Leftist Women Defend Kobane From ISIS

The Dance of the Nazarite Women – begins! Free Iranian Women from the yoke of tyranny!


The Nazarite Church of the Eastern Star

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Years ago I suggested Nazarite Queen Helena of Abiabene was the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond. I have found the remnant of the Nazarite church she founded in Iraq. The Church of the East has its roots in Adiabeni a place associated with the Magi – who followed a star!

ISIS has attacked the Church of the East and slaughtered members after spray-painting a N (for Nazarite) on their doors. My family history is being employed in regards to putting boots on the ground to fight ISIS. Benjamin Netanyahu just spoke on CNN, saying the U.S. should have left troops in Iraq. Why isn’t he insisting Turkey send tanks into Syria to crush ISIS?

Queen Helena and her Nazarite sons fought Rome for Zion, and lost. Zionist co-founded Israel. There is a Greater Battle coming, greater then all it’s divided parts.

It has taken me thousands of lonely hours to unearth that which has been buried. When all but one, deserted me, I knew the Truth was coming near.

Consider Mathew 27:53 and the saints that came from the tombs in Kidron Cedron) valley. Hermits and monks lived in some of these empty tombs. I suspect they were Nazarites who came out of seclusion and went into Jerusalem to deliver the final message. Judgment Day was nigh!

Come to Rose Mountain!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Rosamond Press


CNN expert, Lt. Col. Rick Francona, said Kobane will be taken over by ISIS, and, there is nothing anyone is going to do about it, including Turkey.  Rick says most of Kobane’s citizens have been given sanctuary in Turkey, and only a handful of Anti-ISIS fighters, remain. Rick give the impression these fighters will soon give up, and flee into Turkey where they will be safe with their brethren. What Rick does not tell World Viewers, is, that many of the fighters are women who have been dying for the beliefs of the PKK, that many have labeled a terrorist group. These are Leftist Feminists, who oppose male dominated cultures and religious addicts who take pride in shaming and oppressing women, just like Liberal American Women oppose the shaming of the Christian-right.

For a week the President of Turkey had bee promising he will not let Kobane fall. He lied! He…

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