Lawsuit Against Oregon Family Council

To see those Republicans turning their backs on the first black Woman to be seated on the Supreme Court, is the capstone of my Nazarite Judge Prophecy.


John Fremont First to Emancipate Slaves


John Fremont authored a proclamation that set free the slaves of Missouri and drew a line in the sand against the slave masters who authored the runaway slave act.


As I foretold, religious men are holding a tribunal over contraception, they not allowing a woman to testify. There are no women being heard. However, Sarah Palin’s voice rings out, and like Michelle Bachman, they overlook the Fremonts, and point to our Founding Fathers as the ones whose dream is allegedly being trampled on.

When Jessie declared her support of the Abolitionists, her close kindred in the South stopped communicating with her. They snubbed her for the rest of her life. A woman of courage has not been found amongst the Republicans – hence!

It was no mistake that my rejection by my minister led me to discover the Shembe Nazarite.
This alleged man of God said this on a sunny Sunday i 1987, in front of his flock;

“I wish the Russians would nuke San Francisco and kill all the homosexuals!”

It was all I could to keep my mouth shut, and not stand up and say;

“Gary, there are some very famous Christian churches in San Francisco.”

These religious fanatics are trying to bring down the Federal Government so they can get to the gays. Then there was 911 – and the Civil War!

Jon Presco

Appearing on Fox News’ “On The Record With Great Van Susteren” last night, half term former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin attacked President Obama’s plan to mandate that religious employers must include contraception in their health insurance plans (video below).

Palin said: “This is an un-American act of our president. Anything that would so blatantly violate an amendment within the United States Constitution is un-American. We’re rising up on this one.”

I Am A True Prophet

Today, two lawmakers who are women walked out of the Inquisition led by an ALL MEN tribunal, because they blocked a woman from testifying. She wasn’t big enough, tall enough, religious enough, man enough.

Below is my post yesterday where I see what is coming and began a yahoogroup so We the People can air our opnions. This line says it all!

“To allow any relgious leader to define Liberty for us all, is to allow a fox in your hen house to gather your eggs!
“All for me. None for you!”

Jon Presco

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was asked then implored by Rep.Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) to allow a female college student to testify on the subject of the hearing. There were no women among the witnesses scheduled to testify today.

Heree! Heree! Come one! Come all! I have founded a yahoogroup where we can argue about whether Jesus intended to found a Democracy, anywhere, any time! Group home page:
Click the last choice: go to group for messages.
Our two party political system is set up for folks to argue with one another. The church system is set up for us to sit there with our mouth shut while one man tells us how it’s going down – whether we like it or not! Then we pray.
Those Bishops who claimed our President declared a war on religion, did not say loud and clear they want everyone to give their opinion in public – before they demonize our President. No! Instead, a handful of them met in private, passed judgement – then passed out their judgement in church to their believers – who are not their peers!
Where was Obama’s twelve peers? Where are their prayers for THEIR President, if he has erred? Did they pray for Jesus to change his mind – and have a heart? After all, Jesus turned Saul around when he was on the road to kill more Christians!
How dare these fraudlant Freedom Lovers, cry foul, when our President allegedly failed to consult THEM about contraception laws. How bout the millions of folks who voted for Obama? Where’s their voice? Who voted for these Bishops? I want to see their names on ballots before I see their mouths open again! I’ve heard enough! How bout you?
To allow any relgious leader to define Liberty for us all, is to allow a fox in your hen house to gather your eggs!
“All for me. None for you!”
Why is it We the People always come up short – don’t measure up? I mean, to play this shell game on the Presdient of the most powerful nation on earth, is – INSANE! I mean, in their account, he’s not even a little believer – least a citizen!
“Oh ye of little faith.”
Jon Presco

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee delved into the administration’s revised contraceptives rule and among the witnesses were religious leaders

The panel of witnesses was comprised of five men, with four more in the wings and committee Democrats demanded that Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) allow a female to speak, which Issa refused to do.

Rosamond Press



Kettle Creek Battlefield Marker


I am seeking a great attorney in order to bring a lawsuit against the Oregon Family Council for VOTER FRAUD. The OFC is a Christian Propaganda Think Tank that is part of a National and Worldwide conspiracy to attach fake and questionable Biblical history – to real secular history – in order to own a Letter of Authenticity that Biblical Scholars, Christian Leaders, and archeologists have failed to apply to what amounts to FICTION. And they know it is FICTICIOUS! They own – THE PROOF! Non-religious secular people – do not collet the proof. There are Biblical colleges all over America. Christian professors are constantly defending their religious text from the likes of William Dever who titled King David a “serial killer”. The Voter Fraud here, is the claim American Voters can settle Biblical disputes – and defend the Family of Jesus!

I will seek to take from the use…

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