Rosamond Greystoke of Santa Barbara

I will be adding George Clifford to my idea for a series. The Weck of Rivermouth will fill in the background of the strange childhood of our heroine who was visited by Shape Shifters.

John Presco

The Goody Cole who figures in this poem and The Changeling as Eunice Cole, who for a quarter of a century or more was feared, persecuted, and hated as the witch of Hampton. She lived alone in a hovel a little distant from the spot where the Hampton Academy now stands, and there she died, unattended. When her death was discovered, she was hastily covered up in the earth near by, and a stake driven through her body, to exorcise the evil spirit. Rev. Stephen Bachiler or Batchelder was one of the ablest of the early New England preachers. His marriage late in life to a woman regarded by his church as disreputable induced him to return to England, where he enjoyed the esteem and favor of Oliver Cromwell during the Protectorate.

RIVERMOUTH ROCKS are fair to see,
By dawn or sunset shone across,
When the ebb of the sea has left them free,
To dry their fringes of gold-green moss
For there the river comes winding down,
From salt sea-meadows and uplands brown,
And waves on the outer rocks afoam
Shout to its waters, “Welcome home!”And fair are the sunny isles in view
East of the grisly Head of the Boar,
And Agamenticus lifts its blue
Disk of a cloud the woodlands o’er;
And southerly, when the tide is down,
’Twixt white sea-waves and sand-hills brown,
The beach-birds dance and the gray gulls wheel
Over a floor of burnished steel.

The Wreck of Rivermouth – John Greenleaf Whittier, poems, etext (

Rosamond Press

Greystoke of Santa Barbara


Vincent Rosamond Rice

Copyright 2021


Harry and Meghan are related to Rosamond Clifford. One morning they went into their rose garden to have tea, when suddeny appear an apperation, a tall young woman who was hardly wearing any clothes.

They gasped when they beheld her supernatural beauty. They were frozen, not able to move.

“I am your kin, Rosamond Greystoke, the daughter of John Vincent Rhys, Duke of Greystoke who has just passed away. It was his dying wish that I pledge felty to my cousins whom I am sworn to protect! My father and I have lived in the Mountains of Ojai undetected for all these years. Because of the military build-up in the Ukraine, it is imperative you be provided with the best protection in the world. Mund Mundi! “

Having spoken, Rosamond took swift steps that brought her to…

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