Madden’s Fairmont Raiders

Someone said Republicans are not – FOR ANYTHING! The reason I want to be Governor is because I am FOR SO MUCH, and, I need help. I got OVERLOADED and forgot to cover the Madden memorial at Oakland Coliseum. I did see the segment at the Super Bowl. I am going to write a proposal to rename 13th. Street Madden Street.

Rosamond Press

Royal Rosamond Press now has a sports column….Madden’s Fairmont Raiders.

There’s never been a Pro Team in the Emerald Valley. Perhaps we start thinking about having one. I did not watch the Oregon Ducks play in their Bowl Game, because….Their Bad fell out of their Duck Bottom. LaGarrette Blount was my neighbor and helped carry a mattress I bought up to my apartment. My other Duck neighbor, Terrel Turner, helped carry our neighbor, Sandy Maricle up to her apartment.

I tried to save Ken Kesey’s shack located in Fairmont, that was platted by George Miller who must have visited his brother’s Bohemian retreat in Oakland where Jack London lived. It is said he is the Oyster Raider and source of the name ‘Raider’.

What I am establishing a Football Club in the Lost City of Fairmont! The new Knight Arena is built on the grounds of Fairmont. We can have…

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