To Hate Your Brother


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A week after Christine was allegedly killed by a rogue wave, I was at her house when she got annoyed with Michelle Neisess a friend of Christine and our father whom she met at dinner over at the Benton home. I asked Michelle about the wind conditions that morning and she said it was very windy. She goes jogging around 9:00 A.M. almost every morning with her good friend, the ex-Chief of Police of Pacific Grove. They have coffee together. She said she will talk to him about his recollections.

“He said it was quite a blow that morning!” Michelle told me on the phone. My investigation was on in earnest.

I will talk with my therapist tomorrow about my parents raising their first born as a White Supremist. Mark Presco is named after the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Vic Presco claimed I was not his child. Rosemary Presco would make her favorite son put his arm around me, then laugh at his reaction. It was made very clear to me I was not wanted, and was a parasite on the Presco family. My sister, Christine Benton – adored me!

John Presco

It is 2:55 A.M. November 24, 2022. Today is Thanksgiving. I will spend it alone. I suspect all members of my natal family are dead, but, I am not sure. My brother, Mark Presco may still be alive – and is hiding from me. On this day – he is visible to many. My older brother has been a Misognyist, Racist, Neo-Nazi most of his life. He instigated violence in our home. He called me a parasite on society when I was sixteen because I wanted to be an artist.

“No one makes money off their art. You are a parasite on society!”

Our sister became one of the highest paid artists in history. Christine Rosamond Presco, married Garth Benton, who is kin to Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who is kin to Ralph Lane and Shakespeare. They had one child, Drew Benton. Here is Mark’s hateful essays.

My brother is the type who should not be allowed near art and artists.

My racist brother wanted me to include parts of his hateful manifesto in my biography of my late sister. I refused. He disowned me, threw me out of our family. This is why I was not told my mother was dying. Is Bannon and Richard Spencer reading Mark Presco’s blogs? Read this. Mark Presco wrote this.

“We need a separation, a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. All my life I have heard black people complain about how awful it has been for them; how they were dragged out of Africa against their will; enslaved an oppressed by the white devil and how we owe them reparations for this injustice. I agree, we owe them repatriation to Africa. It’s time to take them home, to where we so rudely took them from in the first place.””

I – Artist

Chapter Two – Who Got The Football?

After telling her infamous story about slamming my head on the floor in order to make me stop hitting my head on the wall, Rosemary went into her epic tale about our father giving my brother, Mark, the paints, and – I the football! That’s Mark being forced to put his arm around his baby brother. This is 1949, and I am three years old. I believe it is Easter, because I see a Easter Egg basket in his hand. I do not have one because Victor hated to buy us toys, and if he was forced to do so because it was that time of the year, then we had to share the one precious gift. When Rosemary brought me home from the hospital, my brother had a conniption fit. He threw himself on the floor and started banging his head.

This morning at 5:00 A.M. I turned on MSNBC and saw this title on the screen..

“Having A Nazi To Dinner”

Gee! I had dinner – with two Nazis – for years! My brother hung a wood carving he made of a Nazi giving a seic Heil salute standing on a circle with a swastika. My father’s secretaries called him….

“Vic – The Nazi”

Prescos 1962 Greg & Christine
Greg 1975 Christine

‘I tried my best’: Musk kicks Kanye off Twitter again over swastika post

Story by Alice Hearing • 6h ago

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Kanye West aka Ye is seen wearing a Balenciaga boxing mouthguard, outside Givenchy© Edward Berthelot/GC Images

Only a matter of days after being allowed back on Twitter, Kanye West has once again been suspended. 

Chief executive Elon Musk, the arbiter of West’s return to the platform, confirmed that West had violated rules relating to incitement of violence. West had tweeted an image that appeared to show a swastika inside the star of David.

“I tried my best,” Musk said after confirming the permanent ban. As part of his “dedication” to free speech, Musk had previously opted to bring back controversial figures, reviving the previously suspended accounts of former President Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene among others.

Before his recent reinstatement, the rapper, legally known as Ye, had been locked out of his account two months ago for hate speech towards Jews. He was temporarily banned from Instagram at the same time.

Parler failure

The ban adds to other bad news for Ye.

The rapper and designer had announced plans in October to acquire Parler, a platform embraced by conservatives who departed Twitter over allegations of political censorship and were drawn to the smaller platform’s “free speech” policy. But on Tuesday, Parler announced that the deal had fallen through.

Related video: Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West on Twitter After Swastika Post

Where’s Mark Presco?

Posted on February 4, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


In my novel ‘The Gideon Compter’ I have my hero. Berkeley Bill Bolagard, captured by a malevolent computer designed by his rival for Monica’s affections, Thomas Gideon, a Catholic, who realizes there are billions of snippets of guilt we humans are evading. If only they could be strung together and stored in the Vault of Shame, our souls would be captured in a labyrinth of despair from which we would never escape. To make sure his labyrinth was air-tight, he needed to capture the greatest Artful Dodger of them all, his nemesis, Berkeley Bill, the last Hippie on earth.

“Don’t lay your guilt-trip on me!”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    On Monday, December 6th. Imet with my therapist or the last time. I have become chronically dehydrated due to the release of the flight and fight chemicals we all own. I have been looking at my racist brother who used to be anti-Semitic. He is a raging Misogynist and White Supremist. On Decmeber 7th. I saw the arrest of Hereich Reuss, who may be OUR kindred. My brother and I have not spoken since 2001. I am aware he is kin to the same people I am. He may be dead. I dod not know. This is scary. There is talks of another Civil War.

    John Presco

    Raid against Reichsbürger scene – Frankfurt
    Masked police officers escort Heinrich Reuss, also known as Prince Heinrich XIII, after his arrest and a raid of his home in Frankfurt, Germany, December 7, 2022. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has conducted raids targeting a terror group known as Reichsburger, which Reuss is accused of heading, for an alleged plot to overthrow the Germany government.
    Current members of Germany’s special security services struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in what was a potentially dangerous series of raids.

    Forces stormed apartments across the country, executing 25 arrest warrants and launching extensive searches.

    While only 25 people were detained, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has accused around 50 men and women of forming a terrorist organization with the intent of eliminating the constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany and establishing a new state modeled on the German Reich of 1871.

    Heinrich’s great-grandfather – Heinrich XXVII – was forced to abdicate his rule when Reuss was absorbed into the modern German state of Thuringia after World War I.
    But the Reuss family descendants retained much of their wealth, including a series of castles and palaces. 

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