Tom And Bond Die On ZARDOZ Island

I brought my kin, Ian Fleming, to the Emerald Valley in order to take the place of the Apathetic Old Cronies who look to make – One Last Fast Buck! How are book sales going for the Dead Elves in the Tower of Babble?

I have came across with a lot of speculations on social media about that the next James Bond should be a woman. Now let me make something very clear about this rumour. Just imagine if a woman saying “The Name Is Bond, James Bond”. Does it really sound right to you guys? No, I don’t think so and it will look and sound ridiculous, because first of all the name JAMES is a name of a man and not a woman. So the only way for it to work is that if she is for example JANE BOND instead of JAMES BOND, but then it will have to be a different franchise. Just like Nomi in NTTD, a woman can take over the title 007 if James Bond resigns, retired or dies. Now that makes more sense, but a woman to become James Bond doesn’t look right at all. Don’t get me wrong. I love female spies and I think a woman looks very good in a tuxedo like the photo below, but when a woman dresses up like a man while she goes on a secret mission will draw too much attention and she will automatically blow her cover. After all, at the very end of the credits of NTTD, it says “James Bond Will Return” and not “007 Will Return”. So that means the replacing actor will have to be male and not a female. I don’t mean to sound like a wise crack jerk. This is just basic common sense. That’s all. At least it would be fun to watch a female version of James Bond in the near future.

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  • Erick MoralesOtra vez con lo mismo …..Ya lo dijo Bárbara Brócoli y hermano …NO MUJER !!!
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