimately limited his contribution to $1 million.

Moonbeam and The Rainbow Coalition

Posted on September 7, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

The main goal of the KKK was to prevent intercourse between white and black people For this reason the Black Panthers were attacked. Bob Jones outlawed interracial couples on it campus, and lost its tax shelter. Blaming the Civil Rights Movement, Jones put together a think tank and Paul Weyrich came up with the Right to Life movement as a means to TRUMP Martin Luther King who was a Doctor of Divinity. The Rainbow Coalition was a great threat to the KKK that was still strong, and had roots in the evangelical South – as well as the Puritans church in Boston. There was a break away movement that ended up down South and the Southern Baptists – who saw the British was ending slavery, and thus began a Redneck Presbyterian Revolt against the crown. John Witherspoon brought this revolt from Scotland. I am with his great granddaughter in the pic above. I did my DNA and discovered John Wilson was a Puritan leader. In studying his history I conclude the Southern Puritans feared the North would become Abolitionists and form their own revolt. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves. So did Witherspoon. They got the Billyboys Hillbillys, and Rednecks to do most of the fighting as they did against the British on Scotland and Ireland. They knew how to fight.

What I am telling you, is, our Founding Fathers were PRO-SLAVERY and this is why they did not free the slaves in the Constitution – or give women the right to vote. Puritan Women in the North were the first abolitionists and suffragettes. They far outnumbered the Southern Puritan branch.

I declared myself the head of OCCUPY in Eugene due to the attacks by Anarchists – who do not care about black people and the big government programs that help them since the Civil War. They want to get rid of all government and have them own all the power trough terrorist.

On this day I found the Cal-Oregon Rainbow Coalition.

I demand the Anarchists relinquish their power – and stop putting Replicons in power. Fifteen years ago I discovered Jesus was restoring the Jubilee and setting Indentured Slave – FREE! Many Jews sold themselves to other Jews in order to pay for Temple sacrifices. For this reason I call most evangelicals members of a cult and heresy. Below is a video of a dance I did honoring their lunacy. My evangelical neighbors – may have seen it – which caused them to riot and harass cats. Kim Haffner said I brought it on myself by showing her this blog, which she shared with our neighbors.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Bill “Preacherman” Fesperman, Bob Lee, Lamar Billy “Che” Brooks, and Fred Hampton at a Rainbow Coalition rally in Grant Park, 1969.

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