The Lost Lizard Hunt



John Presco

No sooner has Smoky paid the sign painter to put her name on the glass of her door – replicating a scene from a famous Detective Movie – then she gets a call from John Presco who wants to pay her to go out to Rocky Point and shoot a video during a strong blow.

“Why? Why you want me to do that? I could get killed. Are you crazy? Are you a crazy man?”

Having lived in Carmel for only three months, Smoky had already received thirty-eight dire warnings about going to the ocean – especially in the Carmel area.

“If you must go……NEVER turn your back to the sea!”

Last night I watched two episodes of ‘The Lost Symbol’ – and that was enough! The symbols came at you fast and furious! Langdon spotted them – EVERYWHERE – as did this Latino cop.

“You have a good eye!”

I will not say how many things were wrong with this series, but, will say, if Langdon had a little lap dog fallowing him around, so the viewer could have a simple visual to focus on, then the show would have been digestible. I had no empathy for – ANYONE! As the SYMBOLIC RUBBLE flew every which way, I heard…

“The fate of the human race depends on it1”

ON WHAT? What did I miss? If they showed a close-up of the cute dog cocking his/her head to the side, then I….GOT IT on a doggy level. I mean, I’m smart – but not that smart. Who wants to be?

So, Smoky listens to John Presco’s very convoluted tale on the phone, then..

“STOP! Right there! There was a lizard hunt?”


“And, your famous sister dies – during a lizard hunt?”


“I’ll take your case. How much money do you have?”


“O.K. No problem. I’ll investigate for free and pay all expenses. Get your ass on a a jet! I’m intrigued!”

Onboard the Lear Jet to Robert Buck’s MillionAir private airport, John reads about two fans of Ana Armas suing filmmakers for leaving their star out of a movie she was supposed to be in. John was reminded of Bogus Bobbie and this other Rock and Roll imposter. Should he bring it up with Smoky, about how unfair this is – too? Better not. She is eager to do so much -for free! She is a Dream Private Investigator – who doesn’t need the money! Wow! How lucky can you be! I bet she embezzled a billion from a Russian oligarch, and fled for her life. I wonder what her real name is?

SHAMUS: “I was bundled in a jacket myself the morning she died. It
was blustery. I only got hot after running around (jogging maybe)
looking for lizards. I doubt she took off the jacket b4 she was taken
by the wave.”

Smoky was waiting in her limo that Big Bob Buck sticked his big head into to see who the wealthy stranger is that just flew into his neck of the woods.

“They call me Big Brother Buck. If you get yourself into any kind of trouble, give me a call!”

“Don’t take his card. It’s bad luck! Said Smoky to John Presco who was like a greedy child reaching out for more free candy! “He’s already in good hands. Take us to my home!”

Barreling down the road, Smoky reached in her attache case and threw John’s Holy Grail filing on his lap.

“You filed this in a Superior Court?”


“Are you some kind of nut? You’re playing with fire, Kiddo! You should have told me. Lizards my ass!

John Presco

Yesterday, all those lawsuits seemed so far away.

Two upset Ana de Armas fans on Friday filed a federal class action lawsuit against Universal Pictures for allegedly tricking them into renting the 2019 film “Yesterday,” after the “No Time to Die” actress, 33, appeared in marketing but not the final cut of the film, Variety reports.

The Lost Symbol (TV series) – Wikipedia

Before Dan Brown

Posted on August 24, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

Last night I discovered an e-mail I sent Patrice Hanson, the mother of my daughter, Heather Hanson. She had made a copy of it and when we had a falling out, I asked for all my correspondence back. I believed she was corresponding with Tom Snyder who wrote the worst biography ever written about my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. I suspected she bid our daughter to go shopping in our family for the best story, one that would enrich her and her daughter and cast a light on just how special Patrice believes she is, she taking credit for our child being very special, and giving some credit to my famous sister whom she never met, and has been dead for four years. As for me, I had to be insane. Who would read a book about a bloodline that descends from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I am sure Patrice got a n opinion from her minister who may ha told her to go for the sure thing, the real Rose of the World story about a woman artist named after the Christ, and his mother.

The subject of this e-mail is “Rose of the World”. I sent it February 15, 2001. I used a sender that I lost so I will have to transcribe this e-mail and post it later. Dan Brown published ‘The Da Vinci Code’ March 18, 2003, three years after I sent my e-mail to my seventeen year old daughter who betrayed me, called me a “parasite” and “insane” as she blamed me for all the strife in my family who thwarted my books, my autobiography, my opinions about the “Rose Line” that is surely worthy of a book – two years before Dan Brown wrote his work of fiction – after he and his wife allegedly spied on the yahoogroups I was a member of. Below are some of the e-mails I exchanged in ‘The Priory’ with other brave folks who delved into an ancient mystery that suggested Jesus was married, and born a daughter in the world. This truth did not get down to us because ruthless people hid the truth from us. They altered it for selfish reasons. There were power plays and secret deals. Jesus Christ was un-fathered, his daughter taken from him, just like my daughter was taken from me. And then Tom Snyder published his book of lies that vilified members of my family, and denigrated my mother, Rosemary Rosamond.

One could suggest this is what would happen to the progenitor of the Rose Line – this very day! Is this proof my family is of the Rose Line? Tom Snyder tried to trick me into signed a contract that would forbid me to author my families story. You would not be able to read this e-mail I found, for it mentions Christine along with the Nazarites that are mentioned in one of the first reviews of ‘The Da Vicni Code’

That the history of my kindred is being distorted by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in regards to the religious battle brewing in the Reoublican party, suggests this fight is over the True Jesus, whomever he is. Shortly after I sent my e-mail my daughter was disapeared, she seeing members of my family behind my back so as to get in our Family History. I was not told she was going to give birth to my grandson, Tyler Hunt. I was being kept in the dark, while Patrice Hanson took credit for the light that surrounded Vic and Rosemary’s grandchild they never met because Patrice kept Heather a secret from me, I now behilding my daughter until she was sixteen.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Herping and Jogging For Art Dollars

Posted on April 23, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


Here is a detailed photograph of Rocky Point. Do you see the “beach” and “sand” Shamus Dundon mentioned in his e-mails to me?

Click on this url:

Here is part of the house my kindred stayed in. When I walked down to the “bowl” carved out by large cascading waves, the going was difficult due to many rocks and boulders under the ice-plant. You can see some of them, the larger ones, where perhaps a lizard might perch?

When I caught lizards as a boy, I did so after I snuck up on them. How about you? Shamus’s lizard hunt involved “jogging” along the steep cliffs while he looked for lizards – by himself! I looked down to make sure I did not stumble. How come he didn’t take his eight year old niece with him, she too not finding sea urchins in nonexistent tide-pools.  Vicki told me her son got a headache and went back to the guest house – where he read a book. Was this book about Herping?

Shamus said he worked up a sweat jogging. Look how steep this area is. Normal people jog on paths.

There are three scenarios that could explain how Christine ended up in the water. One is, she was thrown off the cliff near the house. The other is, there was a fishing expedition. Drew gets taken in, while Vicki runs up to the house to call 911. Christine runs down to the bowl, and jumps in to save her daughter, after Shamus refused to be the hero. The third is, Vicki, Shamus, and Drew go down to the bowl to get close to the huge plumes of water being thrown high into the air as the waves hit that wall in the narrow cove. They get caught by a big wave. Only Drew is taken. Vicki runs up to the house to call 911. Christine runs out of the house – without her jacket on! She was not wearing a coat when taken out of the ocean. Consider the wind-chill that morning.

Whole families have been wiped out trying to save each other. Why the lies? My niece Shannon was twenty-eight. If she knew her mother was dead because Vicki and her son were extremely careless, then she would have power over them in the Probate. Vicki was first named Executor. Vicki took family partnership lithographs from the estate which she asked me to sell with the help of the framed Pinecone account draped in black ribbon. I refused. Disgusting! My investigation was underway.

Look how the neighbors got down to the sea. They built stairs! How could any parent let a child enter that bowl? Would you sit there with your back to the ocean? What happened to the tide-pools?

“Follow the money-trail!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


“Your accusations are tiring. I never once said I was jogging around to get warm. You will never find anywhere that I said or wrote that, because it’s completely untrue. I used to term jogging to describe how I got from one rock to another. Also one of your other posts
reminded me I did have a headache also. I was sweating.

SHAMUS: “I was bundled in a jacket myself the morning she died. It was blustery. I only got hot after running around(jogging maybe) looking for lizards. I doubt she took off the jacket b4 she was taken by the wave.” liz

My Daughter Is Reborn Today

Posted on January 16, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2022

Yesterday, on January 15, my friend, Casey Farrell, sent me an e-mail about another con-artist who impersonated a famous Rock Star. Several days earlier I told Christine Wandel I found love for my daughter, again, realizing she had a hard, even impossible life. This morning I conclude her mother and aunt knew about Lewis Peter Morgon, who could have known Randall Delpiano. Patrice Handson told me Randy’s Sicilian family might hurt me. Lewis was arrested at the Oaks cardroom owned and ran by Big Bones Remmer who my mother made porno movies for, and, was a high paid prostitute. One of my therapists said this after looking at the photograph of my mother next to Christine on her wedding day.

“Your mother is evil!”

I told Christine Wandel three months ago that I am sharing my new therapist with her. When my sister drowned in 1994, Wandel and I began to have long long-distant calls. We talked about our cruel mothers and dysfunctional families. Then, we were saving Julie – doing a intervention over the phone.

Two nights ago, Wandel told me about the time her father struggled on the back porch with his wife who had his Colt 45 revolver – and was wanting to shoot someone! Christine was a child, looking out the kitchen window at her raging mother.

“Was anyone else around?” I asked

Last night I asked;

“Could you access your father’s shooting range in the basement from stairs inside the house?”


“Could you get there from the back steps?”


“Anywhere else?”

“The door on Hancock Street.”

“Your mother would not want to emerge from that door carrying a large handgun, because the neighbors would see her. Right?”


“Then, it was not a intruder she wanted to shoot – dead!”

In 1967, Christine and I became lovers at 13th. Street when living with The Loading Zone who played with famous groups at the Fillmore. We remained close friends – hence – along with Peter Shapiro, who played with the Marbles at the first Acid Tests. I wanted to marry Christine. We both had Love Children – two daughters – who have never met. The story of the grandmothers of these two beautiful daughters is on par with Sleeping Beauty. Unfortunately, my daughter’s mother – is evil too! For this reason, I claim my daughter – all to myself! She is – reborn this day! Let me give her a – NEW NAME!

Casey just called, and I told him I am poised to give my daughter MY NAME – a new uncontaminated name. I told him to use his knowlege of The White Goddess to come up with one of the three names. He suggested Willow for reasons that will be revealed later on. Here is THE NAME

Willow Maree Rosamond

Heather’s middle name is Marie. I choose this form – Maree – that means “sea tide” after my grandfather’s poem ‘Your Name’ thus she now owns his surname. This name can be a conjunction..


Published at 10:03 A.M.

Your Name

by Royal Rosamond

The tide was low today, my love
A cadence of the sea was wrought
In melancholy strain, and low and fraught
With whisperings of your name above
The deep sea song!
A shell that lured along the shore
Whispered; “I love you evermore!”
I wrote your name upon the sands –
Would that I traced with gentle hands –
The minor chords were wont to spell
Each syllable!
The tide is high tonight, my dear.
The rock-bound shore loves the wave
But sends it dying to its grave.
The low bass notes vie with the fear
The wind send on
The all-encircling gloom
Descended o’er old ocean’s tomb!
Your name is gone tonight, my love:
The angry surge rushed in above.
It cries aloud, with sea gull’s shrill
“I love you still!”

Maree is a feminine name of American origin. The name is mostly used in the United States and also other English-speaking countries all over the world. It is a multicultural name and used in many different languages such as French, Hebrew, Latin and Irish. The meaning of Maree is ‘of the sea’ or ‘bitter’ in American English. In French, it means ‘ocean tides’. In Latin and Hebrew, the name Maree means ‘star of the sea’.

“When the tide was high-er” | Rosamond Press

S.F. Police Arrest Accused Impersonator Of Eagles Bassist at Oaks cardroom!Yahoo/Inbox

Jaxon Van Derbeken Feb. 27, 1998

San Francisco police have finally put an end to the 10-year road trip of an Atlanta man accused of impersonating former Eagles bass player Randy Meisner.

Lewis Peter Morgan, 52, was apprehended February 18 while playing cards at the Oaks Club Room in Emeryville, said Inspector Curtis Cashen, who had pursued the impersonator for four years.

“We feel great. It’s been a long time, a lot of effort. This is a big case,” Cashen said.

Morgan used everything from false identification in Meisner’s name to personalized guitar picks to pass himself off as the original Eagles member at casinos, hotels and guitar shops around the

Police said he defrauded companies and fans out of cash, custom guitars, brand-name athletic clothing and even a crossbow.

He is being held on $50,000 bail on nine counts including fraud, grand theft and possession of stolen property.

Patrice, Randall, and Heather Delpiano

Posted on November 26, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

When I saw my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I told her and her mother I wanted to get rid of the surname, Delpiano, attached to my daughter. Her fake father was a major parasite on thousands in the Bay Area. Patrice had to know about MORE crimes of theft he committed. I now suspect Randy and Patrice were conning men in bars to get sympathy and money. They were a team. I am going to get court records. Randy used the death of Brent to solicit sympathy and get entry to the lives of those who grieve. This is what the con-artist did to my later sister’s legacy.

Brent Mydland – Wikipedia

That my neighbors depict me as a pariah and parasite, knowing the plight I am suffering to get my daughter free of these con-artists, is vile and evil. These two sucked the life and energy out of me – like vampires! To know this career criminal knew an innocent child was used in a demonic way, is the epitome of evil. In this article Randy may have conned a boy under eighteen to get in his mother’s home to rob her. Patrice told me who could not conceive, and thus he watched my child grow in his wives womb – knowing it was my child! I suspect they both looked for dark way to exploit my unborn child who was five when her fake father got arrested. Was she told? He then went on the lamb, the Oakland police hot on his trail. Did he stay with Patrice in LA?How many bad checks did Randy write that his wife knew about? I can not find a marriage certificate. Did he ever kill anyone?

I was the real and sincere artist in my family. The rest is illusion.

John Presco

Sep 1, 1990 — ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ Miss America 1990 Debbye Turner says … Oakland police are looking for Randall Delpiano to arrest him on a …

California. Supreme Court. Records and Briefs: S024867, Petition for Review – California (State). – Google Books

The State

JAN. 16, 198912 AM

A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde on Randall C. Delpiano, 33, described in a Probation Department report as having “achieved moderate fame by impersonating” Weir. Delpiano pleaded guilty in Oakland Municipal Court last month to one count of using a computer system to steal money. Other charges were dropped in a plea agreement. Authorities said Delpiano befriended the victim’s son and then moved into the family home. While the woman was out of town in October, they said, he took the money from her bank account using her automatic teller machine card.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

Patrice Hanson falsified a birth certificate by putting Randall Delpiano’s name as the father, instead of me. Heather Hanson is MY daughter. Patrice admits she knew this in a letter she composed to send Oprah Winfrey. Randy is famous! He appears in two books as “Bogus Bobby”. Patrice says she was married to BB, but, I have my doubts. Patrice has never had a grasp on reality. She suffers from mental illness due to her severely mentally ill mother being violently beaten by Patrice’s father. This may have caused this poor mother of three to jump off a cliff, and kill herself. Patrice describes herself as being the surrogate mother to her siblings.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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