Ruled By Bohemian Boy Lumpers


My brother and I were raised under two systems. The Roman Mafia Slave & Crime Consortium, and The Sacred Rosy Prostitute and Defiant Wife Conglomerate. Study the photograph above. Mark, Christine, and I have just been told our mother is making porno movies for Big Bones Remmer, and is a part-time prostitute for the Mafia Boss. We are told to be extra good, or, we will be taken from Rosemary and put up for adoption. We will be separated by a Judge. This did not happen till after Christine somehow, drowned, and the Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris, who secretly blessed the affair Vicki Presco was having with her brother-in-law, Garth Benton, that I suspect Christine discovered during her divorce, and threatened to disown Vicki as a sibling. Whatever!

Garth was an artist, and he was sticking it to his sister-in-law, thus Vicki believed she was a member of the art community. I conclude she is a whore, like her mother. But, that can’t be all that bad because some scholars believe Jesus was born of a whore and Roman general. Victor had dreams of being a Roman general when he was a teenager. Here he is doing an impression of Caligula with his granddaughter, Shannon after Little Victor brought her father back into the fold because he was paying extra special attention to her, and bribing her with money and toys – even candy! There is The Piata, and the The Rosy Betrayal of  Poor Papa! Vicki was Victors – Cheerleader! Vic gave up his chance to be tough like his sons when he chose to be a coward and a child molester.

“Come! Let us pity him someone!” Note the statue of Saint Francis.


On the wall is my watercolor that was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. This was quite an honor – a Family Honor! Our house is filled with family antiques. When you are disgraced, demeaned, and defiled at every turn, this recognition can change the dynamics of a family that is on the brink of destruction. No sooner did Rosemary drive Little Caesar out of our life with a knife, then, reality set in. His children were now her children – alone! Would he give us child support, or, would he continue to Ply Barflies For Pity? Would the Souza Brothers continue to get the Lion’s Share of King Victor’s earnings in our father’s need to outdo his father?

Then there were Rosemary’s sons who were entering their pubescence. Holy shit! What is that going to be like – without a father! Our mother was scared! Would we hate her for getting rid of our Father Figure? What father figure? A year before he died I asked Vic why he was so mean to his sons.

“Who was your role model, if he didn’t have one?”

“Wolf Larsen. He was my role model when I was a teenager. I wanted you and Mark to grow up tough.”

Mark and I were tough. Our peers did not fuck with us. We were very strong, and not just in a muscular way. We were Lumpers in Oakland’s Produce Market. See these hand carts? A grown Lumper will stack crates and boxes, to the top. Vic would let us get away with one box less. He got dirty looks from the Italian produce guys – and their grown sons – as my brother and I struggled with our load at eight and nine. It was an insane scene! Grown men wanted to punch Vic’s lights out. Now if this was a movie set?

“Cut! You boys need a rest. Help yourself to all the donuts and soft drinks!”


Mark and I raised our sisters with the help of our best friends, Bill Arnold, and Rick Young. We hardly saw Rosemary, even on the weekend. On Saturday morning The Children woke up and we made pancakes. Here is a list of  The Children and our friends who often spent the night. Our home was a safe and creative haven for children. It was a Commune.

Mark Presco. Greg Presco. Christine Presco. Vicki Presco. Rick Young. Bill Arnold. Sue Garnick. Linda Johnson.

There was never enough money for food, light bulbs, shoe polish, soap, meat, ect. When we four boys would go shopping with Rosemary, we stuffed all we could in our specially sewn pockets. Bill and Rick would ask Rosemary what she needed, and, off they would go to break the law. We were great Shoplifters. We called ourselves Ma Barker and her Boys. How dare Vicki work Vic for extra goodies! She worked his mother, too.

Mark almost got it right when he came out with his webpage. But, he too couldn’t tell the truth about that painting on the wall, that always impressed Christine, who did not take up art until she was twenty-four. She told me;

“I owe my success to you – Brother Lumper!”

Mark and I were paid a dollar a day which was put in the bank. No sooner out the door, did King Victor go to the bank and empty his sons accounts of about $800 dollars. The great experiment was over. You can’t raise your boys on a tale written by a Bohemian Co-Founder of the Carmel Art Community.

I never saw a dime from Rosamond’s art. Vicki lured my child away from me. When Rosemary got arrested, she skiddaddled down to LA and left us in charge of an old crone that had brain damage. She looked just like a witch. She would come over after school was out, open a cold can of pork and beans. and sit with us as we watched Charley and Humpfrey. When it was nine, she got up and turned off the T.V. and ordered us to bed. We got up, unplugged our television, and took it upstairs. She would sit on that couch-bed eating her beans, staring at where the T.V. was for three months till Rosemary came and got us. She was struggling. She considered disappearing from our lives, and pursuing her dreams she forsake for Victor.

Rosemary and her family didn’t know we were sitting on a Bohemian Gold Mine. The world wanted our story – long before Christine Rosamond Benton became famous! They still do, but, I own it……….The Last of the Red Hot Bohemians! I got a bio that real artists would kill for! Read ‘Lust For Life’. The number one best seller is ‘The Bible’. It is full of horror stories, and men who have missed the mark and gone astray. Both books of the Bible are about ‘The Return of the Prodigal Son’. Why is that?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

barb9 barb10 Barbary_Coast_Gent_FilmPoster barbary_coast_R50_linen_JC09426_L


Freight Unloader
Universal Lumpers, INC – Tracy, CA
$9 – $15 an hour

This individual will be responsible for unloading shipping containers and unloading trailers for warehouse. Responsibilities include accurately separating cases and placing them on pallets for all inbound freight. Ensure that all products are free of damage and that production code dates are visible for warehouse storage.

The story of Mary’s pregnancy by a Roman soldier also appeared in the sacred book of the Moslems, the Koran. It stated that ‘a full-grown man’ forced his attentions on Mary, and in her fear of the disgrace that would follow she left the area and bore Jesus in secret. This story was supported in the Gospel of Luke, with the description of the departure of Joseph and Mary from their home prior to the birth. Rape was a common event in Palestine during the Roman occupation and soldiers were notorious for their treatment of young women. It would be unthinkable for Mary to admit such an event had occurred for, under the Law of Moses, a betrothed virgin who had sex with any man during the period of her betrothal, was to be stoned to death by the men of the city (Deut. 22:21). Simply put, Mary faced the death penalty unless she could prove her innocence. 7


Prostitution [N]

The Old Testament. Common Prostitution. While the law forbids parents from forcing daughters into prostitution, there is no penalty attached ( Lev 19:29 ). In one case there is a penalty: If a woman has been betrothed to a man and he discovers that she is not a virgin, she may be stoned to death for prostituting herself ( Deut 22:13-21 ). These two passages lead some scholars to conclude that when two adults, neither of which was betrothed or married, consented to have sex, it was not considered a very serious crime, because no sanctions were expressed. However, before the Mosaic Law, burning was the penalty in one instance ( Gen 38:24 ). Perhaps Israelite society, like modern ones, tolerated a certain amount of prostitution, but it was clearly immoral and the sages sternly warned against it ( Prov 23:27 ; 29:3 ). Priests were held to a higher standard than non-priests for they could not marry harlots, although again, there was no specified punishment for doing so ( Leviticus 21:7 Leviticus 21:14 ). A priest’s daughter, on the other hand, could be burned for harlotry ( Lev 21:9 ); the intent of this was to keep the priestly line pure.

Apparently, prostitutes in ancient times dressed in recognizable ways ( Prov 7:10 ). In the patriarchal period, a face covering might be a distinguishing feature ( Gen 38:14-15 ). Some well-known biblical passages mention prostitution. Rahab, who helped the Israelite spies at Jericho, was a harlot ( Joshua 2:1; Joshua 6:17 Joshua 6:22 Joshua 6:25 ); she figures in the genealogy of David and Jesus ( Matt 1:5 ). Jephthah was the son of a harlot ( Judges 11:1 ). Samson slept with one ( Judges 16:1 ). Two prostitutes asked Solomon to adjudicate between them over a child ( 1 Kings 3:16 ). For resisting the word of the Lord, the priest Amaziah would be taken into exile, forcing his wife into prostitution to survive ( Amos 7:17 ).

Sacral Prostitution. The fertility cult was a central part of Canaanite religion. It is thought that sacral prostitution was a form of sympathetic magic. As people performed sex Acts with the temple harlots, this stimulated sexual activity among the gods, ensuring the fertility of the soil. The terms qades and qedesa (Deut 23:17 ) designate male and female sacral prostitutes. The words come from the root qds, meaning “set apart, ” “holy, ” “consecrated.” These men and women considered themselves consecrated to their gods for the purpose of religious prostitution.

The practice was known by the patriarchs, for Tamar was taken for a cult harlot ( Gen 38:21 ). The law of Moses forbids the practice of sacral prostitution ( Deut 23:17 ), but Israelites were led astray by the fertility rites of Baalism in Moab before they even entered the promised land ( Num 25:1-5 ). Although sacral prostitution is not specifically mentioned, it is likely, since they were priests, that when Hophni and Phineas slept with the women who ministered at the entrance to the tabernacle, that they were borrowing the Canaanite practice ( 1 Sam 2:22 ). The fertility cult was established in Judah early in the monarchy ( 1 Kings 14:24 ) and periodically purged ( 1 Kings 15:46 ). When Josiah carried out his reform, he had to remove the male cult prostitutes from the temple itself ( 2 Kings 23:7 ).

Spiritual Prostitution. The relationship between Yahweh and Israel was that of husband and wife. Therefore, when the Israelites went astray by worshiping other deities, they were prostituting themselves to other gods ( Exod 34:15 ). Ezekiel gave female names to Samaria and Jerusalem (symbolizing Israel and Judah), calling them Oholah and Oholibah. He described their harlotry and pronounced judgment on them ( Eze 23 ). Hosea entered into an elaborate sign act in order to preach to the northern kingdom about its sin of spiritual harlotry. God told him to marry Gomer ( Hosea 1:2-3 ). When she was unfaithful, he took her back in love ( 3:1-3 ). In the same way, God had taken Israel as his bride ( 2:15 ), but she had prostituted herself to the Canaanite deities ( 2:2-13 ). The divine husband was going to punish his “wife” for a time so that Israel would repent and return ( Hosea 2:3 Hosea 2:8-13 ). Although divorce was invoked ( 2:2 ) the ultimate goal was reconciliation ( 2:16-20 ).

The New Testament. Jesus pointed out that harlots and tax collectors were quicker to repent, believe, and enter the kingdom of God than the proud religious leaders ( Matt 21:28-32 ). The prodigal son, who apparently wasted his inheritance on harlots ( Luke 15:13 Luke 15:30 ), was welcomed home when he repented (vv. 20-24). Paul warns against immorality, because he who sleeps with a prostitute becomes one with her, which is not fitting for the believer, who belongs to Christ ( 1 Cor 6:15-20 ). The Apocalypse refers to Rome (= Babylon) as “the great harlot, ” which will be punished forever for persecuting the Lord’s servants ( 17:1-18 ; 19:1-3 ).

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    Mark and I were Vic Presco’s first partners. He abused as his child laborers. To see Pierrot promenading around the Rosamond Gallery fills me with rage. She is not an artist or a poet. She got there because of the secual abuse in my family – and knows it! A watercolor I did of the produce market toured the world when I was sixteen.

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