Virgin Mary – Is Done!

The Papacy is all but dead! This Virgin Mary who could not be married to a mortal man so she can birth to a God, that is NOT a Judaic God, is – DONE! Desexing men for a lie, has caused thousands of children, real angels, to be raped and cast into hell. The nativity of John the Baptist was transferred over to a Fake Jesus who millions claim chose Trump, a grabber of women against their will, to rule over us. Francis says nothing about Trump.


For some, the accusations sending tremors through the Catholic Church are a concerted and dubious attack by ultraconservatives on Pope Francis. For others, the accusations are a credible attempt to expose the depths of the Vatican’s struggle to deal transparently with sexual abuse.

But at the center of the divided church is Francis, whose reputation is being challenged by the unverified accusations that he and other Vatican higher-ups had known for years about the sexual misconduct allegations against a now-resigned cardinal, Theodore McCarrick.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    The Virgin Birth – is a falsehood that has everything to do with the criminalization of abortion.

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