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Here is my post Science Fiction Square that goes with the new A’s stadium.

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There is going to be a podcast about Jack Kerouac. Can I take part, and declare I AM BETTER THAN JACK – even though I am not a famous writer? I am a SOBER WRITER who has taken on MANY issues DRUNKEN JACK did not take on. Jack claims he was not a hippie! Real hippies are famous for tackling many important social issues, life voters rights, civil rights, free speech. saving the ecology of the planet, and….ANTI-WAR! Jack on the other hand, turned out to be selfish, elitist, narcissist, only interested in getting another drink. Now that White Bohemians are forbidden to save anything, I look foreword to seeing Saviors of Color stepping to the plate – and taking a whack at it………THE SOLUTION! How will Saviors of Color deal with the New Cold War? Will they be able to sustain their New Relevancy?

I see Jack and Gavin…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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