My First Homelessness

Portrait of Jack London Square

Posted on June 13, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

“I’d like to hear more of your personal life story. “When I got sober”, “When I was homeless”, “When I was fighting cancer”……. these are words you drop and then let flit by without much detail or explanation or storytelling. I want those details and stories. Please.

Tell me what you thought of my poem. Did it make you feel anything? Did it make you think? If so, what?


Belle Burch asked me to not “flit” about, and give her intimate details of what it was like to be homeless. Having become friends with Kim Haffner, I ordered another copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder, who used my newfound sixteen year old daughter to get close to me. When I refused to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement he sent me, which would not allow me to publish anything about my famous sister, he threatened me with attorneys. Was Robert Buck one of them?

The idea that Haffner shared my sister’s bio with neighbors I do not know – in order to be the center of attention – is appalling. What was Belle going to to do with my story of beating cancer? Did she – care? I wondered if she was going to share my story with her – comrades! When Alley Valkyrie sent me her first threat – she let me know she was reading this blog, and using PARTS OF IT it to destroy me. She invited our community to read this blog – and judge me a DANGEROUS SEXUAL PREDITOR. I am sure Haffner read that our father was a dangerous sexual predictor, and took delight in telling our neighbors I was a dangerous pervert – after I caught her passing my family story around – after I told her not to.

Study the photograph above and tell me – what you think is going on. Give up? Victor Presco is claiming Vicki Presco as his – ONLY CHILD! Vic claimed Rosemary turned his three older children against him, and this is why he formed no bond with us. To reinforce his mentally ill argument, he claimed I was not his son, but the son of the man his wife BETRAYED him with. I was his BASTARD NON-SON the reminder that his wife – was never loyal to him! And thus, why should he be loyal to Mark, John, and Christine. Little Vicki would – get all his loving attention and loyalty. Vic bought her dolls and toys. The Young Betrayers – didn’t deserve toys! Trump and Vic are like Twin Brothers!

Yesterday I studied another photo of The Family Work Truck. I am in therapy. This truck was parked in front of our house. Vic did not own a car. I was about to turn eight when I went to work for Acme Produce. I recalled how hard it was for me to load this truck, lift crates of lettuce, and with Mark’s help, a hundred pound sack of potatoes. I forgot how small I was, and how high the bed of our Work Truck.

Our father had sent his two sons away to live with our grandmothers. Rosemary said her husband went on Work Strike – because he thought it was VERY UNFAIR that he alone had to DO ALL THE WORK to raise the four children he sired. How sad! How – unfair!

I lived with Mary Magdalene Rosamond in West Los Angelas. I attended the second grade there. I was seperated from my family for four months. When I cam home, Vic told me and my brother there was no free lunch in his family, and we were going to work for a roof over our head – and food.

In Tom Snyder’s book about US, he claims Vic molested Christine, who became a world famous artist. When drunk, Vic told me Rosemary encouraged him to take Christine out to the car we once owned, and molest her. I’ve been looking at the real possibility Vic sent the boys away so he could feel comfortable bonding with his daughers – ONLY!

It is a matter of hours that we will see a video of a crazed man hitting Paul Pelosi with a hammer in an attempt to murder him. Rosemary grabbed a knife and stabbed Vic, when he was beating on her. My mother told her children to now let Vic in the house, or take Vicki anywhere. There was a restraining order. When he came in MY house to take Vicki on a DRUNKEN DRIVE to Roseville, I told him to leave. When he came at me – I rand into the kitchen and grabbed a big butcher knife. I saw murder in my father’s eyes. I never FELT SAFE in our home. I felt – HOMELESS. I felt like I was placed next to a sweating box of dynamite – THAT WAS GOING TO EXPLODE!

Shannon Rosamond and I have been texting again. She was twenty-seven her mother drowned. She was the adult Heir. Lawrence Chazen tried to become the Executor after the Judge dismissed Garth Benton. Larry was the No.1 Creditor who got a court order take back the antique furniture from Rosamond’s home, causing her to file Bankruptcy. What I am trying to find out, is, did Chazen know Robert Buck, who Carmel law firm set of the Buck Trust that gave money to Alcohol Justice – who have been suing PlumpJack Winery that Chazen, the Pelosis, and most of the Gettys – OWN! They are partners. We are talking about – BILLIONAIRES – who own ART!

There are three women running for Governor of Oregon. I hear them admit that many of the homeless suffer from mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction, thus, it is almost impossicle to HELP THEM. I am a rare SUCCESS STORY! In AA we are encouraged to tell our stories. I have considered going to Prostate Cancer groups, because radiation treatment has rendered me incapable of getting an errection.Which ever woman – WINS – I beseach them to look into the reasons why my SOBER STORY was severely oppressed – that includes the MENTAL ILLNESS that my whole family suffered from. I may be….The Last Man Standing. I do not know if my brother is alive or dead. This is the tip of the iceberg. I need to be studyied – and not abused some more.

Below is the painting I did in 7th’ grade of a boat. I loved the work of Winslow Homer. I am poised the PLANT Jack London in Oregon with my amazing discovery!

My father died believing he did nothing to make his sons – turn on him! What do you think? How many homeless people had to flee their homes to escape the horrid sexual abuse? When I was sixteen and Christine fifteen, she begged me to pose as her husband and go find us an appartment. Rosemary was severely abusing thi world famous artist. After she drove Vic from the house – it was her turn – to win The Long Family Argument as to who was – The Better Parent!.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Prescos 1956 Melba, Vic & Rosemary

‘The Argument’

Posted on November 2, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press


Alcohol Justice ORGANIZATION


Alcohol Justice, formerly known as the Marin Institute, was founded to “reduce consumption of alcohol and the many physical, mental, and societal harms that result.” The group styles itself as the “watchdog of the alcohol industry,” but actually focuses on policies that would limit all alcohol consumption, even responsible drinking. Alcohol Justice focuses on eliminating or severely limiting alcohol advertising,  raising alcohol taxes, and banning specific types of alcoholic beverages.

Then known as the Marin Institute, named for Marin County, California, the organization focused its efforts on reducing alcohol-related harm until 2006. After that, the group became much more radical and declared itself the “watchdog of the alcohol industry.”

Alcohol Justice is funded by the Buck Trust. The Leonard and Beryl Buck Foundation (Buck Trust) was created in 1975 after Beryl Buck left $9.1 million to Marin County, California with the provision that it be used to serve the needs of the County residents. The organization also receives some funding from the California Endowment and individual donors.

Ruled By Bohemian Boy Lumpers

Posted on May 28, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


My brother and I were raised under two systems. The Roman Mafia Slave & Crime Consortium, and The Sacred Rosy Prostitute and Defiant Wife Conglomerate. Study the photograph above. Mark, Christine, and I have just been told our mother is making porno movies for Big Bones Remmer, and is a part-time prostitute for the Mafia Boss. We are told to be extra good, or, we will be taken from Rosemary and put up for adoption. We will be separated by a Judge. This did not happen till after Christine somehow, drowned, and the Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris, who secretly blessed the affair Vicki Presco was having with her brother-in-law, Garth Benton, that I suspect Christine discovered during her divorce, and threatened to disown Vicki as a sibling. Whatever!

Garth was an artist, and he was sticking it to his sister-in-law, thus Vicki believed she was a member of the art community. I conclude she is a whore, like her mother. But, that can’t be all that bad because some scholars believe Jesus was born of a whore and Roman general. Victor had dreams of being a Roman general when he was a teenager. Here he is doing an impression of Caligula with his granddaughter, Shannon after Little Victor brought her father back into the fold because he was paying extra special attention to her, and bribing her with money and toys – even candy! There is The Piata, and the The Rosy Betrayal of  Poor Papa! Vicki was Victors – Cheerleader! Vic gave up his chance to be tough like his sons when he chose to be a coward and a child molester.

“Come! Let us pity him someone!” Note the statue of Saint Francis.


On the wall is my watercolor that was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. This was quite an honor – a Family Honor! Our house is filled with family antiques. When you are disgraced, demeaned, and defiled at every turn, this recognition can change the dynamics of a family that is on the brink of destruction. No sooner did Rosemary drive Little Caesar out of our life with a knife, then, reality set in. His children were now her children – alone! Would he give us child support, or, would he continue to Ply Barflies For Pity? Would the Souza Brothers continue to get the Lion’s Share of King Victor’s earnings in our father’s need to outdo his father?

Then there were Rosemary’s sons who were entering their pubescence. Holy shit! What is that going to be like – without a father! Our mother was scared! Would we hate her for getting rid of our Father Figure? What father figure? A year before he died I asked Vic why he was so mean to his sons.

“Who was your role model, if he didn’t have one?”

“Wolf Larsen. He was my role model when I was a teenager. I wanted you and Mark to grow up tough.”

Mark and I were tough. Our peers did not fuck with us. We were very strong, and not just in a muscular way. We were Lumpers in Oakland’s Produce Market. See these hand carts? A grown Lumper will stack crates and boxes, to the top. Vic would let us get away with one box less. He got dirty looks from the Italian produce guys – and their grown sons – as my brother and I struggled with our load at eight and nine. It was an insane scene! Grown men wanted to punch Vic’s lights out. Now if this was a movie set?

“Cut! You boys need a rest. Help yourself to all the donuts and soft drinks!”


Mark and I raised our sisters with the help of our best friends, Bill Arnold, and Rick Young. We hardly saw Rosemary, even on the weekend. On Saturday morning The Children woke up and we made pancakes. Here is a list of  The Children and our friends who often spent the night. Our home was a safe and creative haven for children. It was a Commune.

Mark Presco. Greg Presco. Christine Presco. Vicki Presco. Rick Young. Bill Arnold. Sue Garnick. Linda Johnson.

There was never enough money for food, light bulbs, shoe polish, soap, meat, ect. When we four boys would go shopping with Rosemary, we stuffed all we could in our specially sewn pockets. Bill and Rick would ask Rosemary what she needed, and, off they would go to break the law. We were great Shoplifters. We called ourselves Ma Barker and her Boys. How dare Vicki work Vic for extra goodies! She worked his mother, too.

Mark almost got it right when he came out with his webpage. But, he too couldn’t tell the truth about that painting on the wall, that always impressed Christine, who did not take up art until she was twenty-four. She told me;

“I owe my success to you – Brother Lumper!”

Mark and I were paid a dollar a day which was put in the bank. No sooner out the door, did King Victor go to the bank and empty his sons accounts of about $800 dollars. The great experiment was over. You can’t raise your boys on a tale written by a Bohemian Co-Founder of the Carmel Art Community.

I never saw a dime from Rosamond’s art. Vicki lured my child away from me. When Rosemary got arrested, she skiddaddled down to LA and left us in charge of an old crone that had brain damage. She looked just like a witch. She would come over after school was out, open a cold can of pork and beans. and sit with us as we watched Charley and Humpfrey. When it was nine, she got up and turned off the T.V. and ordered us to bed. We got up, unplugged our television, and took it upstairs. She would sit on that couch-bed eating her beans, staring at where the T.V. was for three months till Rosemary came and got us. She was struggling. She considered disappearing from our lives, and pursuing her dreams she forsake for Victor.

Rosemary and her family didn’t know we were sitting on a Bohemian Gold Mine. The world wanted our story – long before Christine Rosamond Benton became famous! They still do, but, I own it……….The Last of the Red Hot Bohemians! I got a bio that real artists would kill for! Read ‘Lust For Life’. The number one best seller is ‘The Bible’. It is full of horror stories, and men who have missed the mark and gone astray. Both books of the Bible are about ‘The Return of the Prodigal Son’. Why is that?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


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