Hazony verses Denis De Rougemont

Does Putin’s think-tank read my blog? What I think does matter to him because he is waging a holy war in Europe, and he wants to study the opposition. Von der Layen gets allot of Putin’s attention. He would want to know if the U.S. is aware of her – and Denis de Rougemont. I may be – the only one!

Rosamond Press

This alleged Jewish Political Philosopher, Yorman Harzony, has stepped into my wheelhouse – BIG TIME! For starters, Yorman is trying to steal the fire of Denis De Rougemont, one of the Father’s of the European Union – who is a known philosopher. Hazony and his Gang of Jewish Nationalists may be responsible for Brexit – and the election of Donald Trump – who conducted REPEXIT, the exit of the Republican Party from the Union – and reality – in the name of Jesus, a Semitic sky-god, who I believe only wanted to be a Davidic king. The Nationalistic Tribe of Judah worshipped Chemosh, and not YHWH.


Let’s begin with SOME NUMBERS! There are 4,431,756 females in the NATION OF Israel. There are 12,492,550 females in the STATE Of Texas, that has had asperations to be a NATION. Let us assume that 4,431,756 female Texans feel they have been rendered…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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