“When the tide was high-er”

Vicki Presco showed me and my Detective friend, Michael Harkins, a video she and her son, Shamus Dundon, made at Rocky Point. It is high tide. They find the jacket Christine was allegedly wearing that they say was washed up high in the iceplant. Vicki shows it to us after the video ended. She then took us to lunch where she made me an offer to sell her share of the partnership prints that she took from our sister’s house – the day she died! She wanted me to go to fairs and put a framed Pinecone account of Christine’s death – with black ribbon –  on a table. Vicki was about to drop out as First Named Executor.

Here are two of the looters. Here is the motive for committing crimes. Christine refused to give Vicki any proceeds from sales, or the prints back, because they would compete with the limited market for her share of the prints. Vicki and Shamus were FURIOUS, because the monies Vicki put up, were absconded from Ken Prather – who abused Shamus! Ken put a hit on Vicki, and this is why she joined the Navy! King Victor is the third partner, who admitted he slept with Shannon! Sounds like a Soap Opera!

Shamus denied there was going to be a party at Rocky Point. He’s a liar! Here is the account of that party in Snyder’s biography of Christine. Who made out the guest list – Jacci Belford?

For the last week, the world heard on the news, that high tide, with high winds, creates a storm surge, that pushes the water higher to the shore. It was exactly high tide when Christine ended up in the water – without her jacket on! Why wasn’t she wearing her jacket? It was about 65 degrees – and that is not calculating the wind-chill factor! The wind was blowing about 20 miles an hour! The high tide – WAS DISAPEARED – with a minus sign! Minus tide – Plus tide +

“When we came back and found the jacket that day, the tide
was higher.”

When Vicki made me that offer, which I refused, I grieved: for I lost both sister’s in a month. Shamus and Vicki took away my right to grieve for the loss of a family member. Shamus Dundon, Drew Benton, and Shannon Sidel, took away my right to grieve for a family member. Do you see a pattern? I was not told my father was dead, and my mother was dying. Shamus got Rosemary’s Mustang.

Vicki and her son made a special trip back to Rocky Point to make that video – just for me! They claimed they found Christine’s jacket about a week after Christine allegedly got it off while struggling in the water – for her life! How did she get it off? She didn’t. The jacket Vicki showed me was in pristine shape. Then, she reached in and pulled out some pieces of mussel shells.

My detective friend gave me a nudge with his foot. We had gone out to Rocky Point a week earlier. I did not tell Vicki. The investigation was on – in earnest! Motive had been established. The culprits assumed because they didn’t have any fond feelings for Christine, I didn’t either. To test if I did, Vicki produced Christine’s missing autobiography, and showed me the mean things my famous sister said about me – that might appear in a movie! Rosemary told me;

“There is talks about a movie. Carrie Fisher is considering writing a screenplay.”

I wrote Executor Sydney Morris a letter, and said;

“You don’t have a death-scene!”

What I could not buy, was Christine taking her nine year old daughter down to that Death-Trap! Was Christine fond of Drew? Was she setting her up? I believe there was a custody battle. Was it decided?

Study the above photos. See that trail coming down from the house. One can see the water shooting high in the air as it hits that wall in the cove. It was high tide. All four members of my family could see the bowl fill up with water – with almost every crashing wave! Therefore, it was impossible for Christine to sit down on that rock – with her back to the sea! Vicki lied to the Carmel Pinecone newspaper – the press.

What struck me from the start, was why Drew was put in the shadows. Yes her mother is dead, but it looks like Christine saved her. The account of THE SURVIVOR – should have been highlighted! We see children telling how they lost loved one – all the time!

“Young Daughter of two famous Carmel Artists was saved from certain death by Rosamond’s sister.’

The executor wanted a movie and a book to be written – to increase the waning sales – of which Drew gets money. Surely the miracle of how she was SAVED would put more money in her bank account. She knows I am accusing her favorite relative, Shamus Dundon, of being a liar. Here was the chance to clear his name

When Shamus called on Teusday, he asked me if I wanted anything from Vicki’s estate. I forgot to ask for the Probate No. Was one filed? I asked for my painting and a marriage certificate of our ancestors.

“Anything else?”

“Yes! I want us all to appear on the Doctor Phil Show!”

“That is not going to happen!” Shamus says, who also wrote this……

” I bleieve drew was also knocked down from where she was but not by as much water. Mom was able to grab drew.”

First of all Vicki is a HERO! Shamus’s Mom saved a nine year old! Wow! Why is this – HUSHED UP? Take note of how the good news is shared with me.

“I believe drew was also knocked down.” Drew and Shamus are best friends! Shamus is reinforcing the claim he was not in that bowl. They haven’t conversed? Vicki did all the talking. She was the designated liar.

I just sent this to Doctor Phil. I will work on THE GUEST LIST! I know two living people who I am convinced were at the “beach party”

John Presco

Copyright 2019

My late sister was the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. In 1994 she ended up in very dangerous waters while staying in a famous house at Rocky Point California. She had nightmares about dying by a large wave. She was terrified of the ocean. Her nine year old daughter, Drew Benton was swept in. The strong wind and high tide were disappeared by my surviving sister and her son, who were present. The owner of the house is a billionaire and was quick to sell the house – at a loss. The fight over thirty million dollars of art, was fierce. The executor made it worse by authorizing a book and movie. ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder, exonerates Garth Benton, who successfully sued Gordon Getty, his friend. Larry Chazen, a Getty advisor, was Christine’s partner in one of her Carmel Galleries. I was not told my father was dead, and my mother was dying. I was not told Vicki Presco was dead till ten days later. Drew refuses to give an account of how her mother saved her. She is thirty-two. I would like to see you get the truth out of her. https://rosamondpress.com/2019/09/07/when-the-tide-was-higher/



> Here is Shamus;
> “Imagine water. then imagin a rock cliff.(more like> > a wall)
> nowimagine a> > channel cut out in the middle. the bowl was at one>
> >end of this channel.> > When in the bowl you can hear water but
> notsee it.> > At least when I went> > through it before going to
> catchlizards then going> > back to the guest house> > alone.> > I
> rememberseeing shallow pools of water in> > depressions throughout
> the bowl.>> The water looked murky like it had been there a> >
> Not freshsea water.> > As I said you could hear the water but not
> it.> >When we came back and> > found the jacket that day, the tide
> washigher.> > Water was splashing in> > through that channel higher
> thanthe bowl. then> > falling into the bowl and> > washing back
> downthrough the channel(the water> > level was lower than the> >
> The waves splashed higher than the bowl…> > From what I
> understandfrom mom a big wave came and> > knocked Christine off> >
> from whereshe was sitting. Drew was sitting a> > little farther
> and> >higher than Christine, and mom was a little farther> > away
> andhigher. I> > bleieve drew was also knocked down from where she>
> wasbut not by as much> > water. Mom was able to grab drew.
> Christinewas> > farther away and in the> > deeper part of the bowl,
> anotherwave came in and> > when all the water poured> > out through
> thechannel it took Christine with it.> > The channel I beleive> >
> wasabout 2x the width of me. and there had to be at> > least 20′
> ofchannel> > between bowl and ocean, I don’t know how far down> >
> thatchannel went or how> > high the bowl was over the ocean, but
> fromwhat I> > saw, it looks reasonable> > that Christine would have
> hadample opoprtunity to> > tear her fingernails.

No Tide Pools At Rocky Point

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Why did Christine Rosamond think there were tide-pools at Rocky Point? Below we see a finger of water about fifteen feet wide that digs into a bowl shape in the steep hill. At the end of it is a ten foot high wall. The waves are forced into this opening, hit the wall, and shoot fifty feet into the air. The cascading water has carved this bowl over thousands of years. From the guest house where Vicki and Shamus were staying, you could see this incredible geyser. You saw it for sure if you headed down there – if it was high tide – and the wind was blowing. Wind produces waves. There is no beach, no sand. At low tide there are about three brackish pools about five feet across, and less than a foot deep. There are some broken muscle shells that you can take at low tide with moderate winds.

No way would Drew or Christine collect these smelly shell, and be put in that jacket. They are good for nothing – unless – you are fishing. They can be used as bait. These shells cling to the side of the sluice. If the bowl fills with water, and recedes, it is going to pour you very rapidly into the sea. Surely Christine saw this happen at least ten times as she carefully made her way down the slope. Drew is by her side. Surely her first concern – is the safety of this place! My late sister has frequent nightmares about being killed by a huge wave. This fear would be transferred to eight year old Drew. Why didn’t Christine Rosamond say;

“It does’nt look safe down there. I don’t want to take a chance – with Drew!”

Did Vicki and Shamus stop in Carmel and Monterey and pick up some bait? Did they have bait down in that cove with Vic’s fishing poles? Who would say;

“Let’s drive to town and get some bait?”

Vicki told me she screamed at her son not to go down there, after she ran up to the house to call 911. This removes Shamus – yet one more time – from the accident scene.

Vicki is “leading the way”. Shamus was probably leading the way, but, the bright sunlight gave him a headache, and he left the scene to go look for lizards? Was he thinking about using lizards for bait – if he could catch one?

The unnamed owner of the house knew there were no tide-pool down there, and would have told Christine this – if she asked! I suspect these magnificent plumes of water were an attraction, something to write home about, even take photos of. I beseech people who owns such photos to post them on FB………


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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