Ammon Bundy Backs BLM

About time this rancher got it right. I trust Rena and her husband have seen the light! Now we all can look to our future and quit playing The Lost Traditions Game! We are fighting for our lives! Twenty-five thousand Americans died in July – and millions are going insane! They have every right to. I declare war on the Catholic-right that has encourage William Bar and his and the President’s Un-holy, and Un-patriotic good squad – that is everything the Bundy family hates!

I am gong to ask La Moto and other grower-sellers to help build underground shelters and invent a new way to live during this pandemic – and the next. It is not a matter of a small group of people surviving, but, in giving Hope to all humanity, because we are all connected to God (dess) The Creation!

There is no doubt I am A Messenger. We need A Messenger – or two!

John Rosamond Rice

Supersized subterranean structures gone to waste

Believe it or not, a shocking number of expensive abandoned megaprojects, from entire metro systems to top-secret military bases, lie buried deep underground in numerous locations around the world. Click or scroll through for a trip into the bowels of the earth as we uncover 15 supersized subterranean structures that were left to rot.

Ammon Bundy, an anti-government activist who lead the 41-day armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge back in 2016, expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement and for defunding the police in a recent Facebook video.

He said in the video that he had considered attending, near his home in Boise, Idaho, “a rally with the Black Lives Matter in support of defunding the police because yes the police need to be defunded.” He decided not to attend the rally, citing concerns about potential violence from fellow “Patriots” who have criticized his stance on the issue.

Anyone who doesn’t understand his support for the movement “must have a problem,” he said.

“You must have a problem in your mind if you think that somehow the Black Lives Matter is more dangerous than the police,” he said. “You must have a problem in your mind if you think that Antifa is the one going to take your freedom.”

Four years ago Bundy led a group of “Patriots” who tore down fences and bulldozed over federal land considered sacred to Native Americans, causing close to a million dollars in damage to the bird refuge property and buildings, according to the Obama administration. The occupation began as a protest of the federal government’s treatment of ranchers Steven and Dwight Hammond, but turned into a weeks-long confrontation with local and federal authorities. Bundy was later acquitted for leading the occupation.

Bundy went on to blame Conservative talk show hosts for adding a negative connotation to certain key phrases like “defund the police,” which he called “the right thing to do” as police have become “a huge authoritarian bureaucracy” that will “take way our liberty.”

He criticized his followers for supporting law enforcement and the military “even when they’re doing terrible things across the world.”

“I’m not saying that everything they’re doing and every person in it — don’t get me wrong – are doing that, but there needs to be a defunding of government in general, and especially the police forces because they’re the ones who are actually going to seek and destroy us.”

Andrew Young paused and winced a little Monday when asked at an online meeting of the Rotary Club of Atlanta about the removal of Confederate statues and monuments.

“I get in trouble,” when he talks about that, the civil rights activist and former congressman, mayor and United Nations ambassador said. But, he launched in anyway.

Removing statues ought to be up to the communities, he said. The state, however, passed a law forbidding their removal.

Then Young veered into the troublesome part, for him.

The carving that honors three pillars of the Confederate States of America, generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and President Jefferson Davis, that is chiseled into the side of Stone Mountain’s granite ought to be left in place, he said.

A growing chorus of Black leaders have called for razing the monument. Those who destroy it would be “like the Taliban,” Young said.

The militant Muslim faction dynamited the 1,300-year-old statues of Buddha carved into mountainsides in Afghanistan in 2001.

Young thinks the Stone Mountain carving ought to be left in place as a teaching tool about history.

“I think we have got to be together in defining what we want the future to stand for,” he told the Rotarians. “It doesn’t mean destroying the past. It means learning from the past.”

He cautioned the members that he would want to see substantive change in equality and policy, rather than merely a movement dismissing symbols. Former Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes excised the Confederate flag as a significant symbol on the state flag, but it likely cost him a second election, Young said.

“We lost an election, and the price of that wasn’t worth it,” he said.

Young made his remarks as he spoke for about a hour to the Rotary Club about the current demonstrations, how they compare with the civil rights movement and what he believes is needed to move society forward into a more just one.

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