Ammon Bundy Backs BLM

Rosamond Press

About time this rancher got it right. I trust Rena and her husband have seen the light! Now we all can look to our future and quit playing The Lost Traditions Game! We are fighting for our lives! Twenty-five thousand Americans died in July – and millions are going insane! They have every right to. I declare war on the Catholic-right that has encourage William Bar and his and the President’s Un-holy, and Un-patriotic good squad – that is everything the Bundy family hates!

I am gong to ask La Moto and other grower-sellers to help build underground shelters and invent a new way to live during this pandemic – and the next. It is not a matter of a small group of people surviving, but, in giving Hope to all humanity, because we are all connected to God (dess) The Creation!

There is no doubt I am A Messenger…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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