Taylor’s Tavern – Closed and Sold!

The Dark Cubists – are back! Dark Arkitects are thirsting to construct the ultimate Dark Cube for College Students in order to ween them of the remnants of Beatnik-Socialist Ideals that used to generate quiet and long conversations at Taylor’s while you sat in a booth and watch students walk by. A great place on rainy days. If you can stack them in a perfect cube near campuses, with spendy gear and noodle shops on the ground floor, then you get White Chinese People in a reverse Manifest Destiny.

Parking spaces are in demand. Maybe they will have Joy and Good Luck Buses that take Nike Brats on excursions, thus, they won’t need to own a car. Like a giant chicken coop for the University of Oregon, you just slip the Tasty Money Morsels in a slot, and have them lay Golden Money Eggs. Feed them allot of noodles and beer. You can rename this corner….Dark Corner! The trees – will die!

Taylor’s was my model for The Bum’s Rush, where Miriam Starfish got drunk on one bottle of Zig Zag Beer and wanted to skewer professor John Von Bond with a fork after he filled her with bullshit. If they make a movie from ‘The Royal Janitor’ then Eugene would have another Un-Monument to go with the Animal House, and Kesey cottage they tore down.

Taylor’s had an English feel that was intentional. All the Beatles will soon be dead, thus, we will have a Bland Asian House Band ‘The Dead Beetles’ playing down in the lobby at John Madden’s Place where you can still buy a bottle of Pirate Beer, on ‘Oyster and Ale Day. There will not be a real piece of wood to be seen anywhere. The Noodlehead eatery will be renamed ‘Spooky Noodles’.

It’s time to cop-out! In order to complete my Life-Change Cycle, I am going to offer Michael Gottlieb my idea for ‘Madden’s Place’. There are other Bohemian Hotspots that need to be – wiped off the map!

My Spongy Brake Dream – has come true! There will be no drunk-driving in Mr. Gottelieb’s Giant Cube. Just take that new credit card your Mommy and Daddy got you – down to Pirate Lobby!

Victoria Bond, in a harrowing scene – yet to be written – does a intervention on her lover, a Psycho-killer born of survivalist parents living at the base of Mount Shasta. Due to her Eskimo genes, she is allergic to alcohol. Starfish takes the Nazarite Vow.

As your Governor, I will establish a State Board that investigates the true motives behind the sale of our monuments. The claim the Taylor family was asked to design the new business, is highly suspicious. I think this is aimed at eluding PUBLIC HEARINGS. We are talking about a Historic Monument. Making sure rich people make more money is not good for the common Citizens. Selling alcohol may be the Money Maker, like selling popcorn at the movies, ad beer at a ballgame.

For the fifteen years I lived near the campus, I saw The Hawks in front of the bookstore setting up tables in order to sell the sheep better cellphones and credit cards. Sortis Holdings TARGET college students because their parents have money, and, they can follow their Cattle as the graduate to great job, and, changing tastes. They are YOUR NEW MOM&POP. You will eat – their food! Will they be serving Eel Pie one day? This is right out of my Bond book;

“Bamboo is pushing the conversation forward on sustainable fishing while simultaneously serving innovative, delicious fare.”

Michael has this quote from Benjamin Franklin that I’m going to use in my intervention scene;

He that drinks fast, pays slow.”

That one really spooks me out. Being a real prophet makes you feel crazy at times.

John Presco

After four generations of ownership, the family said they sold the property and closed a deal with Alum Eugene, LLC

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s a new era for the site of Taylor’s Bar and Grill in Eugene, which closed in 2020. This year would have been its 100th anniversary.

After four generations of ownership, the family said they sold the property and closed a deal with Alum Eugene, LLC. KEZI 9 News caught up with Cam and Randy Taylor as they walked off the property for the last time.

“We suspect they are going to build up, go up probably 12 stories. Hopefully, they will retain some of the Taylor legacy, but it looks like it’s going to be retail on the first floor and then apartments or condos on the upper floors,” Cam said.

The brothers said it was a tough decision to sell the property. Part of the property sold includes Noodlehead and the Old Rooster Barber Shop. The property ends next to Cafe Yumm! on 13th Avenue.

“During the negotiations, we were offered to take an interest in the development. Unfortunately, one of the family members felt that wasn’t in their best interest, so the decision was made we’d go ahead and sell it,” Randy said.

They said some of the family preferred to hold onto the property, but they feel like they made the right decision.

“It seemed like a good time to sell; they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, and we are the fourth generation of Taylors; we are all getting up there in age, so we felt it appropriate to let it go. But, it’s definitely bittersweet,” Cam said.

Many community members, like Josh Razink, said Taylor’s Bar and Grill was their favorite spot to come for a drink or to watch a football game.

“It was always a good time. It’s sad; it’s kind of an institution, a great place to come and have a beer at lunch, good spot, sad to see it go,” Razink said.

But there were a few dark nights. The last tenant lost the bar’s liquor license in 2020, forcing the bar to shut down. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission cited several fights and instances where people leaving the bar were arrested for drunk driving. There are also reports of six women claiming someone spiked their drinks while they were at Taylor’s and couldn’t remember anything after that.

“My father always said don’t serve hard alcohol because it will cause problems, and he turned out to be right,” Cam said.

Now the family said they’re taking the memories with them as they move forward.

On December 31, 2021, Sortis acquired Sustainable Restaurant Group, the Oregon-based operators of nine Bamboo Sushi (“Bamboo”) restaurants across four states, through a combination of cash, debt and stock. In 2008, Bamboo became the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant. Since then, it has changed how consumers eat, how the industry operates, and continually aspires to protect the planet, the ocean, and the evolving global ecosystem. Bamboo is pushing the conversation forward on sustainable fishing while simultaneously serving innovative, delicious fare.

Sortis Holdings Initiates Transition to an Operator of (globenewswire.com)

Jeffrey Bruce Baker

MBANK, INC. :: Florida (US) :: OpenCorporates

ALUM EUGENE, LLC :: Oregon (US) :: OpenCorporates

mBank – Wikipedia

Jef Baker has left the banking industry to head up private equity firm Sortis Holdings Corp.


By Clare Duffy  –  Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal

Mar 8, 2018 Updated Mar 9, 2018, 10:12am PST

Sortis Holdings Corp. provides both capital and knowledge of the banking industry for tech firms that want to deploy their technology in the space.


Michael B. Gottlieb

Attorney at Law

“He that drinks fast, pays slow.”

Benjamin Franklin

Michael Gottlieb is a business attorney specializing in restaurant, bar, and nightclub law in Oregon and Washington. Throughout Mr. Gottlieb’s career, he has been deeply involved in the challenges of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs from a business and legal perspective. The owners of restaurants, bars, night clubs and catering companies have unique challenges. Many are family owned businesses that have the complexity of a larger enterprise. Many are owned by industry-savvy individuals who are not experienced in the legal and regulatory world. And with ever-shrinking margins, many simply cannot afford expensive attorneys to help them.

Mr. Gottlieb has advised restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and catering companies on a wide variety of issues. He offers reasonable rates to these clients to help them succeed.

Affiliations and Education:
Member, Oregon State Bar
Member, Washington State Bar
Member, Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association
Participant, Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service, Restaurant/OLCC Panel
Juris Doctorate, cum laude, Certificate in Business Law, Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College

Taylor’s Bar and Grill postpones Wednesday’s dollar beers special, Webfoot steps up

  • By Natalie Waitt-Gibson
  • May 16, 2017 Updated Nov 7, 2018
Taylor’s Bar and Grill postpones Wednesday’s dollar beers special, Webfoot steps up
Due to complications regarding their transition of management, Taylor’s Bar and Grill will be closed Wednesday night, cancelling the popular weekly $1 beers special.   New general manager Duane Davis says that $1 beers will be moved to later this week. Taylor’s has been closed since Tuesday due to issues …

Due to complications regarding their transition of management, Taylor’s Bar and Grill will be closed Wednesday night, cancelling the popular weekly $1 beers special.  

New general manager Duane Davis says that $1 beers will be moved to later this week. Taylor’s has been closed since Tuesday due to issues transferring their liquor license to the new owners, but should reopen on Thursday.

According to Taylor’s Twitter account, free T-shirts will be handed out Wednesday night from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. as an apologetic gesture for the cancellation of “Dollars.”

Shortly after the announcement that tonight’s $1 beers was canceled, Webfoot Bar, located across the street, tweeted that they would be offering $1 beers instead.

Starfish Gets Drunk at The Bum’s Rush

Posted on June 6, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

You don’t ever want to get on the dark side of Starfish. Victoria had seen it on the day she was interviewed for the job of being her bodyguard. This, scariness, was a good thing, but, now that they were lovers, she had second thoughts – especially after Miriam got shit-faced on one Zig Zag Beer. What the fuck!

John Von John is very excited about this royal discovery that he wants to keep away from Victory Bond, and – that drunken bitch!

Secret portraits of Mexican royalty by Josephus Arias Huarte were revealed at the Philadelphia Art Museum (inquirer.com)

Starfish Drinks Zig Zag Beer

Posted on August 20, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I debated about Miriam Starfish using force to put down Maximorphius, the cook and owner of ‘The Bum’s Rush’ bistro in Eugene. My subconscious altered the name of Max’s Tavern, which is around the corner from The Bum’s Rush. Miriam Starfish almost skewers Professor John Bond, a name that is a conjunction of John Dee and James Bond, I just discovered. She has a love-hate relationship with John (played by me) who give a lecture on the Habsburg painting and – the Division of the Roses! What!!!!!!! I have yet to write that lecture – that is now the key to my book!

The Bum’s Rush is now going to have a house band ‘The Scunnered’. They are Scottish Wanna-bes who dress like Scottish Pirates. Their chief is McHook. In truth they are Russian Army officers trying to kidnap Phil Knight and replace his tennis shoes on the world market with a Russian brand. Bad Boys will be Bad Boys, but, their mission is changed after coming in contact with Victoria Bond.

Myriam Starfish goes berserk after drinking one bottle of Zig-Zag Beer. After the lecture she got her hair done on 13th. John Bond had altered her life, but, did not want him to know it. She never had a mentor before. She wanted to get rid of her old fashioned look. She felt she had graduated. She wanted to put her savage ways behind her.

My first message and lesson to Yulia Rose got me banned from her Instagram.

“You are much more beautiful with your mouth, shut. Don’t overdo that cutesy bee-stung lip thing. It looks like your catching flies! You’re a woman, not a toddler.”

I knew I was on target when I read about Alec Baldwin and telling his daughter “No”. Scary shit. More tension then the wreck of a speeding locomotive. the best way to describe my Bond book, is, it is a Apocalyptic Comedy. I’m sure it feels like The End when you go on line and see your daughter’s big ass staring you in the face. Alec would make a great Bond character!

Dr. Just…..No

Just No will be Victoria’s suave stalker. His daughter is leaking info to No so he can be there when she goes out to dinner. He brings a new date each time to make her jealous. No is sure Bond is eyeing him, checking out his moves. You will see him lurking in the background. When Victoria goes to the small room, the camera pans in. His dates are always a disaster!

“What is your name again?” she asked, the hair atop her head bristling more than usual.

“No……..Just…….No!” Alex Worthington Dodge the third replied with an eager stare.

“Are you refusing to tell me your name? Come again?”

“No! ………Doctor……Just No!”

“Are you an old fuck doing your best to be rude?”

“You’re a freaken freak, a friggen piggish witch! Are you an imbecile – too?”

“Now you’re talking! I have a thing for abusive men. Let’s go to your room!”

“Now – your’re talking!”

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018


Ireland Baldwin/Instagram; Getty ImagesMaria PasquiniAugust 19, 2018 11:25 AM

Even the most supportive dad can experience some discomfort when his daughter strikes a pose for the camera.

After his daughter Ireland Baldwin posted a sexy snap of herself on Saturday, it didn’t take long before Alec Baldwin hopped into the comments section to share his take on the picture.

In the image, the 22-year-old model — who posed nude for PETA earlier this year — leans forward on top of a motorcycle while wearing a black bra with a matching pair of bottoms.

“No. Just… No,” the 60-year-old actor bluntly wrote in response to the shot.

Commenting on the over-the-top nature of the photo herself, Ireland captioned the image, “Stay extra.”


Professor John von Bond

Posted on July 28, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

When Miriam beheld the people climbing the stairs to the Jordon Schnitzer Museum, she let go of Victoria’s hand, skipped across the grass, and bounded up the steps – four at a time! Her entrance was like Nureyev flying across the stage. She was an escapee from Botticelli’s Primavera. People gasped! They thought she was part of a show. She was the star ballerina and the Constantine Christian Nudist Camp where she was homeschooled. This was her first encounter with an institution of higher learning.

Espying a group of people before a painting down the hall, she was upon them in seven giant steps. Her long arms reached in, and pushed them aside. There was some complaints. But, when they turned to see a goddess with roses in her hair, and with eyes the color of the sea, they parted as she zeroed in.

Everyone’s mouths were now open, like hers was open. They were seeing this painting for the first time through Myriam’s eyes. She came closer. Her long neck was craned, as she made a figure eight with her head. Now she turned sideways, and starting in the lower left corner she moved her eye across the image, slowly, till she reached the up left corner. Bending down again, she moved even closer, and ran her right eye along the work. People were astonished with her. It was a magnificent ballet. Her long arms moved her hands just above the surface as if she was taking the painting in through some kind of osmosis.

“Oh my God! There is a Möbius circle in here – and PI! How did he do this? First he is the self, then he is the audience. He goes into a total intuitive state, does a loop over, then dips down into the subconscious. Now he is walking on the dark side of the moon. There is no hope for his return. His work is surrendered to a higher power who ingnites a spark of divine inspiration! Alas, he bursts forth in The finishing!………It is Finns!

Myriam turns to face her audience. Her blue-green eyes fill with a look of astonishment.

“He is……Co-Creator!”

Around twelve people – burst out in applause!

“How wonderful!”

“I never realized this before!”

“What beauty!”

“She is – so right!”

Like a panther, she left this work and stalked off looking for another. The people moved in a fill the void. They soaked up the energy Myriam left behind. Their eyes had been opened.

Victoria watched her amazing friend, her head was above the rest, as she gazed around from the top of the mountain she had just climbed.

“Come Starfish. We are late!”

Moving into a large room, they got their first look at Mr. von Bond. There was a long leather seat with six people sitting before their Master. Myraim crept up on the seat, pushed two people aside, then sat smack dab in the middle, up front, not but fifteen feet of the old wizard that reminded Myriam of the Russian Saint Nicholas. John was going to give her something valuable – for free! She dared not move lest she be disqualified, deprived of this blessing.

John, was completely unnerved. He had to blink several times, because it was like looking at a photograph, a still life, a breathing portrait, that did not move an inch! This beautiful creature had roses in her hair. She was so completely, so utterly, receptive. And, she was more than wide awake. There was an awaking going on inside her. John von Bond, felt like a work of art. He was, her masterpiece. She, had found him.

The Bum’s Rush

Posted on July 28, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Everyone who entered the ‘Bum’s Rush’ cafe were bemused by the name. What to name your new restaurant is so very important. Victoria was amused. Myriam was still disgusted with von Bond because he told her a lie.

At the salad bar, John works deftly with that fake silver pincer device, and is grabbing olives that are trying to roll off his plate. He let’s out a moan, when he sees his guests scoop cruisants in a small bowl, and, nothing more.

“I thought I was going to treat you two to a fine dining experience. Chef Maximorphius picks many of his herbs himself, out of his herb garden. The dandelions grow on his front lawn!”

“Nope! We don’t want any of this shit. After we watch you eat, we’re gong to the ballpark to eat junk food. I hope Maxi washed the dog-pee off his dandelions! Why Americans turn their yards into dog bathrooms, is very weird to me.”

John got the message. She was not ready to let it go, his responce to her question as to him being a real Professor, or, a fake Professor. He told her a famous homeless schizophrenic, named, Hatoon, kept calling him that, and the name stuck when others followed suit. In Mryiam’s mind, he was a mansifisation of the false notion that Men are ‘Givers’. In John’s case, the giver of knowledge,

“What do you really do for a living – Professor John?” Myriam asked in the best smart alec manner she could muster, that erased that beautiful receptive face he beheld in rapturous wonder, and replaced it with the face of his – Supreme Accuser! Such is life!

“Well. I was saving the best for last. I name restaurants for a living. Indeed, I named this one! I employed the idea of a Bohemian rebel getting a high from eating authentic food that gives him and her a rush of good nourishment.”

The sound of Myriam snorting the water she just drank, out of her nose, back into her glass, turned heads.”

“What bullshit! Do they sell drugs here?” Turning to her best friend; “Are you just going to sit there and dine on his bullshit!”

Victoria did a quick head dip, and held it – with raised brows! She knew how devastating it was for a male to have a woman be so much on his side, then, on a dime, she is against everything he holds dear. She was going to say she was sorry, but, then Victoria added a slight kick to her best friends ankle. It dug in deep. She felt hurt and betrayed. This, was not going to end well. Indeed, the threesome were on the brink of ‘Dining Hell’.

John cleared his throat.

“Yes. There is a market for this. I am called the Joseph Campbell of the Name Industry. Like Tolkien, I am a name freak.”

“You mean you are a…….?” Victoria started to say, but, Myrian cut in.

“An Etymologist. I am an expert etymologist. I know twice as much as you can possibly know, because I am an expert in Russian dialects. Do you speak Russian. That said, she tilted her head back, showed John her nostrils from which blew a cold Siberian wind. Then, she gave him a Cold, Dead, Fish Eye!”

John shuddered. During the lecture he had caught something, someone, lurking behind that fresh inquisitive face. Now, that voice was louder.

“I can kill you – just like that! I can grab your head, so, and snap your vertebrae. Why did you use the word –  schizophrenic?”

It was Victoria’s turn to clear her throat in a completely phony way, and Myriam shot her head her way – and gave her The Fish Eye!

‘Oh! You are on his side, now? Why did you kick me so hard. That really hurt!”

That remark was utterly ignored, but, it sucked the good vibes out of the air, that strangers were enjoying. Peace – is practiced here! Some wizened ears tuned in.

“So, tell me more about how the Viking Panzer Division came upon the empress Zita’s bedroom.” Victoria piped in with an Ol Topic Changer.

“The Waffen SS recruited Nordic fighters from the Viking countries they had conquered. Good Patriots, who had fought the invasion of the Nazi, were now eager to invade their old enemy………Mother Russia. Many progressive Bohemian types, were transformed into stone cold killers. Even devout Christians forsake their upbringing in order to go on what a amounted to a Nazi Crusade against Bolshevism!

“You are a fucking liar!” Myriam snarled. Christians would never forsake Christ like that. Why are you telling lie after lie? After being caught in one lie, you then told another, as if the game of truth-telling has been called – due to lying!”

“And – YOU! You encourage it. I watch you two. You play this easy game of Liar’s Tennis. He lobs you a soft lie, and you lob it back! ”


Mryiam is on her feet, glaring down at John – with two forks in her hand!

Where did she get two forks. I didn’t see her get a fork. I didn’t get a fork. Victoria said to herself. Then, comes a serenade of old fucks clearing their throats. Looking around, several old dudes are wearing tie-dye. Two got a psychedelic Peace sign on their t-shirt. Is that a hologram of Jerry Garcia?


“Ah! How much did you say you got for naming this place?”

“Five grand! I have made as much as ten grand!” John offered, his eyes glued to the forks, that were released from Myriam’s powerful grip. Sitting down, she leaned foreword and looked at John – dead in the eyes!

“Are you shitting me?”

“No! No I’m not. Hitler paid the guy who came up with NAZI ten grand, which is about $200,000 thousand in today’s money. It is the most recognized brand name in the world, after………”


“The Peace sign, is No.3”

“This might not be correct. I read……………..”


Victoria excused herself and went into the bathroom to call BAD.

“What do you have on John Bond?”

“Not much, but for his desrire tto shoot Billy Graham when he emerged from that tunnel in the L.A. Coliseum with his two bodyguards. He was sixteen.”

“Really! Was he an Oswald copycat wanna-be?”

“No, this was eight months before the Kennedy assassination. In his first girlfriends biography, John accused Billy of using teenage erections to extort money out of their parents, in what he titled Holy Blackmail. He saw the whole con after his girlfriend’s mother forced him to go to four Crusades. He says it was a case of Penis and Vagina Shaming aimed at the parents of virginal teens, who conceived many children out of wedlock. Graham was telling 50,000 people in that stadium God sees all and knows all. Then he talked about Bobby wanting to put his teen boner, in Sally’s teen vagina. It comes natural, Billy said. We are all born sinners. Best get the kids down on the fields while the 5,000 person choir sings ‘Jesus I Come’. Of course the parents are putting a lot of pressure to go down. John refused, and his girlfriend’s mother refused to let him see her daughter.”

“So, this is why he wanted to shoot Mr. Graham?”

“No! He wanted too shoot him – before the mother threatened to call the cops!”

“He must have told his girlfriend.”

“Yep! She says, he wanted to save the world from Graham and his Mass Shaming Racket!”

“Interesting. Put that in my JFK file, and google Billy and Jack.”

“On August 18, 1960, with Kennedy showing unexpected strength, Graham convened a meeting in Montreux Switzerland, far from the media and prying eyes. Among the invited guests was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, whose 1952 book The Power of Positive Thinking is still a bestseller today. Peale was also a notorious Catholic hater.

Read More: Why hasn’t there been a Catholic president since JFK? 

In all, about 25 Protestant leaders took part, with Graham leading the discussion.”

When Victoria emerged from the bathroom, Mryiam held up a bottle, and shouted;

“Look what I’m drinking………ZIG-ZAG BEER!”


“Check out this label. This is John’s idea. This is the Zig-Zag Man. He got $20,000 grand for this, because the label is going world-wide. Zig-Zag is in the brewery business. They started right here. In Eugene!”

“And!” piped John. “We both came to the conclusion, the No.1 symbol in the world, is THE DOLLAR $IGN! Can you dig it?”

Victoria offered her infamous cheap fake smile, that concealed a real concern about Myriam even touching a bottle of booze. Being such a powerful empath. this never failed to summon the spirit of a very nasty Russian merchant ship captain, who tells anyone who will listen, he ass-raped a hundred sailors who his motley crew had shanghaied.

“Taking a seat, she refrains from kicking John in the nuts, under the table.

“Gee! I leave you alone for ten minutes, and you cop-out on me!”

“What does cop-out mean? Are you going to tell me, or, am I going to have to tie you to a barrel and let my crew butt-fuck you all the way to China!”


bum’s rush. Forcible ejection, abrupt dismissal. For example, When Henry started shouting, the bouncer gave him the bum’s rush, or Within hours of being fired, Alice was given the bum’s rush. This idiom uses bum in the sense of “a vagrant or tramp.” [ Slang; early 1900s]

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