I Am In Governor’s Race

I had trouble finding my name on the ballot, but just got help doing so. It’s official.

I will be working on my biography and campaign platform. I would like to pass a 1% Homeless Investment Bill that is set up with the sale of major buildings and construction. I will launch an investigation into investors taking advantage of the homeless and Covid crisis – to make money. There is something immoral in doing this?

I have thirty-five years clean and sober. I overcame homelessness. I would like to invest in this 1% so I can leave a legacy to those who suffer and own a desire to turn their lives around.

I am not asking for, nor will I accept, any campaign contributions. If you feel like giving to a good cause, you can look for a charity or program that suits you.

I own a registered newspaper in Lane County. Here is some of the civic work I have undertaken as the Editor of Royal Rosamond Press. My campaign song is…Many Rivers To Cross…by Jimmy Cliff.

John Presco

“It’s getting to be pretty tough to be in business down here,” Willey says. She adds that while it’s always been a challenging place in terms of dealing with trash from homeless people in the area, in the last few years, “a regular part of my week is picking up all the dumpsters in the alley and cleaning up human feces, picking up needles.”

Say Goodbye to Campus Glenwood – Eugene Weekly

Candidate Information
Candidate Information
 Candidate Name:John PrescoDate Filed:02/01/2022 12:19:58 PM       
 Ballot Name:John G PrescoQualified for Office:Yes
 Filing Source:Web FilingFiling Type:Original
 Election:2022 Primary ElectionFiling Method:Fee
 Office sought:GovernorParty:Republican
 Residence Address:717 Oakdale St. #216
Springfield, OR 97477
Lane County
Work Telephone:
Home Telephone:

 Mailing Address:717 Oakdale St. #216
Springfield, OR 97477
Email Address:
Web Site:
Occupation Information
Occupation (present employment – paid or unpaid)
Occupational Background (previous employment – paid or unpaid)
Education Information
Educational Background (schools attended)
 Complete name of School (no acronyms)Last grade level
CertificateCourse of Study  University High School11  

ORESTAR Support (Elections Report) <orestar-support.sos@oregon.gov>


Tue, Feb 1 at 12:20 PM

We received the candidate filing you submitted electronically using ORESTAR. Your name will appear on the 2022 Primary Election ballot as a Republican candidate for Governor, statewide, pending a check of your qualifications for the office.

Item Description: Major Political Party Candidate – Statewide Office

Name: John Presco

Transaction Amount: 100.00

Transaction Date and Time: 02/01/2022 12:19:58 PM

Note: The transaction date and time must be prior to 5:00:00 PM, March 8, 2022, for your filing to be considered timely. The deadline to withdraw your candidate filing is 5:00:00 PM, March 11, 2022.

If you wish to appear in the state voters’ pamphlet and would like to collect signatures instead of paying a fee, you may now file a prospective petition to get approval to circulate the petition. The first day to file a voters’ pamphlet statement by fee or completed petition is 12:01:00 AM, January 17, 2022.  The voters’ pamphlet filing deadline is 5:00:00 PM, March 10, 2022. All voters’ pamphlet information must be filed electronically using ORESTAR.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Elections Division at 503-986-1518.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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