Who Will Buy My Wheat?

China has not met their goal in trade agreements. Who saw this coming? Here is my poem about all that! I see it danced to in a China-like ballet by The Golden Wheat Women.



Montana’s Giant Janitor


Here’s the truck that Rena Easton owns. It’s a 2009 GMC Sierra that she dives down the hill of the Vissar Ranch, a small spread that raises cattle with the help of a $100,000 Government subsidy.  I chatted with a man my age on a bench who raised Emu for their meat. His Emu ranch was too far off the beaten path so he sold it and moved to Coos Bay where he catches salmon like crazy. I love Oregon!

The Resident God in the White House threw another tantrum today, and the market lost 600 points. What has caused Messiah Trump to really lose it for the last several months, is, Montana threw in the towel. They want out of the tariff wars. The dream is – dead! Playing cowboy, and lying to your bank, are two different things. You can’t put a sail on these becalmed prairie schooners. The Visser ranch – is doomed! Trump tells these yokums he is going to let them get over on the liberal city hippies, and they fell for it, the oldest trick in the book! They are toast!

Rosamond Press

Who Will Buy My Wheat?


John Presco

The Trade Wars

are hot and heavy today

my love

I am but a poor wretch

put out in the street

to fetch

the Euro Buck-wheat dollar

like a common whore

when I would rather play

with you some more

my dear Yari

My beloved childhood flame

I am s sick of these billion dollar


The kissing up

the back-stabbing flattery

the hoarding of soybeans

the fake snubbing

the want to buy


for God’s sake!

Yari, our love

was honest.

We promised to be true

Now I have been rendered

a Wheat Wench

a pretty face

the goddess Rhea

the horn of plenty

All is emptiness

without my love of you

my dear Yari

Turn off volume on first video.

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