Cat Down On Hancock Street

I told Christine I may want to protect Ruben and his newly formed family from – her! I described the Blades family sitting together on a couch.

“Can you see you and Julie, and her two sons, in this scene – with your arms around each other?”

I suggest her aunt Felicia may be her mother because that is Christine’s middle name. Then she tells me she has two more aunts! WTF?

“What happened to Helen?” She asks.

“That’s your mother! Helen is your mother! She is the whistleblower they had to get rid of. She was with child. She was the family rebel!”

“My fake mother was so cruel to me. I didn’t know how to make a bed until I went to college!”


I woke with a shrill emotional hangover, my soul shredded by painfully sharp feminine psyches that have been severely damaged. I went into – THE SNAKE PIT – where Dylan went when he really fell in love in New York City – with that Saxon Woman! Welllllll… looks like Ruben – had his Village Fling!

“My God – you descend from the Wends, the Whitest of White, the Saxon People my Teutonic Knight ancestors did away with so they will be the King of The Saxons! How will Ruben introduce you – his dirty dark secret?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? This has shades of Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’. 

“Let me introduce you to your mother – Aaron!”

An hour ago I watched this video that verfies much of the history Chris had with Ruben. The real mindblower, is, Ruben had his first show on July 26, 1974 – AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! WTF? I offered to buy Chris, and Ruben’s alleged daughter, tickets to his show at the Garden on December 2nd. How many Salsa songs are there about – The Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

John Presco

Roman-era Veneti

The term “Wends” derived from the Roman-era people called in Latin VenetiVenedi or Venethi, in Greek Ουενεδαι (Ouenedai). This people is mentioned by Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy as inhabiting the Baltic coast.

Wends – Wikipedia

Suze Rotolo – Wikipedia

Rotolo was immortalized on the cover on 1963’s The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

The Queen of Wends

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Christine Von Wandel and I have one thing in common, the Papacy launched Holy Crusades against our people with the intent of wiping us out, if they failed to convert us. We are talking about Genocide, a term applied to the Jews and our military action in Vietnam. We Hippies opposed this war, and dropped out from participating in a society that participated in this illegal war that bid Anglo-Saxons to rewrite history in order to legitimize it. How like the so called Holy Crusades where Knights were diverted from fighting Muslims in order to fight fellow Europeans. Consider how the Lying Christian Teabag Traitors have taken over our Congress so they can continue to wage Cultural Warfare against the Liberal Hippie Heresy. How old is this need to wipe us out and shut us up? I am going to send a letter to Pope Francis and ask him to apologize for these Crusades. I am going to establish the Bohemian World Organization of Wends, the BWOW.

Christine descends from the Wends, and I from the Bohemians, the Boii. We are Slavs and Celts. My great grandfather, Wensel Anton Braskewitz came from Bohemia in 1848 and lived in Conneticut. Wensel is Wenceslaus, a name given to the Kings of Bohemia who were the Margraviate of Brandenburg a Wendish capital.

Rosamond Press

The Portrait At Hancock Street


Vincent Rosamond Rice

Copyright 2021

At the end of our two hour Halloween talk, Christine Wandel tells me she got a letter from her “fake mother” informing her her cat had to be put down after it attacked her “fake sister” Louise.

“What color was the cat?” I asked my friend of fifty-four years.

“White.” Christine told me, and I got chills.

“What color were it’s eyes?” I asked.

“I don’t recall.”

“Think. This is very important! Where did you get that cat.

“From a cat farm outside Boston.”

“You made a special trip. Was it a special cat?”

“It was special to me.”

“Did it have blue eyes? The reason I ask is because in my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ you (Monica) own a stuffed white lama given to you by your father, And – it has blue eyes! Your father had blue…

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