Meher Baba verses Killer Kirill

There exist another property in Ojai, and when I looked where it was on Goggle Map, I saw I was surrounded by Institutions of Enlightenment.

Rosamond Press

I awoke with permission to carry on the teaching of Meher Baba and conduct spiritual warfare with Killer Karill.

Perhaps Jesus did not claim he was God’s Son, but that He……Is God?

Babba John

Putin and His Holy War Man KilledGod

Posted onMarch 23, 2022byRoyal Rosamond Press

The belief that God and Jesus want the eradication of Ukraine, is criminal lunacy that kills God! Here is the evil marriage between Church and State that the Republican are going for, that kills Jesus!

Seer John

“The wartime coalition betweenPutinand his patriarch is calledsymphonia, an ironclad alliance between church and state that assures reciprocal reverence, with neither institution presuming to dominate the other. Theologians have spent centuries bickering over the fine points, which have now impaled 44 millionUkrainiansas the victims of a bloodthirsty land-grab that Putin and the Patriarch have packaged as…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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