The Anti-Bond

Here s the antithesis for Ian Fleming’s James Bond. There is a good chance Ian Easton knew him because he married his relative. One would be wanting to throw out the bad aspects of a man who was almost the ideal. But, let’s face facts when we got another Superman toying with the world and instigating travel bans on Muslims.

Brexit is destroying Britain. The fear of unwanted immigrants is tipping our politics – hard right! There is a battle royal for the minds of our Democracies. Putin is rising in popularity in the West. Why women are still going to vote for Trump, born Victoria Bond. Can she change their minds, bring enough swing-voters yon hither side?

He’s a Welshman, a atomic physicist, a anti-Semite, and a bi-sexual. He is in my family tree. He appears to be a Nazi sympathizer. You can’t make this guy up, and, here are his women! The Beautiful Mitford Sisters, three. They are also my kin. Beautiful women run in my family. Surely they got Ian Fleming’s attention. Of course he would want James to peal off some of these Hot Tootsies! These Lookers are back, and President Trump has got them. Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is being revived to be the Anti-Trump.  She is in the British Peerage along with the actors she married. Ian wanted Burton to play Bond.

Google James Bond and bi-sexual. Trump’s polls are not down amongst Republicans. They do not listen to any facts from the Left. We are doomed! That is Winston Churchill. His name has been invoked in the last three weeks in regards to Trumps visit, and, insults rained down on the heads of our allies – while Putin is praised! The majority of Republicans do not care, because most of them are white trailer trash living down south.

Derek hit the 20th. Century jumping over a water hazard with his race horse. In his back pocket are plans for his atomic inventions. He married the sister of the Sea Lord Caspar John. Their father was the Bohemian Circle of Britain. Hanging with the crazy Nazis and the dapper gents at the Royal Society.  The women were off the farm and in the Cosmopolitan cities designed around them, and the fashions they wore.

Rena could have been a model like her three sisters, who dated the powerful players in Washington D.C. That’s where she met him, her Flyer Boy from Britania. Sure I wondered if my muse was an agent – like her late husband? Rena didn’t understand I owned a small town newspaper that would focus on why she married an Admiral thirty years her senior. Was he looking for a trophy wife, a read dish to go with him to dinner, and, make youger men – jealous!

Here’s Deputy Dan with his bow and arrow in the Montana mountains. He’s right out of central casting. I will shoot a scene, here! No wonder people are jealous of me. I thanked my doctor for allowing me to see.

I’m even kin to the Red Baron! That’s it! Dan is a member of the Red Baron archery club, a suspected White Supremist Org. dedicated to protecting beautiful Aryan women. Their motto;

‘Make America safe again’

John Presco

Copyright 2018

By the spring of 1941, the United States and Great Britain agreed to share intelligence. Only a handful of men in the Roosevelt administration—and not even Congress—knew about the arrangement. In order to work out the parameters of this intelligence bonanza, Winston Churchill sent Admiral Godfrey and Ian Fleming to Washington in May 1941. They arrived in New York via the Pan Am Clipper, staying in the posh St. Regis Hotel. Soon they were in contact with William Stephenson, codenamed “Intrepid,” who was in charge of the secret British spy organization in the United States, BSC (British Security Coordination). After successful meetings with Stephenson, Fleming and Godfrey traveled to Washington for high-level discussions with American officials.

Through the intervention of William Wiseman, Britain’s World War I spymaster in the United States, Godfrey had a private meeting with President Roosevelt to discuss the USA-UK intelligence arrangements. The meeting was pivotal. Within three weeks of Godfrey’s departure, FDR appointed William Donovan head of the COI, Coordinator of Information, America’s first spy network. (The COI would later become the OSS.)

Their next stop was a highly charged audience with Director J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI. Hoover took an immediate dislike to his two visitors, sensing they were interfering on his turf. Hoover took Godfrey and Fleming on a tour of the FBI shooting range and forensic laboratory. When it was over, the gruff G-man quickly showed them the door.

Fleming was Known for his Unconventional Methods

Godfrey and Fleming spent the remainder of their stay in Washington holding talks with Donovan. Both men worked day and night to help the American lay the groundwork for the OSS, with Fleming often shuttling between Donovan’s home and their temporary offices. Fleming is believed to have written two important memoranda for Donovan on how to create America’s new intelligence agency.

Professor Derek Ainslie Jackson, DFC, AFC, OBE, FRS,[1](23 June 1906 – 20 February 1982) was a spectroscopist and also a jockey.[2][3] Derek Jackson was one of the outstanding atomic physicists of his generation.


Son of a wealthy Welshman, Sir Charles Jackson, who was both a leading authority on antique silver and chairman of the News of the world, Jackson showed early promise in the field of spectroscopy under the guidance of Professor Lindemann, making the first quantitative determination of a nuclear magnetic spin using atomic spectroscopy to measure the hyperfine structure of caesium.

His scientific research at Oxford did not, however, interfere with his other great passion – steeplechase riding – which led him from the foxhunting field to his first ride in the Grand National of 1935. A keen huntsman he took up the sport again after the war, riding in two more Nationals after the war, the last time when he was 40 years old.

In World War II Jackson distinguished himself in the RAF, making an important scientific contribution to Britain’s air defences and to the bomber offensive. He flew more than a thousand hours as a navigator, many of them in combat in night-fighters, with 604 (County of Middlesex) Squadron based at Middle Wallop. He was decorated with the DFC, AFC and OBE. This war record stands in contrast to his stated desire at the war’s inception to keep Britain out of fighting Germany, and his reported desire “that all Jews in England should be killed”.[4]

For the rest of his life Professor Jackson, appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1947, lived as a tax exile in Ireland, France and Switzerland. He continued his spectroscopic work in France at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique, and was made a chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.

Jackson had what might be called a colourful personal life. A “rampant bisexual”,[5][6] he was married six times, and also lived for three years with the half-sister of one of his wives. The others included a daughter of Augustus John, Pamela Mitford (one of the Mitford sisters), a princess and several femme fatales- Barbara Skelton , Angela Culme Seymour and her maternal half sister Jan e Woolley.

Here are the vessels that Sir Caspar John served upon. He was born into a artistic family. I would like see the College of Defence Studies founded by the Artist, Sir Winston Churchill, expanded to include Creative People in Britain and the U.S. As a rule artists, writers, and musicians do not take slaves, gas people, and loot other people’s art. Hitler did all three. He was a bad artist who cost the world many lives, and a trillion dollars to put him down. We took back the art he stole and put it in sacred public places. I support Theresa May’s strike against Assad, who gassed his own people.

Below are the warships that Sir Ian Easton served on.

Jon Presco


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