Hazony verses Denis De Rougemont

This alleged Jewish Political Philosopher, Yorman Harzony, has stepped into my wheelhouse – BIG TIME! For starters, Yorman is trying to steal the fire of Denis De Rougemont, one of the Father’s of the European Union – who is a known philosopher. Hazony and his Gang of Jewish Nationalists may be responsible for Brexit – and the election of Donald Trump – who conducted REPEXIT, the exit of the Republican Party from the Union – and reality – in the name of Jesus, a Semitic sky-god, who I believe only wanted to be a Davidic king. The Nationalistic Tribe of Judah worshipped Chemosh, and not YHWH.


Let’s begin with SOME NUMBERS! There are 4,431,756 females in the NATION OF Israel. There are 12,492,550 females in the STATE Of Texas, that has had asperations to be a NATION. Let us assume that 4,431,756 female Texans feel they have been rendered second class citizens by followers of the Semitic Religion of Christianity? How many Texas females feel religion no longer works for them? What does religion have to do with formation of A NATION? Secular Jewish Socialists – who sprang for the Jewish Turnverein – founded the Nation of Israel. De Rougemont founded a Union of Nations because European Nations had been fighting with each other for 1,500 years. The EU was not formed to intimidate ANY JEW, nor founded to activate the crazy inferiority complex of most Semitic Peoples, who for the most part are Armed Muslims – who will never forget or forgive – THE HOLY CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS!

Semitc people have been waging war with one another -for 10,000 years! The Roman empire tried to stop this warfare and assimilate Semitic People into their Empire, that Harzony sissy-slaps as being The Bad Guy, on par with the EU, who is not like Britain -of late. Harzony ignores the fact there was a British Empire that ruled India. The Romans threw all the Jews out of Israel because they were forever waging armed warfare in the name of THEIR MESSIAH. They came to live in Europe. Before Hitler came to power, THE TRIBAL GERMAN PEOPLE treated Jews as equals. The Jews of Germany were a nation within a nation, a religion within a religion. Many Religious Jewish Leaders preached about the return to Zion. How many European Jewish Philosophers came up with a Zionist Philosophy? Ten thousand? Here is the founder of Reformed Judaism which gave up on the dream of Zion.

How many women in Texas want their lives to return to normal, and the threat of looming Anti-Abortion Bounty Hunters – removed! Screw the TEN COMMANDMENTS of the Semites! In the Nation of THE UNITED STATES We The People live by a system of laws that branch out from our Constitution that was WRITTEN BY Anglo-Saxon Celtic Peoples. Seventy percent of the White Population in 1770 – were indentured slaves! A million and more, where black slaves. Millions of women in America – were Tribal Native Americans. How did Southern States come to rule the Republican Abolitionist Party – is the big question! What was the PHILOSOPHY behind that? I blame the Judeo-Christian religion for twisting the hell out of our National Politics. Who invented The Southern Strategy?. The Crisis-Christians launched a CAMPAIGN OF CHAOS! They trained millions of loyal Americans to be….TREACHEROUS TRAITORS – who won’t get vaccinated – in the name of Jesus! Where is the Collective National Care for fellow citizens? Most want OUT of here! Millions want to be Raptured, and like rats – desert the sinking national ship of state! Thanks – Jesus! Thanks Harzony – but no thanks! How many females are there in the United States?

There are 166,700,000 million women in the United States and 4,400,000 million Jewish Women living in the Nation of Israel. Harzony owns dual-citizenship. As he stands on the boundary of these two nations, which females does Yormany feel – more love for? Does he know armed ,mitlias are backing him?

My kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor allegedly became a Jew after she married a Jew. She may have been – part hippy – like her brother. She encouraged Michael Jackson to take up art. We are kin to Ian Fleming. For awhile, in theory, James Bond was a member of the European Union, and, was advancing the Cause of Denis De Rougemont – who might be our kin! I have two Lesbian Lovers be the stars of my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’ I am kin to John Fremont who was the first Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party that HARZONY CHAMPIONS! I contend Harzony does not want A UNITED UNITED STATES. He is a BIG LIAR – who with stealth – carves out half of my Nation to be the Bodyguards of his beloved Nation of Israel. Consider John Haggee – and Herbert Armstrong who warned us about Russia that Harzony ignores. Was this Jew all for Trump-David getting chummy with Putin – before he got elected?

Many scholars have concluded the Civil War was the result of a Christian Schism. I contend Yorman Harzony is a Neo-Confederate – until proven otherwise! Let’s have a debate! But, before I appear in the same building with Harzony, he must denounce the Confederacy as being Anti-Nationalistic – due to RACISM! I demand Harzony take….The Iron Clad Oath! If four million Texas Women can be subject to being watched by BIG CHRISTIAN BROTHER AND SISTER, followed while driving in their car to see if they are Loyal to a Semitic God, that did not want Gentiles to be members of His Nation – and thus follow His Ten Commandments……..then why not have a pro-Abortion group try to pass a law requiring every Texan take the Iron Clad? To hell with feelings of being DISENFRANCHISED! Everyone gets to feel the same way…


Harzony has the word “VIRTUE” highlighted in his title, yet no Founding Father of our Nation found enough virtue in the Bible to free the slaves, and give women the right to vote. WHAT THE FUCK?! Then there is Judah Benjamin, the Sephardic Jews that did not find merit in the sermon of the Northern ministers who used the Bible to make a case for Abolition. He did find merit in both books of the Bible as interpreted by Southern ministers, to not only keep his 400 slaves…..BUT BUILD ANOTHER NATION where there would exist no Biblical doubt that God and Jesus were pro-slavery, even though Jesus appears to restore the Jubilee at the beginning of his ministry.


Paul, the Father of Christianity, did away with Levitical Law – that includes the Ten Commandments – and bid Christians to abide by the laws and ruling of foreign leaders. Paul ‘The Jew’ was not into Nation Building – was he? Did he or his followers come across peoples who worshipped Abortion Getting?

“Saint Paul. We saw young women lined up before a temple waiting their turn to go inside to get a abortion.”

“What is that to you? Mind your own business. You must follow me – I mean – Jesus!”

Paul encourages his followers to not get married, and have children, because – the world is coming to an end! The Reproductive Program of God – IS AT AN END! Wrong! Perhaps Christians should stop clinging to Worldly Laws, and – let go? And – let live! Stop putting people under arrest! Stop trying to take over our Democracy.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Taliban is ‘hunting Americans,’ says California mom-to-be left behind in…How America’s Afghanistan withdrawal puts the world at risk

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban special forces in camouflage fired their weapons into the air Saturday, bringing an abrupt and frightening end to the latest protest march in the capital by Afghan women demanding equal rights from the new rulers.

Taliban special forces bring abrupt end to women’s protest (msn.com)

The Ironclad Oath was an oath promoted by Radical Republicans and opposed by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. The Republicans intended to prevent political activity of ex-Confederate soldiers and supporters by requiring all voters and officials to swear they had never supported the Confederacy. Given the temporary disenfranchisement of the numerous Confederate veterans and local civic leaders, a new Republican biracial coalition came to power in the eleven Southern states during Reconstruction. Southern conservative Democrats were angered to have been disenfranchised.

Ironclad Oath – Wikipedia

Judaizers – Wikipedia

The Judaizers were a faction of the Jewish Christians, both of Jewish and non-Jewish origins, who regarded the Levitical laws of the Old Testament as still binding on all Christians.[1] They tried to enforce Jewish circumcision upon the Gentile converts to early Christianity and were strenuously opposed and criticized for their behavior by the Apostle Paul, who employed many of his epistles to refute their doctrinal errors.[1][2][3]

According to Hazony, national identity is based not on race or biological homogeneity, but on “bonds of mutual loyalty” to a shared culture and a shared history that bind diverse groups into a national unit.[3] Hazony argues that the social cohesion enabled by a nation-state where a common language and history are shared by the majority of the population can produce a level of trust that enables the production of social and moral goods, such as civil and political liberties.[4][5][3]

Denis de Rougemont Founded European Union | Rosamond Press

I Am Embodiment of Herbert Armstrong | Rosamond Press

The Virtue of Nationalism

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchFirst edition (publ. Basic Books)

The Virtue of Nationalism is a 2018 book by Israeli-American political activist Yoram Hazony.



Hazony argues that the nation state is the best form of government that humans have yet invented, contrasting both with historical empires and modern forms of global governance including United Nations affiliated institutions such as the International Court of Justice.[1][2] In particular, Hazony argues that nationalism uniquely provides, “the collective right of a free people to rule themselves.”[2]

According to Hazony, national identity is based not on race or biological homogeneity, but on “bonds of mutual loyalty” to a shared culture and a shared history that bind diverse groups into a national unit.[3] Hazony argues that the social cohesion enabled by a nation-state where a common language and history are shared by the majority of the population can produce a level of trust that enables the production of social and moral goods, such as civil and political liberties.[4][5][3]

He argues that because, in contrast with systems like the European Union where member states are bound by measures taken by the Union, each nation state sets up unique systems, standards and administrative procedures, effectively producing a series of experiments that other nation states can freely copy as they strive for improvement.[2][1]

And he asserts that it is a matter of historical fact that the rights and freedoms of individuals have been protected best by nation-states, especially in England and in the United States. This, in Hazony’s view, contrasts sharply with attempts at “universal political order . . . in which a single standard of right is held to be in force everywhere, tolerance for diverse political and religious standpoints must necessarily decline.”[2] Hazony argues that globalizing politically progressive elites have promoted a “global rule of law” that is intolerant of cultural differences, of patriotism, and of religious faith.[2] Hazony writes that globalists promulgate “anti-nationalist hate,” and are aggressively intolerant of cultural particularism.[2] In Hazony’s words, “liberal internationalism is not merely a positive agenda. . . . It is an imperialist ideology that incites against . . . nationalists, seeking their delegitimization wherever they appear.”[2]

Israel and the European Union[edit]

In a juxtaposition that book reviewer Ira Stoll describes as the book’s “strongest case,” for nationalism Hazony discusses the conflicting understanding held by Europeans and by Israelis.[1]

In November 1942, as word seeped out of Europe about mass killings of Jewish families, Israel’s founding Prime Minister Ben Gurion said that Jews were being “buried alive in graves dug by them,… because the Jews have no political standing, no Jewish army, no Jewish independence, and no homeland.”[1]

The consensus view in Europe is that the Holocaust was caused by German nationalism. Therefore, in Hazony’s words, “It is not Israel that is the answer to the Holocaust, but the European Union.”[1]

Hazony describes the Nazism of the Third Reich as both a distinctive form both of imperialism and of racial supremacism. He states that what the Jews lacked was a Jewish state in which they could have sought refuge. The consensus view among Israelis is that Israel is the most effective response to the Holocaust.[1][2]

Critical reception[edit]

John Fonte, writing in the National Review, described Virtue as a book “that will become a classic.”[2] In February 2019, the book won the Paolucci Book Award from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.[6]

Reviewing the book for The New York Times, Justin Vogt called Hazony’s narrative a, “reductive approach (that) poses a false choice between an idealized order of noble sovereign nations and a totalitarian global government.” In Vogt’s opinion, “The world could use a less moralistic, more nuanced defense of nationalism. This book is a missed opportunity.”[7] In that vein, critics of the book largely faulted Hazony’s use of terms and categorizations. For instance, one review by Park MacDougald for New York magazine’s the Intelligencer commented: “The book’s major flaw is that Hazony tends to define his terms as ideal types and then argue from those definitions.”[8] Likewise, another review by George Washington University professor Samuel Goldman in Modern Age stated that Hazony’s argument “rests on a confusing and counterproductive use of terms.”[9]

Some reviewers commented that Hazony’s theory and defense of nationalism does not appear to take into account the historical body of nationalist thought, possibly to make his position more palatable to his readership. [10][11] For instance, an essay by Michael Shindler in Jacobite, notes that Hazony’s theory is heavily derived from recent scholarship from Israel and the anglosphere (particularly Fania Oz-Salzberger’s ‘The Jewish Roots of Western Freedom,’ and Philip Gorski’s The Mosaic Moment), which depicts “nationalism as a descendant of the biblical Israeli model,” as opposed to the “robust body of nationalist theory that’s been developing since the 19th century.” This lack of engagement, Shindler claims, is “conspicuous” since that body of literature, though it is “quite cogent…admits that nationalism is culpable of precisely what it is accused of by its liberal critics.”[12]

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