Come Unto Me

““They said you have to ‘mirror the Holy Family’ and I was stunned,” said Marouf. “I didn’t really know what that meant.”

I will comfort you and marry you. I will come unto you. Organize and prepare a large RV. I will travel around our Nation and Baptize all those who have been cast out. Your wedding vow will be this;

Write on a piece of paper…..”I am a Nazarite for three days!” I will anoint you, or submerge you in water. Recite the Wedding Vows you have written. It is done!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Posted at 7:42 June 28, 2022

‘Deeply hurtful’: More states make it harder for LGBTQ people to foster or adopt children

Cristina Silva, USA TODAY – 1h ago


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Fatma Marouf and Bryn Esplin wanted a big family. The married couple, who both work as professors at Texas A&M University, knew they had love and security to give. 

But when they applied to foster a refugee child under a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services program operated by the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Fort Worth, Texas, they were told they couldn’t move forward. The agency wouldn’t work with two mothers.  

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“They said you have to ‘mirror the Holy Family’ and I was stunned,” said Marouf. “I didn’t really know what that meant.”

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Esplin, who grew up Mormon and always thought, the more children in the home, the merrier, was also shocked.

“It was deeply hurtful,” she said. 

The couple is now at the forefront of a series of legal battles playing out across the nation over the civil rights of same-sex couples to parent children. LGBTQ activists said there has been a growing resurgence of state legislation and lawsuits in recent years trying to block these couples from fostering or adopting children, even in some cases going as far as to make it difficult for same-sex parents to have rights to children they conceived through fertility treatments. 

LGBTQ activists warn attacks on same-sex parents are part of a larger campaign to discredit LGBTQ couples and challenge gay marriage. Many legal scholars have said the Supreme Court’s ruling last week overturning Roe v. Wade, which had protected abortion rights for nearly 50 years, has provided a path for other rights not explicitly detailed in the U.S. Constitution to be scrutinized, including gay marriage.

At the center of these parenting disputes are two very different viewpoints. The first is that denying same-sex couples equal rights as different-sex couples is discriminatory, homophobic and illegal under the Constitution’s equal protection clause. LGBTQ activists note such policies can make it harder to find homes for children in need – there are more than 400,000 foster children across the United States and experts predict the number of children who will need temporary and permanent homes could balloon over the next decade with abortion rights being restricted in many states. 

The other viewpoint is that religious institutions should not be forced to serve people who do not share their beliefs that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that children should ideally have one male and one female parent.  

Many same-sex couples said they only found out about the barriers to parenthood after they made the decision to start a family. After the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling declaring gay marriage a constitutional right, these couples said they were flabbergasted to find out they were being ruled out as parents because of who they love. 

“I’m a law professor, and I was still completely shocked that it was allowed,” said Marouf of learning in 2017 that she and her wife could not foster a refugee child through Catholic Charities Fort Worth. The couple is at the center of a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services and the Conference of Catholic Bishops over the matter. “It would be like telling me you have to be a Catholic to apply.”

In al, 12 states allow state-licensed child welfare agencies to refuse to work with LGBTQ couples if doing so conflicts with their religious values, including Texas, Virginia and Arizona, according to the Movement Advancement Project, a think tank focusing on LGBTQ research. Arizona passed its policy in April. Only 29 states and Washington, D.C., explicitly prohibit discrimination in adoption based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

© Alex Wong, Getty ImagesPlaintiff Jim Obergefell holds a photo of his late husband John Arthur as he speaks to members of the media after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling regarding same-sex marriage June 26, 2015, outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. The high court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states.

The breakdown is similar when it comes to foster care services. 

“It has been a challenging few years,” said Naomi G. Goldberg, LGBTQ program director for the Movement Advancement Project.

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage sparked a backlash that has only grown, said Goldberg. “We saw states reacting to that and saying, ‘We still don’t want to treat couples fairly.’” 

Activists are pushing for the Biden administration to issue a Health and Human Services policy prohibiting discrimination in government-licensed foster and adoption services. Passage of the Equality Act, which would expand civil rights laws to include protections based on sexual orientation and gender identification, would also better guard same-sex couples, said Goldberg.

Research shows being LGBTQ is immaterial to someone’s ability to be a good parent, said Camilla B. Taylor, director of constitutional litigation for Lambda Legal. Government-funded foster and adoption agencies that refuse to work with same-sex families are violating the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, she added. Lambda Legal is representing Marouf and Esplin in their lawsuit against the federal government. 

The First Amendment also prohibits the government from favoring any one religion or faith, meaning religious organizations shouldn’t be able to punish prospective parents who don’t share their values, Taylor said. 

“There are certainly efforts underway to chip away at marriage equality, if not overrule it altogether,” said Taylor. “We know we are going to have a fight on our hands.”

Supreme Court ruling sparked backlash to LGBTQ rights

The backlash against same-sex couples isn’t new. In the 1980s and 1990s, in part because of the AIDS epidemic and widespread homophobia, a handful of states passed laws or debated passing laws preventing same-sex couples from adopting or serving as foster parents. New Hampshire became the first state to repeal its ban in 1999, according to the ACLU. 

More recently, the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in 2015 establishing the federal right to gay marriage acknowledged LGBTQ families who had long been raising “hundreds of thousands of children.” And in 2017, the Obama administration enacted rules prohibiting discrimination in adoption and foster care agencies funded by Health and Human Services. 

But as more states have contracted foster care services to private agencies and more LGBTQ couples have expressed a desire to adopt, the national debate over who is allowed to care for children has intensified.  

In 2019, the Trump administration granted a waiver from federal non-discrimination rules to South Carolina that allowed the state to continue its contract with a religious organization that refused to work with same-sex couples. In that instance, a Christian lesbian couple, Eden Rogers and Brandy Welch, were told by Miracle Hill Ministries, the state’s largest foster care contractor, that they could not be foster parents because they were a same-sex couple. Lambda Legal is also representing the couple in its ongoing legal fight against the Department of Health and Human Services and the state of South Carolina.

In 2020, after the Trump administration vowed to remove all Obama-era protections against discrimination in federally funded adoption and foster care, Tennessee joined the list of states embracing similar measures to allow government-funded foster care and adoption agencies to exclude LGBTQ families.

The Supreme Court dealt somewhat of another setback to same-sex couples when it ruled in 2021 that the city of Philadelphia had to work with a Catholic organization that said religious beliefs meant it would not place children with same-sex couples. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in the ruling that “gay persons and gay couples cannot be treated as social outcasts or as inferior in dignity and worth,” but concluded there could be an exception for religious reasons in this specific case. 

© Carlos Osorio, APBreanne Brodak, left, and Cortney Tucker kiss after getting married in Pontiac, Mich., Friday, June 26, 2015, after The Supreme Court declared that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States. Michigan was one of 14 states enforcing a ban on same-sex marriage.

Despite barriers, same-sex families are thriving. There are roughly 543,000 married same-sex couples and another 469,000 same-sex couples who are not married but live together. Of those, roughly 16.2% are raising children, according to the Williams Institute, a think tank focused on LGBTQ law and policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Compared with different-sex couples, same-sex couples are seven times more likely to foster or adopt, the Williams Institute found. Many of these families represent people of color. About 34% of African American LGBTQ adults and 39% of Latino LGBTQ adults are raising children, while 21% of white LGBTQ adults are parents. 

And it’s likely the need for same-sex adoptions will only grow, with Millennials and Gen Z Americans identifying as LGBTQ at much higher rates than previous generations, said Kerith J. Conron, research director at the Williams Institute. 

With so many children in need, federal contractors shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ couples, said Cathryn Oakley, state legislative director and senior counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ civil rights organization. The group recommends that LGBTQ parents take extra protections, such as adopting the child their partner gave birth to during the relationship, which Oakley called “a deeply discouraging thing” for many same-sex couples. 

“That is a really disheartening thing for folks to have to do. Why shouldn’t your relationship with your child be treated the same way as the relationship that other parents have with their child,” she said. “It is humiliating and degrading because that is not something that a different-sex couple would be encouraged to do or experience. There would be no confusion or assumptions.” 

LGBTQ parents forced to adopt their biological children 

Colorado House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar and her wife, Heather Palm, are one of the same-sex couples at the forefront of the fight for equal parental rights. The couple had a daughter through in vitro fertilization, with the genetic material coming from Palm, and Esgar carrying the baby. Then Palm found out that because she hadn’t given birth to the child, she would have to adopt her daughter through a stepparent adoption process, Esgar said.  

“It was completely insane to us,” Esgar said. “I can’t believe this is still something that exists that no one talks about. You would never assume things are still so unequal.”

Esgar worked with lawmakers in Colorado this spring to pass Marlo’s Law, named after her daughter, which ensures same-sex couples have a more streamlined process to guarantee their parental rights.

Esgar said she is concerned about the recent wave of anti-LGBTQ curricula adopted in conservative states and worries more gay rights could soon disappear. She wants more allies talking to their school boards, writing letters to elected officials, in the streets protesting anti-LGBTQ measures. At the same time, she said she is buoyed by the many Pride flags she sees in different communities. 

Esgar said people who question the integrity of her family are coming from a place of fear. When Marlo turns one year old in July, the family will get together for a small party to celebrate. 

“Marlo is one of the most loved children I’ve ever seen,” Esgar said. “People just adore her and how can you not? You walk into a room and the girl lights up.”

LGBTQ parents can lose rights in divorce

In Oklahoma, a case has challenged whether same-sex parents can continue to have claims to a child after a divorce. 

Kris Williams and her then-wife had a child using a sperm donor. Both had been active in LGBTQ civil rights movements, protesting a 2018 state law that allowed religious organizations to refuse to help same-sex couples foster or adopt. 

When their child was born, Williams cut the umbilical cord in the hospital. The couple named the child after her uncle, said Hanna Roberts, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, which is representing Williams in the case. 

Then Williams’ wife took steps to end the marriage in 2021. She claimed that because Williams didn’t have biological ties to the child and had not adopted the child, she had no rights. Her wife also claimed in court documents that Williams had physically attacked her. At the same time, the sperm donor was demanding rights to the child. Williams’ name was removed from the birth certificate, Roberts said.  

Williams’ case made plain how tenuous LGBTQ parental rights might be, said Roberts. For months, Williams has not been able to see her child. But same-sex couples were meant to enjoy all the benefits of marriage as other couples under the Supreme Court ruling, including not having to adopt the child they had with their spouse, said Roberts. 

“It is not a question of whether or not these rights were extended to same-sex couples,” Roberts said. “Is it just a question of whether or not states are going to recognize that these rights have been extended.”

© Michael M. Santiago, Getty ImagesA person spreads wings with the words “Black Trans Lives Matter” written on them during the Brooklyn Liberation’s Protect Trans Youth event at the Brooklyn Museum on June 13, 2021, in the Brooklyn borough in New York City. Brooklyn Liberation organized a march and rally as an emergency action response to legislation to restrict trans rights across 34 states.

Critics of same-sex parents point to values

Many critics of same-sex parents point to their religious beliefs against same-sex relationships, while others insist a so-called traditional family is simply best. 

Lynn Wardle, a retired law professor at Brigham Young University in Utah who has advocated against same-sex marriage, said children raised by same-sex couples “can turn out just wonderfully.” Still, he feels strongly that children are more likely to have a better life if they have both a mother and a father. He said children have historically been raised by different-gender parents and when that doesn’t happen, either because of divorce or a parent dies, children can face greater challenges. 

“It’s a moral issue, and people feel strongly that children have a right to be raised by a mom and dad, not by two men or two women,” he said. 

Religious organizations that don’t want to work with same-sex couples shouldn’t be forced to do so, said the Rev. Paul Sullins, a research faculty member at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., and a senior research associate at the Ruth Institute, a Louisiana-based Catholic organization that opposes gay marriage. Those couples should turn to non-religious organizations, he said. 

“If a Jewish deli doesn’t want to have non-kosher food, it doesn’t burden the general public if there are lots of delis with non-kosher food,” he said. 

He said it is in the best interest of children to place them in a home that more closely represents their culture, such as placing Black children with Black parents when possible and straight kids with straight parents. He pointed to data that shows gay male couples are more likely to practice open relationships than other couples and that lesbians have higher divorce rates compared with other couples. 

He said he would support some exceptions, such as same-sex couples adopting a child who is related to them.

Parents with love to offer children

For many LGBTQ activists, it is not acceptable for the government to fund agencies that shun same-sex couples. 

© Patrick Semansky, APYouth activist Javier Gomez reacts after President Joe Biden handed him a pen he used to sign an executive order at an event to celebrate Pride Month in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, in Washington.

Marouf first visited Catholic Charities Fort Worth as part of her work as an immigration attorney. During a tour of the facility, staff showed her where refugee children were living and invited her to apply to become a foster mother. 

Marouf and Esplin wanted to grow their family and many of the refugee children in Fort Worth came from the Middle East just like Marouf’s family. When the agency initially described the requirements of becoming a foster parent, they never mentioned that same-sex couples would not be considered. 

After they were denied, Marouf reached out to federal officials to inquire whether the agency’s refusal to work with them was legal. She imagined they would say something like, Oh, no, they can’t do that, let’s call them. For months, she said, she didn’t get a reply. 

© N. PrescottFatma Marouf (left), Bryn Esplin (right), and their daughter at home in Fort Worth, Texas.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services did not respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment. A spokesperson for the Conference of Catholic Bishops, which receives millions of dollars in grant funding from the federal government to help find homes for refugee and migrant children, also did not respond to a request for comment. In 2019, a federal district court denied motions by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Conference of Catholic Bishops to dismiss the lawsuit.

While waiting for their lawsuit to move forward, Marouf, now 45, and Esplin, now 38, used fertility treatments to have a biological daughter, who is now nearly 3. Both of their names are on the girl’s birth certificate.

“Our daughter is the light of our lives and so you can’t even begin to articulate and appreciate that love until you have it, even though we always knew we wanted a family,” said Esplin. “I continue to believe that Fatma and I have so much to offer.”

Sometimes the couple is asked whether they would consider moving to a more progressive state where they might not have to fight so hard to be recognized. 

Marouf and Esplin said they want to stay and make it better for other same-sex couples in Texas. 

“The message it sends to our kid and to society is that we are not adequate parents,” Marouf said. “And to us, that is a battle worth fighting.”

Josh Hawley longs to make states unlivable for Democrats so Republicans can maintain power forever: commentator (

MSNBC producer Ja’han Jones wrote on Monday that it’s clear Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wants to make red states a hostile place for Democrats to live.

Writing on the MSNBC blog, Jones cited Hawley’s comments, “I think we will see a major sorting out across the country that is already underway, as we speak, as states move to change their laws or adopt new laws in response to this decision.”

Hunter Douglas He went on to say, “More and more red states, they’re going to become redder, and purple states are going to become red, and the blue states are going to get a lot bluer.”

Jones wondered if the claim that purple states would get redder is coming from the idea of voter suppression. He thinks that the GOP will take over, however, and that liberals will be scared into other states as if Democratic voters all have the funding available to simply up and relocate themselves and their families.

Songs of the Nazarite Women

Posted on October 20, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

This is where the Evangelical End Time Heresy come to a end! This is a message from my New Radio Church.

Here is the song the father of John the Baptist allegedly sang. It is similar to Hannah’s song who took the vow of the Nazarite, as did her son, Samuel the Nazarite. John was a Nazarite for life. Even while in his mother’s womb, he was filled with the Holy Spirit. John did not prepare the WAY for Jesus, but the “WAYS” of the Lord.

“And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways:”

Mary’s song is titled a reversal. The Catholic church has juggled with these children and the truth – even while these babes were in their mother’s wombs! I have found a lineage of Nazarite women that includes Mary’s mother, Anna, that is the same as Hannah! Both women were Nazarites.

The Great Reversal of the Nazarites has arrived! Drink no wine as blood. Do not get near a dead body, or eat of dead flesh in a symbolic way. Repent!

John the Nazarite

nuke 1:46-55
New International Version (NIV)
Mary’s Song
46 And Mary said:
“My soul glorifies the Lord
47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
48 for he has been mindful
of the humble state of his servant.
From now on all generations will call me blessed,
49 for the Mighty One has done great things for me—
holy is his name.
50 His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
51 He has performed mighty deeds with his arm;
he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.
52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones
but has lifted up the humble.
53 He has filled the hungry with good things
but has sent the rich away empty.
54 He has helped his servant Israel,
remembering to be merciful
55 to Abraham and his descendants forever,
just as he promised our ancestors.”

Hannah praises Yahweh, reflects on the reversals he accomplishes, and looks forward to his king.
Verses 4-5 contains three reversals. Stanley D. Walters notes that one is a “reversal of macho male prowess”, one a “reversal of female longing” and one is “gender-neutral and universal”.[1]
There is a movement in this song from the particular to the general. It opens with Hannah’s own gratitude for a local reversal, and closes with God’s defeat of his enemies – a cosmic reversal.[2]
Through the theme of reversal, the Song of Hannah functions as an introduction to the whole book. Keil and Delitzsch argue that Hannah’s experience of reversal was a pledge of how God “would also lift up and glorify his whole nation, which was at that time so deeply bowed down and oppressed by its foes.”[3]
The reference to a king in verse 10 has provoked considerable discussion. A. F. Kirkpatrick argues that this does not imply a late date for the song, since “the idea of a king was not altogether novel to the Israelite mind” and “amid the prevalent anarchy and growing disintegration of the nation, amid internal corruption and external attack, the desire for a king was probably taking definite shape in the popular mind.”[4]
Walter Brueggemann suggests that the Song of Hannah paves the way for a major theme of the Book of Samuel, the “power and willingness of Yahweh to intrude, intervene and invert.”[5]

Hannah’s Song – 1 Samuel 2
And Hannah prayed, saying…
Triumphant my heart in Yahweh!
A high place my horn in Yahweh!
Wide is my mouth over my enemies,
for I delight in your deliverance.

None holy beside Yahweh!
For there is none except you,
and no Rock like our God!

Stop making much of your speech of pride, pride
goes out loose from your mouth,
for El of knowledge is Yahweh
and it is he who reckons every deed.

The bow of the valiant is shattered,
but the feeble are prepared to be strong.
Those who have feasted, in bread will be paid,
while those who have hungered – no longer!
She who was barren has now borne seven,
while the mother of many dwindles.
Yahweh brings about death and life,
casts to She’ol and lifts up.
Yahweh brings about poverty and wealth,
makes low and lifts high.
He raises from the dust the weak,
from the ash-heap lifts the poor
to seat them with nobles
and a throne of glory grant.

For Yahweh’s are the foundations of the earth,
and he orders upon them the world of men.
The footsteps of his devoted he watches,
but the wicked in darkness are silenced –
for not by power grows mighty a man.
Yahweh shatters his contenders –
against them from the heavens he thunders!

Yahweh will judge the ends of the earth
giving might to his king,
lifting high the horn of his anointed.

The Benedictus (also Song of Zechariah or Canticle of Zachary), given in Gospel of Luke 1:68-79, is one of the three canticles[1] in the opening chapters of this Gospel. The Benedictus was the song of thanksgiving uttered by Zechariah on the occasion of the birth of his son, John the Baptist.
The whole canticle naturally falls into two parts. The first (verses 68-75) is a song of thanksgiving for the realization of the Messianic hopes of the Jewish nation; but to such realization is given a characteristically Christian tone. As of old, in the family of David, there was power to defend the nation against their enemies, now again that of which they had been so long deprived, and for which they had been yearning, was to be restored to them, but in a higher and spiritual sense. The horn is a sign of power, and the “horn of salvation” signified the power of delivering or “a mighty deliverance”. While the Jews had impatiently borne the yoke of the Romans, they had continually sighed for the time when the House of David was to be their deliverer. The deliverance was now at hand, and was pointed to by Zechariah as the fulfilment of God’s oath to Abraham; but the fulfilment is described as a deliverance not for the sake of worldly power, but that “we may serve him without fear, in holiness and justice all our days”.
The second part of the canticle is an address by Zechariah to his own son, who was to take so important a part in the scheme of the Redemption; for he was to be a prophet, and to preach the remission of sins before the coming or the Dawn from on high. The prophecy that he was to “go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways” (v. 76) was of course an allusion to the well-known words of Isaiah 40:3 which John himself afterwards applied to his own mission (John 1:23), and which all three Synoptic Gospels adopt (Matt 3:3; Mark 1:2; Luke 3:4).

he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”
So they said to him, c“We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.”
3 And he said to them, “Into what then were you baptized?”
So they said, d“Into John’s baptism.”

And it happened, while aApollos was at Corinth, that Paul, having passed through bthe upper regions, came to Ephesus. And finding some disciples 2 he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”
So they said to him, c“We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.”
3 And he said to them, “Into what then were you baptized?”
So they said, d“Into John’s baptism.”
4 Then Paul said, e“John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.”

5 When they heard this, they were baptized fin the name of the Lord Jesus. 6 And when Paul had glaid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and hthey spoke with tongues and prophesied. 7 Now the men were about twelve in all.
8 iAnd he went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for three months, reasoning and persuading jconcerning the things of the kingdom of God. 9 But kwhen some were hardened and did not believe, but spoke evil lof the Way before the multitude, he departed from them and withdrew the disciples, reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus. 10 And mthis continued for two years, so that all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks.

Weaponizing The Unborn For Abusive Male

Posted on September 29, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

(L-R) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House senior advisor Jared Kushner leave notes at the Western Wall in Jerusalem May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

I am a theologian who should be famous, because I am the only alleged Man of God who can give a very good Biblical argument as to why, and how, life is sacred in the womb. I am for the right of women to chose how they will deal with the fact they are pregnant. They do not need God’s guidance, or to be a believer in the God of the Jews, or, believe in God-Jesus, the alternative ant-Semitic deity created by Saint Paul.

I have given good evidence the REAL JESUS was born in a Sukkoth Booth, and his mother took the Vow of the Nazarite because her WOMB WAS CLOSED, like her cousin’s, Elizabeth, and her ancestor, Hannah. Mary would be old in years – like her cousin. Cousins are usually the same age. However, the OPENING OF THE CLOSED WOMB has been reworked due to the faith of the original church, that believe in John the Baptist being of a VIRGIN BIRTH. I have titled myself a ‘Nazarite Judge’ who has a calling. Indeed, I have been elected by the Anti-John Mob that came to lock me up, and terrorize two cats who befriended many where I live, and who walked with me around the block. Nazarites are usually – ORTHODOX JEWS. I saw a Rabbi at the Hillel Center about becoming a proselyte like my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Te be signaled out, demonized, the harassed by a angy mob who disrupted the enjoyment of my life at McKenzie Meadows, is a violation of our lease, and a attack upon my Civil Rights. Freedom of Religion is protected by our Constitution.

At the beginning of Kim Haffner’s STALKING, I offered to debate her minister who I believe has been given a blow by blow account of Haffner mentally ill Crusade against me. Many Jewish leaders in Israel have spoken out against the Evangelical Maniacs who flock to New Kingdom of King David to act out their delusions, one being that Trump is a Christian Messiah and the embodiment of King David – WHO WAS A VERY SINFUL MAN!

The conversion of our President is essential in turning The Sane American Democracy into the Kingdom of Jesus, that is the stated goal of Amy Coney Bennett. For the son of Billy Graham to use the Lincoln Memorial as the New Waling Wall, is a demented and blasphemerus act. Because my kin John Fremont co-founded the Republican Party, and forced Lincoln to free the slaves, I get to defend this monument by secular –  and religious means.  Destroying and altering secular history, is the Devious Trick used by Cult Leader, Franklyn Graham, and others who meet with OUR President in the Oval Office. Our Democracy is under attack. Aborted babies have been made into a Holy Battering ram. This obscene act employs dead fetuses. Paul Weyrich invented this pro-life cause to counter the Civil Rights Movement.

John ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Virgin Mary – Is Done!

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Papacy is all but dead! This Virgin Mary who could not be married to a mortal man so she can birth to a God, that is NOT a Judaic God, is – DONE! Desexing men for a lie, has caused thousands of children, real angels, to be raped and cast into hell. The nativity of John the Baptist was transferred over to a Fake Jesus who millions claim chose Trump, a grabber of women against their will, to rule over us. Francis says nothing about Trump.


ROME — For some, the accusations sending tremors through the Catholic Church are a concerted and dubious attack by ultraconservatives on Pope Francis. For others, the accusations are a credible attempt to expose the depths of the Vatican’s struggle to deal transparently with sexual abuse.

But at the center of the divided church is Francis, whose reputation is being challenged by the unverified accusations that he and other Vatican higher-ups had known for years about the sexual misconduct allegations against a now-resigned cardinal, Theodore McCarrick.


Posted on April 21, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press


A Movie and Series about Miriam Starfish Christling, her upbringing, and her becoming the bodyguard of Victoria Rosemond Bond.


John Presco

Copyright 2022

Miriam’s Wardrobe

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

Serena watched Miriam walk towards her for their meeting. As far as she could tell, all her bodyguard wore was some kind of loin clothe – with sandals! Her long auburn hair covered her breasts.

Exclusive: Aurelia Gliwski by Cheyene Tillier-Daly in ‘Castaway’

“Please! Be seated. And stop staring down at me as if you are going to put me in a big pot and cook me! You’ve been given a nickname, you know……..Tarzarena! Some whisper this after you pass; “There goes Lady Greystoke” Have you seen a Tarzan movie?”

“No. I’ve only seen two movies, Ben Hur, and, PI.”

“Only two? PI? What is that about?”

“It’s about a Kabbalist mathematical genius who finds another dimension. My parents put it on our video machine every Saturday after firing up the generator. We watched Ben Hur every Easter. I can recite PI backwards. Want to hear?”

“No. Not right now. I am still in a daze. I think I spotted another Leprechaun at the frozen yogurt shop. Are they really National Treasures?”

“Yes! You can go to jail for ten years if you molest one.”

“Are there female Leprechauns?”


“Do you mind if I ask why you don’t wear a bra, or, a top of some kind? What is odd, you have never exposed a breast, or two. What is your secret?”

“You won’t freak out if I show you?”

“No! Lay it on me!”

Miriam leans forward in her chair, and tries to pull her hair away from her breast.

“Oh my God – What? What am I seeing! Holy fuck!”

“Isn’t that cool. My hair has a mind of its own and wraps around my breast to hold it firm. All women can do this if they grow their hair, and don’t wear a bra. My tits don’t sag a bit. Too bad you didn’t have the parents I had. We went back to Eden – almost. I own two dozen loincloths, because Jesus wore two styles. They are hung on hangers in my closet. I don’t have a panty and sock drawer. Which one do you like the best?”

“I’ve seen enough! No more. Don’t forget you have an appointment to see The Wizard tomorrow.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Identifying Starfish

Posted on April 15, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

After their prolonged meeting with Zachary, he not wanting them to go, Starfish hovered over Victoria gazing deep into her blue-grey eyes. They were supposed to be sleeping, but, they hated their hotel by the airport. There was so much sound and activity. The vibrations of millions of people trying to leave their bodies and go astro-traveling, was….confusing! There was a heavy pall in the air, a thick fog that hindered take-off.

“I am going to teach you Yiddish. This is the only way your third-eye can be opened. You need to see – more clearly. I suspect you are a Kohen, like Zach. His DNA is full of Yiddish words. The Jews used to control the trade on the Silk Road by inventing a Trader Talk. That whole speal was expanding lawyer trade-speak. You may be of Scythian descent like me. I can see my Tocharian ancestors in caves studying Sanskrit and worshiping Buddha in the way of the Indians. You are so Celtic. I love your cherub mouth. I can teach you remote-viewing.”

“It’s 1:32 A.M. We need to sleep. We got a big day ahead of us!”

Starfish took Victoria’s lips between her index finger and thumb, and pinched them as she made the basic vowel sounds of Yiddish.

“You can do precious little baby!”

Most of the day yesterday I wondered why I turned James Bond into a woman, and, then created a angelic bodyguard for her. Later one, while discussing remote viewing on a psychedelic facebook group. I googled the Scythians who I knew smoked cannabis. I found myself, and, my guardian angel. I am Enaree, men who acted like transvestites in order to be in balance with both halves of our sexual nature. Why would they want to do that. I believe they were Doves, a class of priests who could meditate, leave their body, and hover over the great steppes and wilderness along the Silk Trail. They could spot friends and foes, They knew what was being carried in the caravans. This gave them an advantage in TRADING.

I just spent the last two hours of my morning studying the Tocharian, the Khazars, and Ashkenazi. Here is an excellent article that will allow me to identify who the LEVITES were.

Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz (

Getting on my computer, after deciding I will livestream my revelations about the Kidron Valley, I read this. The Gideon Computer is NOW CURRENT. We are on the brink of war. I took over Herbert Armstrong’s church and radio station KORE that was torn down – after I tried to save it. There was a DOVE under the call letters.

U.S. Imposes Stiff Sanctions on Russia, Blaming It for Major Hacking Operation (

“The Biden administration on Thursday announced tough new sanctions on Russia and formally blamed the country’s premier intelligence agency for the sophisticated hacking operation that breached American government agencies and the nation’s largest companies.”

I own a special copyright that protects my letters and sermons that I will broadcast. This is Cyber Warfare. I have three warriors ready to go – counting myself. I am asking Rena to join us. She owned the most beautiful arms. She is a remote viewer who spends much time out of her body due to her extreme abuse. This abuse goes hand in hand. We activate the dark side of many who come in contact with us. I will explain as I go.

The Enaree may be the result of riding in a saddle for prolonged periods, which might have caused prostate cancer.

(16) I Ching Yarrow Stalk Tutorial – YouTube

I Ching divination – Wikipedia

Scythians & Cannabis | Herb Museum

Enaree – Wikipedia

According to Herodotus, the Scythians who pillaged the temple of Aphrodite (see Venus Castina) at Ascelon, and all their descendants after them, were afflicted by the goddess with the “female” sickness: and so the Scythians say that they are afflicted as a consequence of this and also that those who visit Scythian territory see among them the condition of those whom the Scythians call Enarees.[1] Herodotus associates their patron goddess, Argimpasa, with Aphrodite Urania via interpretatio graeca.[citation needed]

Herodotus also mentions some of their religious practices:

There are many diviners among the Scythians, who divine by means of many willow wands as I will show. They bring great bundles of wands, which they lay on the ground and unfasten, and utter their divinations as they lay the rods down one by one; and while still speaking, they gather up the rods once more and place them together again; this manner of divination is hereditary among them. The Enarees, who are hermaphrodites, say that Aphrodite gave them the art of divination, which they practise by means of lime-tree bark. They cut this bark into three portions, and prophesy while they braid and unbraid these in their fingers.[2]

The Greek physician Hippocrates, who speaks about the Enarees in his work On Airs, Waters, Places, theorized that although the inhabitants of Scythia believe the cause of their effeminacy is divine, he believed the cause of their impotency was a result of continuous horseback riding, and it was for this reason they have adopted feminine roles.

Carmelites of Belmont

Posted on October 6, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am beginning to believe I am the End Time Elijah as prophesized by Herbert Armstrong. To discover the College of Norte Dame de Namur is closing in a sign other such institutions are going to meet the same fate. The AWOL Loon in the White House has thrown Jesus under the bus and is only concerned about saving himself. It is obvious he knows he is going to prison if he is voted out.

John Presco

The End-Time Elijah

Posted on June 14, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


There are members of my family and ex-friends who choose to believe it is my fault I lost my daughter when she was still a minor, and, I later deserved to lose my grandson six years after he was born out-of-wedlock. Rather then explain to my face why they believe I deserve to be UNBORN from my Family Tree, they have ostracised me, excommunicated me, and made me out to be insane. In no way can I own a religious or spiritual agenda – either! I must be the lowest of the low, the most perverted of the perverts – that is deserved of death. Any monies are objects of value I own – belong to them! I do not deserve to be published, have a best seller, or, a movie made from my story. To do this to me is – prophetic!

The Messiah of the Jews is supposed to be a reviled, sniveling low-life scum that is degraded and abused by the Children of God. He is not the Chefon Jesus, the big strapping Ayran blonde with sexy blue eyes. Am I wearing the coat of many colors? Consider the Art Dynasty I have put forth in our Family History. Do they say, “Thank you!” No, they sold me into slavery – after cutting my hair-a-tage. Look! Over there! Who are those murderers enslaving children – after they destroy the ancient roots of their parents? ISIS is destroying the colorful art of the world and attacking museums.

I am a genealogist of renown. To be severed from my Family Tree by know-nothing morons who own no gifts, is prophetic! They are anointing me! They are crucifying me, the one who came to restore Zion!

The Carmelite Elijah

Posted on June 15, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


The Carmelite order in Israel, and Rougemont Switzerland resembles the vision of Herbert Armstrong who may not have know of them. I found them by doing my family tree. The Mormons are obsessed by genealogies because they believe you can save the souls of dead relatives – who did not have a chance to convert – but are now saved in the Mormon Family Tree. Jews object to their ancestors being captured this way. This is touching on British Israelism that was the downfall of Armstrong. To be a member of the Order of Rougemont you had to produce a chart to the fifth generation. Many ancestor went on Crusade and were kin to the Knights Templar.

In the cote of arms of Rougemont we see a tower and a red mountain with three lights or stars that Represent the Carmelites of the Priory de Rougemont and the Noble Order of Rougmont. In reviving the teaching of Armstrong, I see the radio tower as ‘The Watchtower of Rougemont – that is watching for ‘The Return of Elijah’ that took place when John the Baptist was born.

If Herbert was alive today we would burning candles late into the knight as he bid me to download all I know. The radio was the high-tech of his day. I am seeking to form a think-tank to counter ISIS on the internet.

Jon the Nazarite


I was named after John the Baptist because I was born three days after the Day of Atonement during an amazing star shower. My mother wanted me to be named JON, but a H was put in this name, and my mother refused to call me JOHN.

When the Nazarite Priests came to name John the Baptist, Elizabeth wanted him to be called JOHN, and Zechariah wanted him to own his name. Here is a spiritual tug-of-war. A priest asked the eight-day old infant what his name is, and the infant asks for a slate to write on. After he scribes his name, he now speaks.

“I am the prophet most high. I am Elijah.”

I bid all Carmelites and Knights of Rougemont to prepare a place for the Holy Grail.

Father John

The Holy Church of the Protector of God in the Glade

Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your petition has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you will give him the name John. 14″And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth. 15″For he will be great in the sight of the Lord, and he will drink no wine or liquor; and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit, while yet in his mother’s womb. 16″And he will turn back many of the sons of Israel to the Lord their God. 17″And it is he who will go as a forerunner before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the disobedient to the attitude of the righteous; so as to make ready a people prepared for the Lord,” (Luke 1:13-17).

Spiritual Roots
Two great figures in the Bible have inspired Carmelites through their 800-year history. Elijah, the fiery prophet of Carmel, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, have helped the community see how to be contemplative and active; prayerful and prophetic; reflective and apostolic.
Elijah and Mary are human models. Just as many of us wonder about the best way to live our lives, they felt paralyzing fear, faced difficult questions, and were hurt deeply because of choices they made.
Elijah: A Lone Figure
In the Hebrew Bible, Elijah is a solitary figure. On Mount Carmel — where the Carmelite hermits first settled — he challenged his people to choose one God for Israel — Yahweh or Baal. According to the First Book of Kings, chapter 18, Elijah’s sacrifice was consumed by fire, which proved to the people that Yahweh was the true God.
Undertaking God’s work, Elijah started a journey through the desert, but he lost his focus and commitment to the project. Sitting under a bush, he wished to die. But God prodded him to continue his journey to Mount Horeb. There Elijah became aware of God — not with the usual eye-catching signs of fire and earthquake, but rather as a gentle breeze. Elijah was sent back to his people refreshed. From Elijah, Carmelites learn to become aware of the presence of God in the unexpected and to be silent enough to hear God’s whisper.
“God lives in whose presence I stand”, says Elijah, and the Carmelites try to follow, recognizing God in everyone they meet and serve.

The Order of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Carmelites (sometimes simply Carmel by synecdoche; Latin: Ordo Fratrum Beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ de Monte Carmelo) is a Roman Catholic religious order founded, probably in the 12th century, on Mount Carmel, hence its name. However, historical records about its origin remain uncertain.[1] Saint Bertold has traditionally been associated with the founding of the order, but few clear records of early Carmelite history have survived and this is likely to be a later extrapolation by hagiographers.[2] There is a very small body of Anglican Carmelites.

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