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Embracer has purchased much of Tolkien’s Ring Quest.

In a financial note, Embracer said the likely total cost of acquiring the six businesses, over a period of time, is expected to be 8.2 billion Swedish krona, which is around $788 million. Even if we assume the value of Middle-earth Enterprises makes up the vast majority of that sum, it’s still less than half of what the prized Lord of the Rings rights were expected to fetch.

What happened? And how come Amazon or another major entertainment industry player wasn’t interested?

Middle-earth Enterprises — and now Embracer — owns the worldwide rights to make films, video games, board games, merchandise, theme parks, and stage productions relating to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. But there are several caveats, exemptions, and question marks over the extent of these rights.

The publishing rights to the books themselves aren’t included; they remain with the Tolkien estate and publisher HarperCollins. The licensing rights to Tolkien’s other Middle-earth works, The Silmarillion and The Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth, are also still controlled by the Tolkien estate and HarperCollins, although Embracer says it now owns “matching rights” to these works — meaning it has the right to match any offer the owners may get from elsewhere.

TV rights are another major exclusion. Per Variety, the right to produce a TV series longer than eight episodes was carved out of the deal Tolkien’s estate made with Saul Zaentz back in the 1970s, meaning that Amazon was able to deal with the estate directly when it bought those rights in 2017, cutting Middle-earth Enterprises out of the deal. Nevertheless, Embracer says Middle-earth Enterprises has “financial interests” in The Rings of Power, as well as in Warner Bros.’ upcoming animated film The War of the Rohirrim, and EA’s in-development mobile game Heroes of Middle-earth.

Icelandic Tale of Jon and Rosamunda

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have come by a rare book of Icelandic Tales. Two of these stories are about Jon and Rosamunda. This books shows me the Riddles of the Runes and how to invoke enchanting spells that are linked to the early church. You can see just a part of these magic spells washed up on the shore at the feet of the woman who will go unnamed. She sits on a rock by the sea. She knows the story of how Jon and Rosamond died on the seashore. They were reborn so this tale would never be lost. J.R. Tolkien was inspired by Icelandic Lore. We will live…..forever more!

Amazon and Tolkein

Posted on April 6, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I posted ‘Once Upon A Time’ at 10:25 P.M. on April 6th. Twenty minutes later I found this article about Amazon doing a Tolkien series.  This line caught my full attention.

Amazon said that the project will “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” in addition to a potential spinoff series.

I will be contacting Amazon, and hopefully I will not need an attorney. I have copyrighted much on Tolkien, and William Morris, whose Tale of The House of Wolfings inspired Tolkien’s trilogy. I have a deep seeded problem with promoting myself, and taking something for myself due to the abuse of my mother. But, this is the stuff fairytales are made of. Hopefully Jackson will hire me as a writer, and allow me to develop the characters. Has he come upon my blogs? I was about to post on the ‘Rose of the World’ a Russian prophecy that I wanted to revive, and use to push back on Putin, and, have the Russian People adopt a true Democracy – with Freedom of the Press! Amazon owns the Washington Post. They are keen on making sure Putin’s Trolls do not do more damage to this Democracy. I would like to see Lara Roozemond in a role.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Last November, Amazon announced that it had acquired the rights to produce a multiseason show set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earthThe Hollywood Reporter now says that Amazon’s show might include material from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies and that it must go into production “within two years.”

As the race for high-quality television content has heated up among streaming services, Amazon has been on the hunt for big, ambitious television projects to keep up with the likes of Netflix as well as Apple and Disney’s forthcoming streaming platforms. Its acquisition of The Lord of the Rings franchise brings them an enormously successful and recognizable property. Amazon reportedly beat out Netflix for the rights, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it expects to spend around $1 billion on the show over the course of the five seasons to which it has reportedly committed.Amazon can incorporate a world already engrained in the minds of audiences

One of the downsides to acquiring a huge property is just that: because it’s so enormously recognizable and successful, a remake will have fans wondering why the company couldn’t leave well enough alone. By working out a deal that includes New Line Cinemas and Warner Bros., Amazon seems to be sidestepping those concerns, allowing it to incorporate elements of the world that Jackson has already left engrained in the minds of moviegoing audiences. Amazon said that the project will “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” in addition to a potential spinoff series.

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is known for its size and rich history, which will give Amazon plenty of material to work with in expanding the world that Jackson realized in his two trilogies. Indeed, Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy went far beyond adapting its namesake novel, expanding the story to tease the conflict that we saw featured in his Lord of the Rings trilogyDespite its steep price tag, Amazon seems to be making a safe bet by buying into not only Tolkien’s world, but Jackson’s as well.

THR reports that Jackson’s involvement in the project is uncertain, but Jackson’s attorney described the deal as a “creature of the times,” saying Amazon is “taking a page out of the studios’ emphasis on franchises.” In a world where Disney has laid out impressive, interconnected franchises with its Marvel and Star Wars properties, and HBO is considering anywhere between three and five spinoffs for Game of Thrones, Middle-earth could be a property that gives Amazon a significant boost in the coming streaming wars, one that could entice even more people to sign up for Amazon’s Prime service.

Rosamunda Took

Posted on August 29, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Rosamunda was the daughter of Sigismond Took.[1] She married Odovacar, future patriarch of the Bolger Family, and had two children: Fredegar and Estella. The couple and their children attended Bilbo’s Farewell Party in S.R. 1401.[2

“As a token of her confidence, she told him he need no longer call
her, “Auntie.” The previous year, Bilbo had suggested that Frodo no
longer address him as, “Uncle,” if he wished. Plain, “Bilbo,” would
do. Frodo still called Bilbo, “Uncle,” now and then; it had become
too ingrained a habit. But, following suit, Rosamunda suggested Frodo
might call her, “Rosa,” or, “Rosamunda.” Frodo forgot, and called
her, “Auntie,” many times, but, within the space of an afternoon
tea, “Rosa,” she became.”

Rosamunda Bolger (née Took) was the mother of Fredegar “Fatty” Bolger
and Estella Brandybuck. She was married to Odovacar Bolger and was
known as Rosamunda Took prior to the marriage. They lived in
Budgeford in Bridgefields in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Rosamunda
and Odovacar both attended the Bilbo’s Farewell Party in 3001 along
with their children.

Fredegar “Fatty” Bolger

Norman Cates as Fatty Bolger from a Decipher Card designed by Weta
Friend of Frodo Baggins. Fredegar Bolger, called Fatty, was born in
2980 to Odovacar Bolger and Rosamunda Took Bolger. He had a sister
Estella who married Merry Brandybuck. Fatty’s great-great-grandfather
on his mother’s side was Gerontius, the Old Took, who was also the
great-great-grandfather of Merry and of Pippin Took. Fatty’s family
was from Budgeford in Bridgefields in the Eastfarthing.

“From first sight, even the site of the new cottage had enchanted
her, dug as it was into the southeast side of a grassy hill in the
midst of Boffin lands, populated with Boffin sheep. There was a
little copse below it, just to the side, and a spring-fed well, all
of which reminded her of her childhood home. The place had come down
to Odovacar through his mother’s side, a Boffin. He had used it as
a sort of base, when he and his friends had gone out hunting.
They would stock the little hole with gear and rations. Then, with
their bows, and a pony for their gear, they would make forays west
or north, towards the Downs or up to the Moors, or, closer still,
into Bindbale Wood. But that was years ago, when the game had not
yet moved so far off.

When Rosamunda had viewed it more carefully,
she saw the hole was inconsiderable disrepair. Also, it was a bit
too small. She had new rooms dug, so that there was a parlor and a
kitchen, a bedroom for each (and one to spare), along with extra
chambers further back for store. When it was finished, it suited
Rosamunda very well. Especially, she loved the light. Situated
facing south-east, the light poured through the windows in the
mornings, her favorite time of the day. And, when she stood
outside, she could see the land stretching east and south far into
the distance. Illuminated by the late afternoon sun, the prospect was
especially fine. From the top of the little knoll that made the
cottage’s roof, she could see far to the north and west, where sheep
dotted the rolling hills. The sky at night took her breath away. And,
all day, the birds sang, the wind blew, and the Water, which ran
nearby, just to the west, mostly narrow andquick as it came down out
of Long Cleeve and Needlehole, could just be heard when the wind
dropped and everything was still. She loved its peace and quiet, so
tucked away and so private.

Yet, it was just an hour’s walk over the
hills to Bag End or to Hobbiton. Overhill, to the east, was even
closer. Every fine day Rosamunda walked the hills, seldom seeing
another living creature other than sheep, or, very rarely, a doe or
faun. She did not walk south to Hobbiton, however, except on errands
or for an appointed visit. She had not forgotten
her “understanding” with Bilbo. And Bilbo did not forget her, either.
Regularly, he sent her gifts of wine or ham or fruit in season, as
tokens of his neighborly regard. She appreciated the way he could
show marks of particular notice, without making her feel the burden
of obligation.”

Sigismond was the son of Hildibrand Took. He had two children, Rosamunda and Ferdinand.[1]

Hildibrand was the eighth son of the Old Took. He had one son, Sigismond, born in S.R. 1290.[1]

Gerontius Took (S.R. 1190 – 1320, died aged 130), also known as The Old Took, was a renowned Hobbit and twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire.

My Wolves Will Devour Putins Trolls

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The Rose Wolf vs. The Night Wolves

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For those who follow this blog, they know I have gathered a force of wolves to fight the Battle of Armageddon. I predicted this battle will take place in cyberspace. A week ago after blogging about a Russian spy, my computer was hacked. For an hour it was being controlled by an invader.

How many came to believe I am mad, when I declared I was God’s Warrior-Prophet who will lead the risen House of Wolfing into the great battle for THE WORD OF GOD?

Putin is moving his “Night Wolves” on his chessboard he believes God gave him. But I am God’s because I took the vow of the Nazarite twenty-five years ago. I am wearing the Armor of God. Bring forth your champion, your giant wolf, and I will lay him low.

Jon the Nazarite




“Morris preferred to preserve his freedom of invention. His solution was brilliantly simple: the story is one told by the descendants of the Wolfings many years later, and as with the Saga of the Volsungs, events have become garbled with retelling.”

Return of the House of Wolfings

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The Roesmont/Rosemont family owned Melon Woflswinckle, a watermill. My kindred were named Roelof, Rudolph. Rodolphus, meaning “famous wolf’.

When I asked Christine why she was staring so hard at Rena when they met, she said;

“She reminded me of a vampire, one of those women who play vampires in the movies.”

Rena had played at being a vampire with her boyfriend. She gave me an incredible kiss in order to capture my soul. Was she just playing? Was I playing? We were wild Danish wolves on our mountain. Together, we had overcome the world.

When I called Rean in Nebraska she was out in a field of grass surrounded by a thousand crows that took flight at sunset. She said;

“If you were here right now, I would give you such a kiss.”

“I love you more afar, then near.”

Rena had been thinking of me when I called. She had summoned me from afar. We were now closer then when we were near. Our souls were……one. Wherever she go, there go I. Wherever I go….. mon beauté des bois
go with me. Wolves mate for life. Do not pick our roses.

I am going to render the Rosemont cote of arms that shows a dancing wolf, and the words ‘Duke of the Woods’.

I have immortalized my family. Above are photos of the EE Zunft Rebleuten Guild of Basel whose emblem is a dancing wolf. Fremasonry has its roots in the guilds. Notice the cote of arms behind glass in top photo. William Morris said the sons of the House of Wolfen are best suited to tell the tale of their battle with the slave masters of Rome.

Jon Rosamond Wolferose

“Erhart de Rougemont who bought in 1495 “the house called Rebleuten-Zunft in Basle in the Freistrasse.’
Peter Rosemond had seen in print the letters from Erasmus to Gotschalk Rosemondt. He noticed that a seal used by a Rosemont in Holland, bearing a jumping fox, was like an emblem he had noticed in a wall of the house Rebleuten-Zunft in Basle. This seal
dated back to 1430,
This James (or Jacob, for these names were once interchangeable) was the son of Hans Ulrich
Rosemond, born 1623, a weaver; who was a son of Hans, a weaver, born
1581; who was a son of Fred Rosemond, born 1552, a weaver, member of
town council and a local captain; who was the son of another Hans
whose date of birth is not known, but he too, was a weaver and became
a citizen of Basle in 1534. His father was Erhart de Rougemont who
bought in 1495 “the house called Rebleuten-Zunft in Basle in the
Freistrasse.’ Peter Rosemond further reported information from the
Records Office in Basle that “before Basle the family resided in
Holland up to 1338, and it is said they descended from the estate
Rosemont, near Belfort, in France, where also the village Rougemont
is found.” A family coat-of-arms was registered in Basle about 1537
when the first Hans became a resident there. A reproduction of this
coat-of-arms in the writer’s possession shows a weaver’s crook
conspicuously, and it will be remembered that in Ireland our people
were linen weavers and farmers, and that Edward, the elder, was a
weaver in this country. Peter Rosemond had seen in print the letters
from Erasmus to Gotschalk Rosemondt. He noticed that a seal used by a
Rosemont in Holland, bearing a jumping fox, was like an emblem he had
noticed in a wall of the house Rebleuten-Zunft in Basle. This seal
dated back to 1430, whereas the coat-of-arms above mentioned dates
from 1534, it seems. Peter Rosemond died September 22, 1930. This is
but a sketch of what he wrote.”

The Wolfswinkelse Water Mill was a watermill on the Dommel. The water mill is located in the municipality of Sint-Oedenrode between Banda and Nijnsel. This mill may have ever known as Wallace .

[hide]1 Etymologie
2 History 2.1 Glory Wolfswinkel to 1604
2.2 from 1604 to 1795
2.3 from 1795 to the present

3 nearby water mills


In the name Wallace means a corner Shop . The element can be in multiple ways, however, Wolf explained. Many think the first time to the animal name, but it can also save on a field curvature . That seems like a meaningful statement because such terrain form around emphatically pointing to falls (that is, a strikingly high steep Ridge along the Dommel, half a kilometre to the North).


Glory Wolfswinkel to 1604[Edit]

The mill was about 1200 by Duke Henry I of Brabant donated to the Priory of Postel. Later it became a little glory, consisting of a omgrachte hofstede (the Water Horse), a farm and water mill. This area was by the Ducal couple of Joanna, Duchess of Brabant and Wenceslas I of Luxembourg in 1381 in loan issued to the nobleman Edmund d’Aquis. There would then also a clasp. The oldest known occupant would Agnes van Wolfswinkel, after which her son Cameron has inherited the property of Dijnter, after which the owners were Dijnter and Emont of Geerke. In 1450 was the glory in possession of the family of Rosemont, and then the families Coensborgh and Molenpas. The lock was already gone. In the 15th and 16th centuries are listed followed by the families Huyoel families, Baja, Daly, Valentine and Thielemans.

From 1604 to 1795[Edit]

The mill was In 1604 , separate from the estate, sold as a separate fief to Coenraedt Jan A. In 1628 was the mill property of Jhr. the Jada who in 1650 a oil mill at the original corn mill. About 1720 the mill was in the possession of Lord Lambert, count of Val, and after his death the mill was sold to Johan Carel de Jada, who was Lord of Eckart .

In the French period, at the end of the 18th century, the mill was burned by the English and German troops in order in this way, the English army, that was pulled together on the Nistelrooise Heide, to warn of the approaching French. The remains were then sold to Widow in 1795 Raon van schalkwijk, which the mill 50 metres upstream re-constructed.

From 1795 to the present[Edit]

After the rebuilding has known many mill owners. She was used during the 19th century as the volmolen Geldorp and by the Tilburg textile manufacturers. Although the mill was still in operation in 1878 , touched them soon thereafter in decline. In 1928 , the lock in the Dommel and the water mill was sold to the Dommel water board. The watermill was demolished after 1945 , despite attempts at preservation.

Now rest on this scenic spot only the Mill House. In addition, reminds the Water farm to former glory. Furthermore, reminds a small monument to the water mill, as well as leading the way out there, which still carries the name watermolenstraat . The cycle route along the Peel performs there.

Gijsbert ROESMONT. After dying the ships nobleman hendrik Heym
in 1427 took he are place on the ship chair. He was church master of
Saint Janskerk, member of Lieve-Vrouwe-broederschap and died in 1449
306. Nobleman Arnold the ROOVER Dirkszn., knight, embark 1349 and
1355. he had married with Catharina Berthout said of Berlaer, for the
of Lodewijk, lord of Helmond and Keerbergen, and of Johanna van
Dinther. After dying her he have been still remarried with Maria van
Leyenberg Gerardsdr. The Roover were member of the Lieve-Vrouwe-
broederschap and exchanged it temporary with eternal in 1384 307.
Nobleman Dirck the Roover Janszn., lord of the Nemerlaer.

Floris and the Flower Maidens

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So much destruction by these women that surrounded me. Too many weak friends, who abandoned me, on my quest. Alone. Forsaken, I come upon Kundry and the Flower Maidens.

Floris Rosemund, Rosemondt, Roozemond, is a Knight of Valor. He will carry this old man to the end of his tale that will be based on fact.  In the land I will seek the Grail, the crass, the stupid, and the selfish, can not go. France is saying it lost its identity, along with the rest of Europe, after the attack on Charlie and the Kosher store. The Rose of Paris proves, false, and they have not a clue where the most wanted woman in France is hiding. As the Knight who has Persevered, I follow the clue of the Rouge Thread into the Labyrinth.

I just found my new Muse while googling this name Roozemond. She is Dutch. We may be kindred. She will be Kundry, who in my legend becomes an ally of Parsifal. Alas, I have found a replacement for Rena. She is a professional model I might contact and do a series of paintings of. The thread of fate is again on my side!

Seek, and thou shall find! Where is the Grail and the Oriflamme, now that France had declared war on an old enemy?

In googling Roozemont I found the most extensive genealogy of the Rosemont family who the author says were Swan Brethren.

“The illustrious lieve vrouwe broederschap ‘. All kinds of speculations doing the rounds about this secretive society. So would the brotherhood the continuation. of the Templars and the Grail Knights. The sex of the Roesmonts is in all probability extinct. In the United States of America and Canada is still the name for, but are no evidence that these people are descendants of the genus of‘s-Hertogenbosch.”

There are two roses on a mount in the Roozemont/Rosamund cote of arms. A new rose can be spliced t6o make ‘The Rose of the World’.

We look like brother and sister. The Rosemonts had a dancing wolf for a cote of arms, also.

Our tale begins…….’The Wolf and the Rose’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014


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