Some of us or Wayfarers. Some of us are Artists. Most of us are tempted to be Protectors of the Faith. This is when all hell breaks out. Why? God may not esist. You must grasp this idea and own it for yourelf.

Rosamond Press

My grandparents sough a alternative reality in California. So did I.


Norbert And MaryMagdalene

Posted onAugust 27, 2021byRoyal Rosamond Press

Yesterday I owned a very clear picture of Garth and Drew Benton in Christine Benton’s home, while my family was at the funeral. I just woke up from my old man nap, and I was at 13th. Street where I lived with The Loading Zone. The young Rena was asleep in the attic room. I couldn’t wait to see her face again. I awoke, and, I was just dreaming.

I have conducted the most magnificent piece of Detective Work – in history! I own the view of my destiny from my grandparents eyes. I have overcome one of the greatest obstacles a human being can encounter. Total Illusionists had invaded the World of Art and Literature, and I exposed them. I uncovered them. Now, I will…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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