Taylor’s Tavern – Closed and Sold!

Make a pact with the U.K. to protect Alaska, Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington, from the Evil Empire of Killer King Jesus. Open Alaska to black pioneers. Form a new nation from Alaska to the the bottom of Mexico.

Putin’s war creates schism in Russian Orthodox Church – CBS News

Putin’s Anti-Western Enmity Is Deeply Personal—and Stretches Back a Thousand Years (foreignpolicy.com)


Rosamond Press

The Dark Cubists – are back! Dark Arkitects are thirsting to construct the ultimate Dark Cube for College Students in order to ween them of the remnants of Beatnik-Socialist Ideals that used to generate quiet and long conversations at Taylor’s while you sat in a booth and watch students walk by. A great place on rainy days. If you can stack them in a perfect cube near campuses, with spendy gear and noodle shops on the ground floor, then you get White Chinese People in a reverse Manifest Destiny.

Parking spaces are in demand. Maybe they will have Joy and Good Luck Buses that take Nike Brats on excursions, thus, they won’t need to own a car. Like a giant chicken coop for the University of Oregon, you just slip the Tasty Money Morsels in a slot, and have them lay Golden Money Eggs. Feed them allot of noodles and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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