To Hate Your Brother

On Monday, December 5th. I met with my therapist for the last time online. I have become chronically dehydrated due to the release of the flight and fight chemical we all own. I am blogging over twelve hours a day, dealing with horrific topics. For over a month I have been looking at my racist brother who used to be anti-Semitic. He is a raging Misogynist and White Supremist.

On December 7th. I saw the arrest of Heinrich Reuss, who may be OUR kindred. My brother and I have not spoken since 2001. I am aware he is kin to the same people I am. He may be dead. I do not know. This is scary. There is talks of another Civil War. I repost the post I made for my therapist in order to show her what I have been up against – most of my life. The attack upon my credibility – has been fierce! I have compared myself to ‘The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf’. Yesterday, the Prince of Wolves – became visible. An Oath Keeper warned there are groups like this in America.

John Presco

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Raid against Reichsbürger scene – Frankfurt

Masked police officers escort Heinrich Reuss, also known as Prince Heinrich XIII, after his arrest and a raid of his home in Frankfurt, Germany, December 7, 2022. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has conducted raids targeting a terror group known as Reichsburger, which Reuss is accused of heading, for an alleged plot to overthrow the Germany government.
Current members of Germany’s special security services struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in what was a potentially dangerous series of raids.

Forces stormed apartments across the country, executing 25 arrest warrants and launching extensive searches.

While only 25 people were detained, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has accused around 50 men and women of forming a terrorist organization with the intent of eliminating the constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany and establishing a new state modeled on the German Reich of 1871.

Heinrich’s great-grandfather – Heinrich XXVII – was forced to abdicate his rule when Reuss was absorbed into the modern German state of Thuringia after World War I.
But the Reuss family descendants retained much of their wealth, including a series of castles and palaces.

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Defense Language Institute Monterey

A week after Christine was allegedly killed by a rogue wave, I was at her house when she got annoyed with Michelle Neisess a friend of Christine and our father whom she met at dinner over at the Benton home. I asked Michelle about the wind conditions that morning and she said it was very windy. She goes jogging around 9:00 A.M. almost every morning with her good friend, the ex-Chief of Police of Pacific Grove. They have coffee together. She said she will talk to him about his recollections.

“He said it was quite a blow that morning!” Michelle told me on the phone. My investigation was on in earnest.

I will talk with my therapist tomorrow about my parents raising their first born as a White Supremist. Mark Presco is named after the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Vic Presco claimed I was not…

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