Unstable Russian

I crafted Miriam Starfish Christling on the historic evidence Russian History has been very unstable, and this instability is an ally of the West. Russian Christianity is – weird! Everything is coming up roses – and then?


How Victoria handles Miriam is studied by observers behind mirrors. I already won the Reboot War.


I deserve a movie. This guy is right out of central casting. The Royal Janitor will be a big hit in Russia. I will make Zakhar a rival Bond author. The reboot Cold War – is on!

(Spooky Noodles)


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Russian nationalists, including novelist and politician Zakhar Prilepin, have resorted to a familiar strategy of blaming the West for the situation in Kazakhstan. “Foreign agents were well prepared,” Prilepin said on Wednesday.

Markov, however, begged to differ. “This is not a Colored Revolution, Nazarbayev has shut up all the pro-Western opposition long ago and it is not an Islamic protest either. This is a chaotic uprising of the unhappy young proletarian class who work in bad conditions,” he told The Daily Beast.

Though Nazarbayev is now out, and the Kazakh acting government has announced plans to re-introduce some fuel price caps, the unrest is ongoing and crowds are furious over the brutality exhibited by state police this week.

The Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that “the main thing was to avoid interference from outside,” insisting that Russia-friendly Kazakh authorities were capable of getting the situation under control.

Putin’s Next Door Nightmare Just Came True Right Under His Nose (msn.com)

MOSCOW—The unprecedented protests sweeping Russia’s neighboring country of Kazakhstan entered their fourth day on Wednesday with violence, a declaration of a nationwide state of emergency, and the resignation of the government.


The reboot concept seems to be very popular these days. So I would like to explain why I don’t like the reboot concept in the film industry including the James Bond series. When the film makers reboot a film series that is when they start to corrupt and make a lot of contradictions with the original timeline. I am very sorry to say this, but some of the elements of NTTD specially the ending felt like an insult to me, because let alone the first 20 Bond films, it looks like they even threw away the post-Ian Fleming continuity novels from John Gardner and Raymond Benson into the trash. One of the main reasons why James Bond’s death in NTTD doesn’t make any sense to me, because his future missions also continues during the post-SPECTRE era with the authors of John Gardner and Raymond Benson. It was also explained in the novels that several years after the death of Blofeld and the termination of SPECTRE, he also has faced with his daughter Nena Blofeld and also Irma Bunt who killed Bond’s wife Tracy and then several years later after she killed his son James Suzuki (possibly might be replaced with his daughter Matilde Swann). So if James Bond is truly dead in NTTD, then these post-SPECTRE future events can never happen. I understand that Daniel Craig’s James Bond is a different timeline and a substitute version of James Bond, but at least even though EON productions rebooted the series, they should have made a connection with the post-SPECTRE future events rather than corrupting the timeline by killing off James Bond. Why? Because I think that James Bond is the same person played by 6 different actors. We all know the reason for this, because all of the actors will eventually get too old to play the role and EON productions have no choice but to replace them with another and younger actor to keep the series going. So the only way out of it is to create an alternate continuity where James Bond survives some how just like “The Garden Of Death” scene from the YOLT novel by Ian Fleming. If EON productions decides to reboot the film series then fine, but there should at least be an alternate continuity where he did not die and survived (possibly by novels or comic books) some how in order to make sense out of it. I am not trying to be a jerk or a wise guy. So I apologize to everyone if I seem to look that way. I am just trying to point out the errors that the film industry including the James Bond series they make these days. Now I would like to know your thoughts on my opinion about it. P.S. I am just using basic common sense here. So before posting any comments below, I need people to make sure to give me sensible answers rather than just negative comments such as “he is dead, get over it, just accept it”. Also I have noticed that some people are being insulting when they are making comments on a lot of posts. So I am politely asking you guys not to post negative and insulting comments please. Thank you very much.

Capturing The Beautiful Nazi Chics

Posted on July 20, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Max Otto von Stierlitz (Russian: Шти́рлиц, IPA: [ˈʂtʲirlʲɪts]) is the lead character in a popular Russian book series written in the 1960s by novelist Yulian Semyonov and of the television adaptation Seventeen Moments of Spring, starring Vyacheslav Tikhonov, as well as in feature films, produced in the Soviet era, and in a number of sequels and prequels. Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films. Stierlitz has become a stereotypical spy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture, similar to James Bond in Western culture.

I coined the phrase ‘Pulp Politics’ several months ago. Last night, I considered whether my kindred, Dereck Jackson and his beautiful women, were Double Agents. I wrote he was my candidate for the real Bond, then edited this idea.

In my book ‘The Gideon Computer’ there are two German twins Otto and Hans. Otto is a Nazi who sabotaged the hard water plants in order to keep Hitler from getting the bomb. I began this book in 1986, and got sober a year later so I would live to finish it. Then, it began to come true. I told Marilyn I had stopped dreaming.

“I don’t think there is going to be a future.”

An hour ago I discovered the Detective author, Yulian Semyonov. We are kindred souls. Royal Rosamond was friends with Dasheil Hammet, and taught Erl Stanley Gardener how to write and type in his home in Ventura. Yulian was poisoned by the KGB. Will this be my fate? I believe my time is near. My weir, Max Otto von Stierlitz, has arrived in the core of the Roza Mira Labyrinth, which I am certain I own, and, designed, from a past life? Am I King Henry the forbearer of the Plantagenets?


The Stuttmeister Tomb in Berlin has a visitor. This is where some of my German ancestors are buried. He has come from the future, with sad news. The Hammer of God can not be detoured. Time to put our affairs in order……and recall all the Futurians.

In the video below we see TWO TWINS in the back seat of a car. This is beyond a coincidence and synchronistic. Do authors travel into the future, as well as the past, when we sit at our table and write? Do we have a muse, and if so, can she time travel, then wing home with old, and new news? The Bible says this is so.

In the begging was the word……..

“All these beautiful Frauleins. These Muses of the Maze. Our Angelic Guides of our Lost Joy, come home now. Come………..home!”

In hindsight, it all makes sense. If I could reboot our history, and avoid our destiny. Our muses have gathered on the internet. We must launch a End Time computer into space with the power switch on “ON”. This is….The Last Reboot.

Dreamer Jan

Max Otto von Stierlitz (Russian: Шти́рлиц, IPA: [ˈʂtʲirlʲɪts]) is the lead character in a popular Russian book series written in the 1960s by novelist Yulian Semyonov and of the television adaptation Seventeen Moments of Spring, starring Vyacheslav Tikhonov, as well as in feature films, produced in the Soviet era, and in a number of sequels and prequels. Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films. Stierlitz has become a stereotypical spy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture, similar to James Bond in Western culture.




In the universe of the Seventeen Moments of Spring, Stierlitz is the cover name for a Soviet super-spy Colonel Maxim Maximovich Isaуev (Макси́м Макси́мович Иса́ев), whose “real” name is Vsevolod Vladimirovich Vladimirov (Все́волод Влади́мирович Владимиров).[1]

Stierlitz takes a key role in SS Reich Main Security Office in Berlin during World War II, infiltrating Ausland-SD (foreign intelligence) headed by Walter Schellenberg. Working deep undercover, Stierlitz tries to collect intelligence about the Germans’ war plans and communicate it to Moscow. He receives instructions from Moscow on how to proceed, on one occasion traveling to Switzerland on a secret mission.[2] He diverts the German nuclear “Vengeance Weapon” research program into a fruitless dead-end, thwarts separate peace talks between Nazi Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, engages in intellectual games with members of the Nazi high command and sacrifices his own happiness for the good of his motherland. Despite being wracked with desire to return home to his wife he subordinates his feelings to his duty, thus embodying an idealised Soviet vision of patriotism.[3]

Stierlitz is quite an opposite of the action-oriented James Bond; most of the time he gains his knowledge without any Bond-style stunts and gadgets, while in the film adaptation of the stories the action is presented through a narrative voice-over by Yefim Kopelyan.[4] He is presented in a deeply patriotic but non-ideological light, fighting to defend the Soviet motherland against external enemies rather than just defending the Communist government against its ideological opponents.[5]

Influences in Russian life and culture[edit]

Although Stierlitz was a much-loved character, he was also the butt of a common genre of Russian jokes, often satirising his deductive trains of thought, with unexpected twists, delivered in the deadpan style of the voice-overs in the film adaptations; for example:

Stierlitz approaches Berlin. The city is veiled in smoke from the fires. “Forgot to switch off the iron again,” thought Stierlitz with slight irritation.[6]

Stierlitz continues to be a popular character in modern Russia. Despite the fact that references and Stierlitz jokes still penetrate contemporary speech, Seventeen Moments of Spring is very popular mainly because it is quite patriotic. It is repeated annually on Russian television, usually around Victory Day.[4] Stierlitz also continues to have a political significance. When his portrayer Vyacheslav Tikhonov died in December 2009, the Foreign Intelligence Service—one of the successor organisations of the former Soviet KGB—sent its condolences to his family.[7] Ivan Zassoursky notes that Russian Prime Minister (and former and current President) Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, has been portrayed as “embod[ying] the image—very important for the Russian television audience—of Standartenführer von Stierlitz… If anyone missed the connection between Putin, who served in Germany, and von Stierlitz, articles in the press reminded them of the resemblance and helped create the association.”[3] The connection went both ways; Putin was strongly influenced by the novels, commenting: “What amazed me most of all was how one man’s effort could achieve what whole armies could not.”[5]

Stierlitz movies contributed a number of catchphrases, such as “Character: nordic, robust” (Характер — нордический, выдержанный, a personal characteristic, usually mocking or ironic).[8]

We’ve known for a while that Michael Cohen taped some of his conversations and that investigators had those tapes. What we didn’t know was whether a tape of President Trump was included or whether the two discussed legally problematic things.

We now know the answers to those questions: Trump was, and they did.

The Washington Post has confirmed that potential turning point. Investigators have a tape of Cohen discussing a potential payment to Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, who alleged an affair with Trump, about two months before the 2016 election. The New York Times first reported the story. Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, confirmed the tape exists but said it’s actually “exculpatory,” .

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