More Enlightened Homeless

There is a monument to Hatoon that needs to stay put. It was a toss-up for the location of The Bum’s Rush Bistro where Starfish goes berserk, between Taylor’s and the Glenwood, that is owned by someone who lives in this mansion – with view! Not a homeless person in sight. Looks like a perfect home for James Bond – or his arch enemy.


Rosamond Press

My friend Hollis Williams was genty trying to convert me. He took me to visit the home of a Kesey cousin where he stayed for a month. Kesey ran a open house Christian center where some homeless people were allowed to stay. H reminded me off my friend Hatoon. Willy is buried where Saint Peter died in Nero’s circus. He was part of the real obscene entertainment of the emperors.

Jesus did not have casual contact with the poor, the homeless, and the ill. Then, it was on to better and bigger things. Biblical lessons on humility, come from the least of us.


Historic cemetery inside Vatican walls is ‘little piece of paradise’

Losing Hatoon

Eugene police officer Randy Ellis was visibly upset as he stood next to a barren tree on the corner of East 13th…

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