John Madden and Godzilla Run

John Madden had foot races on 13th. Street. There is allot of talk about the Super Bowl halftime. For years I tried to get something done about the source of the name – LANE COUNTY!

If you know the name of the Pirate above, let me know. I want him in the dedication renaming parade. I will try to get him to sell Zig Zag Beer if they relocate here, the proceeds going for the Hatoon Memorial for the Homeless.

John Presco

Rename Franklin Street – Harry Lane
Posted on February 4, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

The City of Springfield has the opportunity right a great wrong. I suggest Franklin Street be renamed Harry Lane Way, because Harry’s grandfather was one of the world’s greatest racist and pro-slavery candidates. Joseph Lane led wars against Native Americans. This renaming can get national attention. This is much more that bringing down a Confederate statue. If the change is not possible, perhaps there is going to be a new street by the river, that can bare the name, Harry Lane. A plaque can explain why. Erasing the name Lane from all public records, would be impossible. Harry is a symbol of progress, that trumps Joseph’s history. Harry Lane was a Pacifist, and perhaps the first Democratic Progressive.

“Lane was one of a tiny handful of federal legislators who, for reasons of principle or partisanship, fought as hard as they could to prevent President Woodrow Wilson from taking the country into the fight.”

Pro-Southern delegates, who had walked out of the Charleston convention in protest of its failure to adopt a federal slave code plank in its platform, did not participate in the Baltimore convention.[98][100] The delegates from Alabama and Louisiana – all of whom had walked out at Charleston – had been replaced with Douglas supporters from those states, leading to the nomination of Douglas and Herschel Vespasian Johnson for president and vice-president, respectively.[101] The protesting delegates convened five days later in Baltimore.[100] On the first ballot, Breckinridge received 81 votes, with 24 going to former Senator Daniel S. Dickinson of New York. Dickinson supporters gradually changed their support to Breckinridge in order to make his nomination unanimous, and Joseph Lane of Oregon was chosen by acclamation as his running mate

Harry Lane – Is Our Man!
Posted on June 25, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press
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On this day, June 24, 2015, as historian to the Abolitionist Families of Benton and Fremont, I declare the name of our County should be named after Harry Lane, the son of the Confederate, Joseph Lane. For the reason Joseph engaged in terrorism and slavery, and for the reason we are at war with ISIS who takes people as slaves, and for the reason the Confederate flag in South Carolina – must come down – let it be known, the sins of the father did not come down to Harry, who is a hidden treasure of liberalism and fair play for all. There not be any need for a name-change that would be very costly. Harry was a frugal politician who worked for the right for women to vote – and the Rose Festival of Portland.

For the last hour I searched google for a famous Lane in Oregon history, and had almost given up, when by divine providence, there before me is ‘The Man that Time Forgot’

Harry! This is your day! I will be petitioning all the elected officials of Oregon, to have your political history, be the outstanding history. So help me God!

Lane challenged white supremacist Senator Hoke Smith of Georgia on the floor of the Senate to acknowledge the successes of black farmers in the American South and protested instances of racial discrimination inserted into appropriations legislation.

It is obvious Harry was the opposite of his father, whom Lane County was named after. Let us carry on Harrry’s opposition to what is hateful and destructive.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2015

As mayor, Lane was an enthusiastic host for a 1905 national convention in support of woman suffrage in 1905, and he was thereafter recognized as a friend of the movement for equality between the sexes.[8] He took a further step for the advance of women’s rights when he swore in Lola Baldwin to the Portland Police Bureau as one of the first female police officers in the United States on April 1, 1908.[9]

Rosamond Press

I want the spirit of John Madden to be the Hovering Spirit Head at the first – Godzilla and ZARDOZ Run For The Roses.

John Madden, Jim Bailey and a race through Eugene (

Wow, I sign this post made in 2016, Vincent Rice – five years before I discovered my uncle is kin to Edgar Rice Burroughs! I’m going to talk with Niel about opening a Tarzan Museum in Springfield.

Vincent Rosemond Rice


P.S. There will be The Ugly Evil Penis Costume Contest, with a All Girl Chase in order to bring back those Good Ol Frat Boy Days! I want Jim Belushi to be the MC.

P.S.S. Someone just informed me John Madden wrote ZARDOZ after Elfish Wood Saviors took him on a sacred Mushroom Hunt! Wow! Was John doing psychedelics – years before Kesey? Is it possible John lead the way – and…

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