Smoky Russian PI

I’m going to rework my detective series ‘Smoky’. I want Timo to star is this series about a Russian Model who had to get out of Russia – for reasons unknown! Having allot of money, she buys a Art Cottage in Carmel, and opens a gallery to display her velvet art. Right away she is criticized for not being a Latino or Mexican because her art depicts Mexican people, and, she owns Nordic Features.

“You people should not be allowed to render images of these very authentic people.”

“Why? They move me. I own empathy for them!”

“Soon, there will be more Humble Latinos in California, than….you fake people!”

Alina’s “I’m upset with my ass” is the most daring film I have seen in ages. She should enter it in the Cannes Film Festival. I want her to be my first Crypto Currency Model. Models are given free stuff through their agent as an investment partnership and promo. She is the Russian Brigit Bardot! Her..

“With my name! With my name!” video is brilliant. It is more than a parody, but, a work of art.

Alina is often very high on pot in her tik tok videos, and says so. I admire her for being very candid, in saying this is what millions of people do, and, it might contribute to her mental illness. She takes individual responsibility. She has a high I.Q. and understands her beauty is a commodity – that fades with age. She is trying to invest – somehow – in HER FUTURE. She is the First Crypto-Muse. MEGATOVAN take note! She knows she is selling her ASS, and it is a – ASSET! You can’t buy creative honesty like this! For this reason I am putting up my first AD on this blog. I believe in the ALINA brand. You should too.

NOTE – Alina’s dog, like the RCA Victor dog. This ads to the BRANDING.

John Presco

“I am upset with my ass!”

Posted on August 17, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am of the opinion that Alina Timo is the best model and actress in the world. She get its, like Katherine Hepburn, got it. Alina should be cast in Smart Comedies. I would love to play with her – even at my age! Even though – I no longer get stoned! This is a very bright woman who mocks Fashion World. She noticed her ass has spread out as she got older. This happens to most women. This could cause you to not get anymore paydays. She is on it.



Posted on August 12, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Starfish – is real! There is no greater reward for a writer then to see one of your fictional characters – come alive. Alina (Rena) Timo is Russian. In this video she says she is going to break “the man code of the universe” because she is a savage and a Cossy (Cossack). This is amazing adlib. The making busy work with her hands as she asks for “the man” to come clean, and admit he has a job, is getting paid for coming up with these unbelievable smooze-lines women have endured for years. This is why BAD hired Miriam Starfish Christling as Victoria Rosemond Bond’s bodyguard. Her parents invented Rocky Mountain Foot Fighting. Victoria has lived a sequestered life – with no female friends to mimic – while getting filled in on the Girl Game. You do not want to be next to this woman on a bar stool. I have drunk with crazy San Francisco Women – that are out of everyone’s league.

That Alina gives the “cold fish eye” at the end of her video, is fantastic! I did leave her two messages saying I am writing a Bond book – with link to this blog! Did she take a peek, and, was inspired by what I wrote, or, the muses are at work in ways – yet to be understood! This is why Bohemian types should gather and exchange ideas. Ms. Timo has highly evolved Delusions of Grandeur – which is a turn on for me!

Smoky’s Black Velvet Art Show

Posted on July 20, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

I just sent this e-mail to Rosa Cazares:

“I sent you a rough draft of the book and series I have in mind. I was married to Thomas Pynchon’s lover who was an artist. I own a newspaper for the arts. I would like a statement from you how La Mota will be funding The Arts and Bohemian literature.”

John Presco

Yesterday I posted an article about the selling of Rosemary’s home. I did not read the whole thing until later that night while watching Cops on Pluto T.V. I gasped! This is a powerful Psychic Hit.

“The sale has not yet been finalized, but Zak Bagans, the star of the reality show Ghost Adventures, told the Guardian he had long been looking for a home in the neighborhood and was buying the property. “There was a very, very strong energy in the house,” said Bagans, who visits “haunted” destinations on his show and investigates paranormal activity.

“I love to investigate spirits and places,” he continued. “This is a beautiful place with a very dark history.”

Smoky’s Art Show


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Smoky was smiling ear to ear at her first art show held in a Carmel gallery, until she heard a woman say this to her friend;

“This is not real art. It is so gauche.”

Smoky was about to open her mouth, when another woman came up to her.

“I love your work. I would like to teach you my styles so you can be rich and famous too!”

Smoky looked extremely puzzled as her eyes bore into this middle aged woman, who looked around nervously. Was this a back-handed compliment, or, the rudest thing anyone said to her. What a put down. Smoky believed she was on the road to fame and fortune as most artist’s do. It comes with the title. You can be a poor millionaire – to be – for free!

“See here….I don’t know what your……..What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking out for my brother. He is stalking me. Here’s my card. Stop by my gallery sometime.”


As fate would have it, twenty years later, Smoky is talking to Rosamond’s brother, who is using the alias Johannes Rosenmund, whose card had the family crest. She was going to hit the delete button when she was reading about the lone fisherman who drowned at Rocky Point in 1994. His family had hired her because they suspected he was murdered. Juan never fishes alone. He always takes one of his many friends – with him!

“Why there? He knew it was a dangerous place. Grandpa had caught many fish over the years. He never came home empty handed.”

Knowing Juan’s family was poor, she took their case pro bono.  She came to a complete dead end, and surmised Juan took his life – after he took out a life insurance policy. He had seven grandchildren by four daughters who were not married, and whose lovers deserted them as soon as they got pregnant. Juan was a janitor. Of course she did not tell the family. Reading the articles in the Carmel Pinecone all the bells and whistles went off, that this too was a case of Life Insurance Fraud. But, then there was the mention of going to Carmel and renting fishing poles.

“What happened to those poles?” asked Smoky.

“You mean the poles my family didn’t rent?” Johannes replied.

“No. There were poles there. This is as blatant an alibi that I ever read. I’ll take your case!”

Smoky had read ‘The Cosmic Trigger’ by Anton Wilson who had a theory about The Net of Coincidence. There were many people caught up in the net – including herself. After all the Maggots moved out, and after the real estate lady threw her out on her ass with the help of her goon surfers, Smoky was homeless. These were her lost years. She slept in her car in Venice and went to Santa Monica Junior College in order to get a real estate license. Her eyes had been opened. While there she took a course in Law Enforcement, and a art class. She wanted to be a licensed Private Investigator. Discovering she had talent as a visual artist – was a real bonus!

She sold her velvet paintings in an empty lot on Sepulveda and Wilshire in the Sawtelle. The pseudo right ate her work up. She signed her paintings ‘Smoky’ and today are collector items. Living at the Rosa Mira Hotel in Santa Monica, she noted their was a little shop for sale on Third Street. She made a down payment, and put up her shield. Next door was a comic book store. Stopping in to say hello to her neighbor, Smoky commented on the Raymond Chandler book display in the window. There was pulp fiction published in the Black Mask detective magazines. She bought a Chandler book ‘Farewell My Lovely’ and googled Raymond who said he emulated, and copied the style of Erl Stanley Gardener. Ray lived in this area.

Wanting to change her look, because there was prejudice against Latino real estate people, and PIs, Smoky died her hair blonde and imitated the persona of Kim Novak who she became fixated with. She had everything Smoky wanted. When she made a killing off the 3rd St. boom, she sold everything and moved to Carmel. She tried to buy Kim’s old home, but, it was destroyed by waves in a storm. When she found the home where ‘Play Misty’ was made – she snatched it up! But when she looked at Mr. Rosenmund’s blog, and the house where his sister died, she got spooked. Christine and Kim had much in common. What is the name of that person who invited her out to Rocky Point?

Smoky was beginning to come unblocked. She knew her mother’s name, and, started to wonder if she knew her father. When she discovered she was pregnant, she contacted Zardo who was recovering from an accident. He had taken over his father’s company ‘Viking Containers’ and was crushed between too of them. He lost his leg and his ability to make sperm. His father was overjoyed to know his line would go on.

“Offer her $50,000 dollars for my grandchild. We are not cheap people!” Said Timothy McLean the 1st.

Tim Zardo was a millionaire. He married the French model, Raphael Fouquet, who was Tim’s childhood sweetheart.

“Have you picked a name for the baby?” Smoky asked.

“Yes. We will call her Claudette.”

“If it is possible, could you name her after my mother – Rosa?”

Smoky closed her heart and did not hear Raphael’s answer. She was resigned to being an orphan – even an immaculate conception. But, when she took note of the connection between Novak, Liz, Christine, and Sondra, she wondered if there was a mystery man, a Svengali, a, Phantom of the Opera.

Smoky dialed the phone and when she heard the voice of the Mayor, she said;

“Play misty for me!”

To be continued!

For the first time in literary history a writer creates a fictional character, a PI to investigate the mysterious death of his sister, the world famous artist, Rosamond. I have never felt safe investigating and writer about her death. This work puts me in the midst of the Black Mask writers, and carries on the vision of my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, who taught Erl Stanley Gardener to write.

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