I Am A True Prophet

Today, two lawmakers who are women walked out of the Inquisition led by an ALL MEN tribunal, because they blocked a woman from testifying. She wasn’t big enough, tall enough, religious enough, man enough.

Below is my post yesterday where I see what is coming and began a yahoogroup so We the People can air our opnions. This line says it all!

“To allow any relgious leader to define Liberty for us all, is to allow a fox in your hen house to gather your eggs!
“All for me. None for you!”

Jon Presco

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was asked then implored by Rep.Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) to allow a female college student to testify on the subject of the hearing. There were no women among the witnesses scheduled to testify today.

Heree! Heree! Come one! Come all! I have founded a yahoogroup where we can argue about whether Jesus intended to found a Democracy, anywhere, any time! Group home page:
Click the last choice: go to group for messages.
Our two party political system is set up for folks to argue with one another. The church system is set up for us to sit there with our mouth shut while one man tells us how it’s going down – whether we like it or not! Then we pray.
Those Bishops who claimed our President declared a war on religion, did not say loud and clear they want everyone to give their opinion in public – before they demonize our President. No! Instead, a handful of them met in private, passed judgement – then passed out their judgement in church to their believers – who are not their peers!
Where was Obama’s twelve peers? Where are their prayers for THEIR President, if he has erred? Did they pray for Jesus to change his mind – and have a heart? After all, Jesus turned Saul around when he was on the road to kill more Christians!
How dare these fraudlant Freedom Lovers, cry foul, when our President allegedly failed to consult THEM about contraception laws. How bout the millions of folks who voted for Obama? Where’s their voice? Who voted for these Bishops? I want to see their names on ballots before I see their mouths open again! I’ve heard enough! How bout you?
To allow any relgious leader to define Liberty for us all, is to allow a fox in your hen house to gather your eggs!
“All for me. None for you!”
Why is it We the People always come up short – don’t measure up? I mean, to play this shell game on the Presdient of the most powerful nation on earth, is – INSANE! I mean, in their account, he’s not even a little believer – least a citizen!
“Oh ye of little faith.”
Jon Presco

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee delved into the administration’s revised contraceptives rule and among the witnesses were religious leaders

The panel of witnesses was comprised of five men, with four more in the wings and committee Democrats demanded that Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) allow a female to speak, which Issa refused to do.

First there came a request from ranking member Rep. Elijah Woods (D-NC). When that was denied Issa got blasted by Maloney and Holmes Norton, who even attempted to call a vote on whether the student witness should be heard. That maneuver failed. Maloney and Holmes Norton left the chamber.

Rep. Issa told members of the committee that the student did not have the proper credentials to present testimony. Issa went on to point out that women are included on the witness list for other sessions scheduled on the subject, but not today.

Issa explained his reason for refusing the request. “…The hearing is not about reproductive rights and contraception but instead about the Administration’s actions as they relate to freedom of religion and conscience.

Religious liberty, not contraception, he stressed was the subject of the hearings. The provision under scrutiny by the committee does not require churches or houses of worship to comply.

The student intended to speak about a serious gynecological condition she has for which birth control pills have been prescribed. Without a plan that offers them, she would be unable to maintain her health.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said afterwards, “What is it that men don’t understand about women’s health and how central the issue of family planning is to that? Not just if you’re having families but if you need those kinds of prescription drugs for your general health, which was the testimony they would include this morning if they had allowed a woman on the panel.”

The White House moved off its first position that contraception must be offered and paid for under the plan. When that was denounced because it would have required the employer to fund it, the administration changed its stance to have the insurance companies cover the cost.

That wasn’t enough for those who believe that a religiously affiliated employer, such as a hospital or college should be exempt from including contraception under its employee benefit plan. The hearings are intended to explore the continued objection.

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