Little Shop Of Noodles

Little Shop of Noodles

An idea for a movie, musical, series.


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Little Shop picks up where Bucket of Blood, and Little Shop of Horrors leaves off, Two old Hippie-Bohemians walk into the Tom Robbins Noodle Shop on 13th’s Ave near the University of Oregon Campus, and ask if they can play some old Deadhead tunes, and have a poetry reading, being, all the old Cafes and Bohemians Hotspots are gone. The non-Asian owner of the Tom Robbin’s franchise in the Emerald Valley is very rude, and laughs at the two old dudes. A Chinese student comes to their defense, and makes a case about the way things used to be – in the good old days! The student promises to help The Old Beatniks, and begins a paper on them. He investigates the Tom Robbins noodle conglomerates and discovers they are headquartered in Red China. Growing suspicious, the three Amigos have the Tom Robbin noodle bowel tested. The MSG count – is over the TOP! A new ingredient is scrutinized.


The New York Times does a story on MSG-9, and the Tom Robbins people implement a Back To Boho Poetry and Deadhead Ding-a-Ling at their noodle shops across America – and Holland! The two old Beats are happy as can be, until they feel the pressure to do things the TR way. Soon, they feel they have copped out. Their pure message has been severely stepped on.

During the late fifties and early sixties, Griffith created both redneck classics such as Eat My Dust and black comedies such as A Bucket of Blood and The Little Shop of Horrors. He had a small role in It Conquered the World, which he also wrote, as Dr. Pete Shelton.

Griffith died on September 28, 2007 in San Diego, aged 77, from undisclosed causes.[1][2]

Quentin Tarantino dedicated his film Deathproof to Griffith, whom he referred to as one of his main influences and called “the father of redneck cinema”

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