Nazarite Queen Wars With Rome

I believe we are entering – The Theatre of War. Iran soccer players gave the U.S. team white flowers. Jewish Identity – is hinged on the Nazarite Queen, who had roots amongst the Parthians, and possibly, Cyrus the Great. The match begin in 38 minutes. We will enter a Time Portal.

Rosamond Press

Only Nazarites Can RebuildTemple

Posted onAugust 24, 2018byRoyal Rosamond Press

I beseech the Czech Republic to get behind the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. God’s true prophets are here! I will bring the sword!

Above are my people. I descend from Peter wok von Rosenberg who were good friends of John Dee. I have claimed Krumlov Castle.

John 007

The War of Armageddon is about to take place.

A Judas led a Tax Rebellion. Was he later demonized in Satan Paul’s Killer Church. Paul would admire Kirill and Putin. I believe Rome gave Saul-Paul permission to destroy the Democratic Tax Rebellion all over the Roman World. Roman slave masters bid Saul to create a facsimile religion and pick off those who come to contribute – and use their beautiful visions to convert more slaves to the Slave Church.

John ‘The Nazarite’

But a certain Judas, a Gaulanite from a…

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