Lawsuit Against Oregon Family Council

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I am seeking a great attorney in order to bring a lawsuit against the Oregon Family Council for VOTER FRAUD. The OFC is a Christian Propaganda Think Tank that is part of a National and Worldwide conspiracy to attach fake and questionable Biblical history – to real secular history – in order to own a Letter of Authenticity that Biblical Scholars, Christian Leaders, and archeologists have failed to apply to what amounts to FICTION. And they know it is FICTICIOUS! They own – THE PROOF! Non-religious secular people – do not collet the proof. There are Biblical colleges all over America. Christian professors are constantly defending their religious text from the likes of William Dever who titled King David a “serial killer”. The Voter Fraud here, is the claim American Voters can settle Biblical disputes – and defend the Family of Jesus!

I will seek to take from the use of the word “FAMILY” because they pretend they are the Sanctioned and God-elect Keepers of this title, that human beings have owned – before King David was born – if he was born at all. I will use ‘The Family’ of King Davito d prove this “serial killer” was, and is not THE IDEAL. We do know for sure our Founding Fathers SIGNED a real Constitution, that THE FRAUDS have attached themselves to, and are parasites and rabid bats – who suck real blood out of our Right to Vote.

The Kings of Judah did not found any Democracy, and give their subjects the right to vote. Jesus did not found a Democracy anywhere, at anytime, and not while DEAD! Jesus is not GOD! He never claimed he was God, or a major member of God’s heavenly family.

Above is a photo of Dottie Witherspoon and I. Her great grandfather was SIGNER John Witherspoon. The Witherspoon and Rosamond family were a REAL FAMILY of Patriots who built churches in South Carolina. I am kin to John Fremont, Jessie Benton, her father, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, and Joseph Lane. This is OREGON’S FIRST FAMILY. The OFC tried to cheat me out of my Family Birthright via intimidation, they citing unnamed voters I should be afraid of in order to become Governor of Oregon. They use Satanic Deception when they claim they are the Caretakers of THE FAMILY as established in both books of the Bible. Let us look at the family of King David to see what they have to offer any family born in our Democracy.

In a court of law, I will challenge the right of the OFC to defend anyone’s religious liberty. As Governor I will set up a Religious Tribunal that will QUESTION all said “protectors” and render myself THE SOLE ATTACKER of religious claims and pretentions – everywhere. Being a descendant of John Willson, who is in MY FAMILY TREE – I am the anointed FAMILY MEMBER – for the job! The job description of the OFC begins with the signing of our Constitution, and thus should be limited to invoking the family names of those born in the U.S. since 1776. They should not be allowed to invoke any Biblical names, even the name of Jesus, in the defense of their origination!

“One of the cornerstones of our society is the freedom to express and practice religious beliefs. From the inception of the United States of America this ideal of religious liberty has been fought for, defended, and preserved with the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers.”

John Presco

David – Wikipedia

Oregon Family Council

William G. Dever – Wikipedia

Religious Liberty

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One of the cornerstones of our society is the freedom to express and practice religious beliefs. From the inception of the United States of America this ideal of religious liberty has been fought for, defended, and preserved with the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers.

In today’s culture, the ideal of religious liberty is constantly under attack from a myriad of different sources. At every level of our society there are those who are seeking to remove religious symbols from the public domain, restrict private organizations and citizens from upholding their deeply held religious beliefs, and censure religious thought, speech, and action.

Another area where religious beliefs are being challenged has to do with conscience exceptions.  It is not uncommon for people to have their jobs threatened for honoring their deeply held religious convictions. Examples include pharmacists dispensing abortion related drugs, or private hospitals having their government funding jeopardized for refusing to perform surgical abortions.

Oregon Family Council is devoted to defending, promoting, and expanding the cause of religious liberty in the state of Oregon. Our organization is strongly opposed to any policy that forces people of faith to violate their deeply held beliefs or restricts the free exercise of religion in speech and expression. As a leading religious liberty watchdog group in Oregon over the last 30 years, OFC has played a key role in protecting the rights of Oregon’s faith community.

OFC is fully engaged in the cause of religious liberty through extensive research projects, statewide education initiatives, and public policy efforts.

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In retirement, Dever has become a frequent author on questions relating to the historicity of the Bible, criticizing many scholars who deny any historical value to the biblical accounts. However he is far from being a supporter of biblical literalism either. Instead he has written:

I am not reading the Bible as Scripture… I am in fact not even a theist. My view all along—and especially in the recent books—is first that the biblical narratives are indeed ‘stories,’ often fictional and almost always propagandistic, but that here and there they contain some valid historical information. That hardly makes me a ‘maximalist.’[11]


Archaeology as it is practiced today must be able to challenge, as well as confirm, the Bible stories. Some things described there really did happen, but others did not. The Biblical narratives about AbrahamMosesJoshua and Solomon probably reflect some historical memories of people and places, but the ‘larger than life’ portraits of the Bible are unrealistic and contradicted by the archaeological evidence.[12]

However, Dever is also clear that his historical field should be seen on a much broader canvas than merely how it relates to the Bible:

The most naïve misconception about Syro-Palestinian archaeology is that the rationale and purpose of ‘biblical archaeology‘ (and, by extrapolation, Syro-Palestinian archaeology) is simply to elucidate the Bible, or the lands of the Bible[13]

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    To see those Republicans turning their backs on the first black Woman to be seated on the Supreme Court, is the capstone of my Nazarite Judge Prophecy.

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