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I wanted Belle Burch to pose for me as Fair Rosamond. I wanted her to be my Fanny Cornforth. When I begin my portrait of Belle (Beautiful) she will be MY Fanny! In HIND sight, OCCUPY should have gone after Russian Oligarchs taking over The American Art Scene.

Joaquin Miller had dinner with Rossetti. I was just called a “big man” by a woman, which suggests women hate me because I WANT to be a “big man”.

I told Belle that Sleeping Beauty (Belle) was named ROSAMOND. She didn’t get it – or Alley Valkyrie. 


‘It’s artwashing’: can galleries wean themselves off Russian oligarch loot? | Art and design | The Guardian

My Friend Ben Toney

Ian Fleming at Cheyne Walk | Rosamond Press

Gandalf and the Pre-Raphaelites | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Belle Burch appeared twice in the newspaper but they did not show ll of her, or give her name. She must have requested this. Leaders of OCCUPY do not give their name, or, want their pics taken. There is no law that states they have a right to punish anyone that does not disobeys them. Putin is being OCCUPED and I may be the first to say so.

Above is a video of Belle giving me her e-mail and phone. I gave her an opportunity to help write one of the greatest stories in Oregon History -that she is a part of! I am a Oregon Historian.

Terra Williams was one of my tormentors. I asked Belle Burch to help me save the Rosamond Family Legacy. I asked if she would co-author my book – she offered to edit. I had been shut out by the law firm of Buck…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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