UFO and Meteors Captured

Since my last post, there have been several sightings in the night sky.


Woman Recording the Eclipse May Have Caught a UFO

Cassandra Yorgey – Yesterday 11:44 AM

Woman Recording the Eclipse May Have Caught a UFO© Provided by Exemplore

Many folks had their cameras pointed at the night sky for the recent lunar eclipse and this woman caught something else entirely. At first it looks like Orion’s Belt with three starts in a line, but then the middle star starts to move. She zooms in and it is clear it is not an airplane. She zooms back out so the movement across the sky can be better seen and it goes over the top of a house completely. 

While it’s exciting to hope for extraterrestrial visitors from a galaxy far away, this case seems to be the work of a satellite in the earth’s orbit. These man-made marvels can catch the reflected light of the sun and appear to shine like stars to the human eye but are in motion and move across the sky in a straight line.

Spotting an Identified Flying Object during a UFO watch isn’t as disappointing as it sounds. A common bit of advice to new watchers is to keep a log of everything seen during the observation session. Marking a known object and its timestamp can actually make one a better witness if they do spot the unexplainable. After a sighting there is much doubt and skepticism, but keeping track of the other possible explanations that occurred around the time such as planes or comets can allow those to be ruled out and demonstrates a competence in observation.  

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