Unstable Russian

Will real spies be coming to Eugene – for the games?

Rosamond Press

I crafted Miriam Starfish Christling on the historic evidence Russian History has been very unstable, and this instability is an ally of the West. Russian Christianity is – weird! Everything is coming up roses – and then?


How Victoria handles Miriam is studied by observers behind mirrors. I already won the Reboot War.


I deserve a movie. This guy is right out of central casting. The Royal Janitor will be a big hit in Russia. I will make Zakhar a rival Bond author. The reboot Cold War – is on!

(Spooky Noodles)


Mudflat Sanctuary and Museum | Rosamond Press

Russian nationalists, including novelist and politician Zakhar Prilepin, have resorted to a familiar strategy of blaming the West for the situation in Kazakhstan. “Foreign agents were well prepared,” Prilepin said on Wednesday.

Markov, however, begged to differ. “This is not a Colored Revolution, Nazarbayev has shut up all…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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