Rape At The Gardener

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This article by the New York Times suggests the art of Titian will never be looked at the same way again because it is chockfull of Naughty Sex Politics. The New York Post says Biden’s Infrastructure is chockful of Naughty Anti-White Provisions. Funny enough – these two themes fill this blog. I am reminded of the Art and Rape Talk of John Monroe, who compared me to three black University of Oregon Basketball players accused of gang raping a white woman. My crime – was getting their comrade, Belle Burch, to agree to pose nude for me – after I wrote her a long poem. Art and Poetry – was never the same for me. I got death threats from anarchists who put zombies in our downtown and in Portland.

I wrote a poem to Belle Burch which is about my search for the Miller graves. To discover Jack London…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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