Oakland Boys!

The Meesites went after MY GENERATION. They send us to die in Vietnam and took away our liberties and turned us into criminals. Now – THEY ARE GOING DOWN WITH TRUMP – who did not serve, but cheated people, he and his criminal racist father.

Here’s what could happen if Biden declares a climate emergency (msn.com)

Biden is weighing declaring a national climate emergency, an extraordinary move that would allow the president to tap new powers and pots of money in his administration’s efforts to curb climate-warming emissions.

Choo-Choo Joe and Blair House | Rosamond Press

Our Oakland History | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

My grandmother raised the Jensen brothers after their mother had a nervous breakdown. They were fifteen and sixteen. After Jack London, Jackie Jensen is the most famous Oaklander. Here’s a biography I got to pay $25 to read the rest of. This is ripping off artists. I give all my memoirs away for free, knowing it may take years before the significance of a creative person, to jell.. Martin Eden comes alive in these works, that are not great works of art, but represent a mutual desire to go live in shack by the water.



Watercolorist – Robert Jensen



The Second Coming of Martin Eden


John Presco

This morning I awoke with the realization that Jackie Jensen and Ken Kesey led parallel lives in regards to their Sports history. They were both Golden Boys. Jensen excelled in sports at…

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