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A Proposal


Jack Presco

Copyright 2021

In 1987, the head of Serenity Lane and the Buckley House in Eugene Oregon, suggested I was a Walk-in after I told Hillary I had a near-death experience in 1967. Several times I wondered if the spirit of Jack London had come back to complete some un-finished work. Yesterday, I learned Jack delivered a racist rant that suggested a plague be put upon the Chinese People so their numbers would be severely decreased. Later that evening, I discovered Jack wrote a science fiction novel titled..


Now, I am not Jack’s apologist, but he may have had a glimpse into our future when he shot his fool mouth off. Perhaps it was – the booze talking? But, the truth remains, Jack London qualifies to be titled..


What I am proposing, is the NAME CHANGE from Jack London Square, to, Science Fiction Square, that will be designed around Bunny Breckenridge who was the sinister alien schemer in Plan 9 From Outer Space. Bunny is kin to Bay Area swells, as you will see in my next post. Here are some of the entities I would like to see placed in…


The existing statue of London will now be the statue of James Smith. There will be a statue of an alien seated at the bar in The Last Chance Saloon – with mural on the wall.

I hear the Oakland Orchestra celebrating Ed Wood Weekend by playing the soundtrack from his movies, and others sci-fi tracks. I hear a hand-cranked siren with flashing lights – with starter pistol shots in the air. There will be a Jail Bait Beauty Contest.

The Scarlet Plague – Wikipedia

Bunny Breckinridge – Wikipedia

Florence Breckenridge of Belmont | Rosamond Press

John Witherspoon – Wikipedia

The story takes place in 2073, sixty years after an uncontrollable epidemic, the Red Death,[2] has depopulated the planet. James Smith is one of the survivors of the era before the scarlet plague hit and is still left alive in the San Francisco area, and he travels with his grandsons Edwin, Hoo-Hoo, and Hare-Lip. His grandsons are young and live as primeval hunter-gatherers in a heavily depopulated world. Their intellect is limited, as are their language abilities. Edwin asks Smith, whom they call “Granser”, to tell them of the disease alternately referred to as scarlet plague, scarlet death, or red death.

Walk-in – Wikipedia

Believers maintain that it is possible for the original soul of a human to leave a person’s body and for another soul to “walk in”. In Montgomery’s work, souls are said to “walk in” during a period of intense personal problems on the part of the departing soul, or during or because of an accident or trauma. Some other walk-ins describe their entry as occurring based on prior agreement and when the previous soul was complete. The walk-in being/individual retains the memories of the original personality, but does not have emotions associated with the memories. As they integrate they bring their own mental, emotional, spiritual consciousness and evolve the life to resonate with their purpose and intentions. Incarnating into a fully grown body allows the walk-in soul to engage in embodiment without having to go through the two decades of maturation that humans need to reach adulthood. A walk-in soul also does not experience the conditioning of childhood and has a different relationship to life because they were not born

(5) Plan 9 From Outer Space Music Compilation – YouTube

  1. Star Wars – John Williams – Cantina Band [Original] – YouTube

(5) Jail Bait (1954) – Trailer – YouTube

FLASH! I just found this science fiction book by Jack London that foresees the present day threat by RED CHINA who has built hundreds of warships and is forcing the United States t do the same – at the cost of billions of dollars! This changes everything! I clear Jack of all charges, and accuse his accusers of MODERN BOOK BURNING, and of being Racist Defamers! The destruction of whole worlds and people is a MAIN THEME of much science fiction, especially if they pose a threat. Jack London – went into the future – and saw the threat! He responded with SCIENCE FICTION! Jack even sees COMPUTER ART – that is under attack by China and Russia.

Right now, there are men in the Pentagon considering dropping nuclear bombs all over China. It is their job. There are written scenarios. Jack London realized being a Science fiction Writer he could author scenarios in a pseudo science manner.

Chinese Fighter Pilot Says Taiwan ‘All Ours’ After Being Asked to Leave Airspace (

Under the influence of JapanChina modernizes and undergoes its own version of the Meiji Reforms in the 1910s. In 1922, China breaks away from Japan and fights a brief war that culminates in the Chinese annexation of the Japanese possessions of KoreaFormosa, and Manchuria. Over the next half century, China’s population steadily grows, and eventually migration overwhelms European colonies in Asia. The United States and the other Western powers launch a biological warfare campaign against China, resulting in the total destruction of China’s population, the few survivors of the plague being killed out of hand by European and American troops, and China then being colonized by the Western powers. This opens the way to a joyous epoch of “splendid mechanical, intellectual, and art output”. In the 1980s, war clouds once more gather between Germany and France, and the story ends with the nations of the world solemnly pledging not to use the same techniques that they had used against China.

The Unparalleled Invasion – Wikipedia

As described in Isaac Asimov‘s 1979 autobiography In Memory Yet Green, the Futurians spun off from the Greater New York Science Fiction Club (headed by Sam Moskowitz, later an influential SF editor and historian) over ideological differences, with the Futurians wishing to take a more overtly Marxist political stance. Other sources indicate that Donald A. Wollheim was pushing for a more left-wing direction with a goal of leading fandom toward a political ideal, all of which Moskowitz resisted. As a result, Wollheim broke off from the Greater New York group and founded the Futurians in September, 1938.[1][2][3] The fans following Moskowitz reorganized into the Queens Science Fiction Club.

Futurians – Wikipedia

The China Threat — FBI

The counterintelligence and economic espionage efforts emanating from the government of China and the Chinese Communist Party are a grave threat to the economic well-being and democratic values of the United States.

Confronting this threat is the FBI’s top counterintelligence priority.

To be clear, the adversary is not the Chinese people or people of Chinese descent or heritage. The threat comes from the programs and policies pursued by an authoritarian government.

Besides the Indian Navy, the Malabar naval exercise was participated by the navies of the U.S., Australia and Japan. The four countries are part of the Quad or Quadrilateral coalition.

China has been suspicious about the purpose of the Malabar exercise as it feels that the annual war game is an effort to contain its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

India, U.S. begin two-day naval exercise in eastern Indian Ocean region – The Hindu

  • Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday that the US Navy needs more than 500 ships by 2045 to counter China.
  • The Pentagon envisions a force of 355 traditional warfighting vessels by 2035 and a larger force of over 500 manned and unmanned vessels by 2045.
  • The plan, known as Battle Force 2045, calls for more submarines and hundreds of unmanned or optionally-manned assets, among other changes. It would require a major funding boost similar to what the service saw in the Reagan-era build-up.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday afternoon that the US Navy needs more than 500 ships by 2045 to counter China.

Speaking at an online Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments event, Esper unveiled his plan for the future fleet: “Battle Force 2045.” The plan calls for a force of 355 traditional warfighting vessels by 2035 and a larger force consisting of over 500 manned and unmanned vessels by 2045.

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    The Anti-White People wanted the statue of Jack London – torn down! To STOP this, I cloaked ART in Science Fiction. With THE TRUTH a large portion of the White Southern Crhistian is deliberatey using a Red State Plague to divest Biden and the Democrats – OF POWER – so David-Trump will be INSERTED back into the White House in eight months – where he will give his O.K. for the rebuilding of the Temple, I can not longer support religious realities as they exist.

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