The Evil Republican Party

The Evil Republican Party

A Historic Novel


John Gregory Presco

Copyright 2020

I went to bed last night looking for my headline. I came up with ‘The Evil Republican Party’. when I awoke on January 6th.

On January 3, 2020, my therapist said this in regards to the abuse I suffered by the hands of my family, especially my mother, born…Rosemary Rita Rosamond. What a lovely name.

“I don’t know how you survived!”

I told her I sought outside help.

“I got into therapy on several occasions, and have thirty-four years of sobriety. I stopped running, and faced the truth. I faced my chief abuser who was insane – and incredibly destructive! This is the second step in AA…”Came to believe a power greater than ourselves will restore us to sanity.” I admitted I was insane. No member of my family – could do this! They are all dead. But, my brother may be alive. My nephew refuses to tell me if Mark is alive – or dead. I think he is denying me my rejoiceful victory dance! For this reason he did not tell me my sister (his mother) was dead.”

[ My therapist’s jaw drops]

The theme of our session was ‘Success’. My parents set me up to fail, to be the failure, a year after they realized their union was destined to fail. They made my older brother, The Presco Family Lifeboat, all that was good and worthy about us would be put in the being of Mark Presco, who was then launched into the ‘Success Universe’. The Lighthouse of Shame & Failure was built upon my being as a warning of what – not to do – and to keep other worthy souls away from my treacherous rocky and stoned being.

“We might have been narcissistic alcoholics, but at least we had the decency to WARN others about our Second Born Son!”

When I read Genesis, I exclaimed;

“Oh look! There’s my brother, Cain, sneaking up behind me to bash my brains out with a rock!”

I showed my therapist the photographic evidence of why my mother was dashing my head against the hardwood floor.

“You can see how much taller I am than Mark. And – my head is much bigger! My cranium towers over his. He got the small Broderick head, while I got the large Stuttmiester brains. I am a genetic quirk. Christine pointed this out in her autobiography – they disappeared. I think my head hurt as my brains struggled to expand inside the limiting Broderick confinement. The Stuttmeisters came from Berlin where they were very successful. I am the embodiment of that SUCCESS trying to make a comeback. My father told all members of family I was not his son, but the product of one of Rosemary’s betrayals “

Rosemary’s Evil Baby?

When I told, Mark Gall, Ed Corbin, Marilyn and Kenny Reed, and others, I had registered as a Republican, they gave me – the look! When I told them I am a theologian, and, I prophesized the bitter end of the Republican Party – they twirled their forefinger around their temple area. When I told them I founded a New Republican Party and Land, called Fromondese, they became concerned for their safety. Would I hurt them? I lost these friends who could not believe – I was sent by God! I got death threats from Wiccan and Christian alike.

Two days ago, I gave Casey Farrell a call. He said it was timely because he was reading about Mark Twain talking with Robert Lewis Stevenson in the Village, sitting on a bench in Washingtom Square Park. Both men were making money as reporters for newspapers. We talked about making Carmel the Capitol of Bohemianism. We had talked about declaring Oakland the Capitol. Eugene is out of the running due to Ken Babb’s book being – due! That book has been due – forty years – at least! It is out. It is a RECITATION of the groovy drugs people took, and the groovy musicians they listened to. I am sure there is NO RADICAL CALL TO ACTION within! This is because of ‘The Green Hole’ the THC Vortex where all the Dead Heads and Pranksters have been gleefully sucked onto, because, they don’t want to be pertinent radials and revolutionaries anymore. It’s too tedious – and dangerous! Best die on the vine while the dying is good. The Emerald Valley is – just the right size for our little band of Merry Old Men.

Over the years, Casey Farrell has suggested – I’m the one! “You’re it. The boy from Oakland!” I had trouble accepting that. Casey wondered why? He told me I should contact The Guiness Book of Records and tell them about my registered newspaper ‘Royal Rosamond Press’ because it is the longest running, and largest blog – in the world! But, what came across, is……

I am the greatest and most radical Bohemian, Beatnik, Hippie, and Revolutionary – in the world! Perhaps – in history. When I announced I am a Republican Candidate for office of President – I grasped the brass ring as I rode the Merry-Go-Round at Santa Cruz – while my old friend, Paul Drake – is impaled on the Unicorn!

I’m……..THE ONE!

Casey Farrell is a brilliant man!

EXTRA! The President just spoke – and Ex-President. I’m going to blog on Ken Babbs being ZARDOZ, ‘God of The Apathetics’ . Resign! Get out of the road!

I want to produce a play in the Emerald Valley where Babb’s is…..ZARDOZ THE COP-OUT! Rather then kills all the un-armed people of the vortex – as they beg him to do while shouting “The gun is good, the penis is evil!” ZARBABB declares himself a the embodiment of a Greek God-Wrestler named Gorgeous George!

“The vortex is not over – until the fat lady sings!”

Rosemary compared herself to Medea, and asked if I had any children the last time I saw her alive.

“I might have two children.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want you to get your evil claws on them!”

Such were the nature of the conversations in – my family! Did Babbs have a evil mother? I felt bad exposing my therapist to the most toxic and poisoness mother – that ever lived. She died not knowing the Benton family helped found the Republican Party.

“I don’t know how you survived!”

My therapist has heard just….the tip of the iceberg! When I saw the series ‘I Claudius’ I saw my family pathos at play. How old is the Republican Party? On this day – I declare it…….DEAD!

Jimmy Carter warns that America’s democracy is at risk, as nation teeters on brink of ‘widening abyss’ (

Many went on to seek therapy. Some were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, their struggles exacerbated by the raw tensions on Capitol Hill and an increasing number of death threats. Others said they have been more traumatized by the growing tendency among Republican lawmakers, and some in the public, to downplay or ignore the violence than they were by the attack itself.

One year after members of far-right groups rioted at the U.S. Capitol, the online extremist forums that telegraphed the brutality of Jan. 6 are still home to violent rhetoric. 

But they also indicate a different reality: Disparate groups that once united around a shared goal are now struggling to agree on many issues, including what happened on Jan. 6 and how to interpret former President Donald Trump’s support for Covid vaccines. Top-Rated WordPress Experts – The World’s Work MarketplaceAd

Calls for violence in these online forums have become less specific, though experts warn they are still cause for concern.

A report to be released Thursday from Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit group that conducts public-interest research and investigations, found that “while explicit calls for violence are no longer as prolific, misinformation about election fraud and conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election continue to be prominent” and that “a number of users continue to use violent rhetoric.”

It is a distinct shift from the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, when users of TheDonald.Win, an extremist forum that was relocated to an independent website after being banned from Reddit, posted pictures of ammunition in their hotel rooms and maps of the tunnels underneath the Capitol.

Top posts on that same forum in recent weeks have lamented Trump’s support for Covid vaccines and booster shots, as users widely assumed he did not receive them and was against them. They also expressed disillusionment in Trump, whom they believe has not sufficiently stood up for those they call “J6 prisoners,” or those who have faced jail time for participating in violent crimes during the Capitol riot.

That disappointment only grew after Trump on Tuesday canceled his planned Jan. 6 news conference at Mar-a-Lago.

One post on said that Trump has a whole army, “but he just won’t use it.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — Long after most other lawmakers had been rushed to safety, they were on the hard marble floor, ducking for cover.

Trapped in the gallery of the House, occupying balcony seats off-limits to the public because of COVID-19, roughly three dozen House Democrats were the last ones to leave the chamber on Jan. 6, bearing witness as the certification of a presidential election gave way to a violent insurrection.

As danger neared, and as the rioters were trying to break down the doors, they called their families. They scrambled for makeshift weapons and mentally prepared themselves to fight. Many thought they might die.

“When I looked up, I had this realization that we were trapped,” said Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., a former Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “They had evacuated the House floor first. And they forgot about us.”

Bound together by circumstance, sharing a trauma uniquely their own, the lawmakers were both the witnesses and the victims of an unprecedented assault on American democracy. Along with a small number of staffers and members of the media, they remained in the chamber as Capitol Police strained to hold back the mob of supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

The lawmakers were finally taken to safety roughly an hour after the siege began.

Interviewed by The Associated Press before this week’s anniversary of the attack, 10 of the House members who were in the gallery talked of being deeply shaken by their experience.

Vividly they remember the loud, hornetlike buzz of their gas masks. The explosive crack of tear gas in the hallways outside. The screams of officers telling them to stay down. The thunderous beating on the doors below. Glass shattering as the rioters punched through a window. The knobs rattling ominously on the locked doors just a few feet behind them.

Most indelibly, the loud clap of a gunshot, reverberating across the cavernous chamber.

“I’ve heard a lot of gunshots in my time, and it was very clear what that was,” Crow said. “I knew that things had severely escalated.”

The shot was fired by Officer Michael Byrd and killed Ashli Babbitt, a Trump supporter trying to crawl through the broken window of a door that leads to the House chamber. Both the Justice Department and Capitol Police investigated the shooting and declined to file charges.

Their terror was compounded by knowledge of what the mob was after: stopping Congress from certifying the Electoral College votes that would make Joe Biden the 46th president. Mike Pence, as is customary for the vice president, had been presiding over the ceremony in the House where lawmakers gathered to hear the certified election results.

Trump had other ideas.

Spouting lies about election fraud that were refuted by his own Justice Department, Trump pressured Pence to reject the electors — a move that would have bucked the Constitution and thrown the House, and potentially the country, into chaos. Pence refused to do so, but Trump held a rally in Washington before the vote-counting began, telling hundreds of supporters at the Ellipse that they had to “fight like hell.”

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., was among those sheltering in the gallery. The former police chief in Orlando shuddered when police said there had been a “breach” of the building.

“I knew that meant that the police had somehow lost the line. And I also know, having been a former police officer, that they would have done everything in their power to hold that line to protect us,” she said.

Demings said she told a colleague sheltering with her in the gallery: “Just remember, we’re on the right side of history. If we all die today, another group will come in and certify those ballots.”

Congress reconvened that night, certifying Biden’s election victory before sunrise.

In the days after the attack, many of the lawmakers who were in the gallery started connecting on a text message chain. It quickly evolved into therapeutic group sessions and even potluck gatherings where they tried to make sense of it all. They dubbed themselves “the gallery group,” and the name stuck.

Many went on to seek therapy. Some were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, their struggles exacerbated by the raw tensions on Capitol Hill and an increasing number of death threats. Others said they have been more traumatized by the growing tendency among Republican lawmakers, and some in the public, to downplay or ignore the violence than they were by the attack itself.

Rep. Annie Kuster, who sought treatment for post-traumatic stress, says the gallery group connects almost daily on the text message chain.

Kuster, D-N.H., was one of the first to be let out of the gallery on Jan. 6, escaping through the doors along with three other members just before the remaining lawmakers were locked inside. When Kuster’s group reached the hallway, a group of rioters was rushing toward them.

“We ducked into the elevator,” Kuster said. “And I said to this incredible policeman — I said, oh, my God, what if the elevator doors open, and they kill us? And I will never forget this moment … he said, ‘Ma’am, I am here to protect you.’ And he was there to protect our democracy.”

Eventually, Capitol Police determined the upstairs area was clear, even as insurrectionists kept trying to break through the doors below. The lawmakers and others were rushed out of the chamber and down a warren of staircases and hallways. When they left, they could see police officers holding five or six rioters flat on the ground, guns pointed at their heads.

The rioters were inches from the doors of the gallery.

When Kuster made it home two days later, she watched hours of video from the insurrection. It only compounded the trauma.

“I remember my husband coming in, and I was just sobbing,” Kuster said. “And he was holding me, saying, ‘I don’t know if this is the best thing for you to see.’”

“But we have to — we have to acknowledge the reality of what happened that day. And what’s challenging for us is that we are both victims and witnesses to the crime on our country.”

As we approach the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, many questions remain. Among these, one of the most important is, “What if?”

What if the coup attempt had succeeded? What if the election results had been overturned? What if Donald Trump were illegally installed for a second term as president of the United States?

It could have happened several different ways. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman might have been out sick last Jan. 6 and not in place to divert the mob away from fleeing and hiding members of Congress. The Trumpist horde could have found their way to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence or other members of Congress and killed or injured them.

Had they done so, it might have resulted in postponing the certification of the election and in the ensuing time, despite whatever national outrage was triggered, the former president and his supporters might have engineered politically motivated challenges in key states throwing the election’s results into question.

Do you doubt that? Then your memory has faded much in the past year. Because a coup attempt occurred, five people died, more than 140 police officers were injured, for the first time in American history we did not have a peaceful transfer of power, and the backlash with the leadership and rank and file of the GOP was shockingly minimal.

Peter Navarro Describes Trump-Backed Plan to Overturn Election Results – Rolling Stone

One way or the other, GOP voters are determined to believe the 2020 election was stolen no matter what the facts are. As a recent Monmouth University poll found, “Nearly 3 in 4 Republicans (73%) cling to the idea that Biden won through fraud,” while about one-third of the American public holds that belief.

Those findings generally reflect the results of other polls asking about 2020 fraud, but the Monmouth survey also asked a question that demonstrated just how deep and stubborn those GOP delusions are.

Regarding Arizona’s sham “audit” of the state’s 2020 results released in September, 57% of Americans accepted the results of the review, correctly saying it had either concluded Joe Biden won Arizona fairly (36%) or saying they weren’t sure about the report but guessed it found Biden the winner (21%).

But when it came to Republicans, 62% misstated the results of the sham audit, with 32% saying the so-called audit found evidence of fraud and 30% saying it probably found fraud, when in fact the report located no 2020 fraud.

So even when a sham process initiated by GOP lawmakers, promoted by Donald Trump, and conducted by pro-Trump sympathizers finds no fraud, a substantial majority of Republicans reject and distort the findings.

What are the major differences between the M16 and the Colt Canada C7? Similarities? – Quora

Proud Boys Named ‘Terrorist Entity’ In Canada : NPR

In February, Canada added three right-wing groups to its list of terrorist entities. Included on that list, the Proud Boys. And that’s an organization founded in 2016 by a Canadian living in the U.S. While the Canadian government said its investigations predated the January attack on the U.S. Capitol, the designation is highlighting Canada’s different approach to confronting far-right groups. Here is Emma Jacobs.

Jay Craven’s new independent narrative feature film, “Jack London’s Martin Eden,” is now on tour.  The film received its world premiere at the Nantucket Film Festival in June and has won Best Film and Best Director awards at the Boston Film Festival and Best Narrative Feature at the Arlington International Film Festival.  Other festival dates include The Woods Hole Film Festival and St. Louis International Film Festival. 

 “Jack London’s Martin Eden” is based on the celebrated writer’s autobiographical novel.  Set in 1909, it tells the story of a poor and unschooled sailor who unexpectedly meets Ruth Morse, a magnetic young woman of means and education. Their unconventional attraction upends both lives and propels timely themes of impossible love, dogged individualism in pursuit of the American Dream, and the quest for a comfortable place in an inconstant world.  

 Jack London was America’s most popular writer at the turn of the 20th century, having written stories including “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang.” His novel, “Martin Eden,” inspired Ernest Hemingway, Susan Sontag and Upton Sinclair, among others.  Italian filmmaker Pietro Marcello recently made another adaptation of the story that has been well received.  “We were surprised to see an Italian version being made simultaneously,” Craven noted. “Although I like Marcello’s stylistic approach and it gives audiences a chance to compare notes on both films and dig deeper into the story and its cultural context.”

“Martin Eden’s” cast includes Andrew Richardson in the title role and Hayley Griffith and Annet Mahendru as Ruth Morse and Lizzie Connolly, respectively.  Richardson trained at Carnegie Mellon and London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Royal Academy of Dance.  His credits include eight film and television productions along with theatrical stagings of “Taming of the Shrew” and “Othello.”

 Annet Mahendru is best known for her co-starring role as Nina Krilova, the U.S. Russian embassy operative who has a love affair with FBI agent, Stan Beeman, in the long-running Emmy-winning series, “The Americans.”  She also co-starred as Elena Evanovich in the Amazon series, “The Romanoffs.”

Jack London Society | The Life and Work of Jack London

US law professor condemned for ‘white supremacist’ comments by own dean (

‘Do you realize you’re describing a coup?’: MSNBC host challenges Trump aide after he described plans to overturn the 2020 election

he MSNBC host Ari Melber challenged former Trump White House economic advisor Peter Navarro over his description of plans to challenge the 2020 presidential election result, saying that he was actually “describing a coup.”

Navarro has promoted Trump’s baseless claims that President Joe Biden, who has been in office for nearly a year, did not actually win the 2020 election.

In a Tuesday appearance on “The Beat,” Melber asked Navarro about Trump allies’ plans to challenge Biden’s win.

Navarro told “The Beat” that the plan was to use over 100 US representatives and senators to “challenge the results of the election in the six battleground states” — Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

“And, basically, these were the places where we believed that if the votes were sent back to those battleground states and looked at again, that there would be enough concern amongst the legislatures that most or all of those states would decertify the election,” Navarro said.

He continued: “That would throw the election to the House of Representatives. And I would say to you here, Ari, that all of this, again, was in the lanes, legally. It was prescribed by the Constitution. There is a provision to go – rather than through the Electoral College – to the House of Representatives.”

He said this process started when lawmakers began to challenge Arizona’s results on January 6, 2021, and criticized the media.

Melber then shot back: “You just described this plan as a way to take an election where the outcome was established by independent secretaries of state, by the voters of those states, and legal remedies had been exhausted with the Supreme Court never even taking, let alone siding with any of the claims that you just referred to. So legally, they went nowhere.”

He then described the plan that Navarro had outlined, and asked: “Do you realize you are describing a coup?”

Navarro responded: “No. I totally reject many of your premises there.”

Watch the exchange here:

Jan. 6: Five reasons Trump cannot hide behind executive privilege (

Cruz Becomes Latest Republican To Dream Of Punishing Biden ‘Whether It’s Justified Or Not’ (

Former President Donald Trump became the first president in history to be impeached twice. The House first impeached him in 2019 after he attempted to withhold military aid to Ukraine to pressure them to dig up dirt on Biden and his son. He was impeached again just over a year later for inciting his followers to attack the Capitol.

Cruz decided that Biden’s “refusal to enforce the border” is the most damning charge that can be leveled against the President so far.

“That’s probably the strongest grounds right now for impeachment,” Cruz said. “But there may be others. And because the Democrats decided that this is just another tool in the partisan war chest, I think there’s a real risk that turnabout will be fair play.”

Melania Trump auctions off ‘iconic’ white hat (

‘We were trapped’: Trauma of Jan. 6 lingers for lawmakers | Govt-and-politics |

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